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Knight of Betrayal: A Yorkshire Ghost Story Novel

by Karen Perkins

A haunting novel of murder and betrayal in medieval England.

1170, Canterbury Cathedral.

Four knights break sanctuary to brutally murder Archbishop Thomas Becket for their king, Henry II.

Running from their crime, the four knights – Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy, Reginald FitzUrse and Richard le Brett – flee north to Knaresborough Castle where Morville is overlord. Initially celebrating ridding their king of the pest that Becket had become, they find themselves increasingly isolated as the Church and public opinion turn against them.

2015, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

August is feva time – a celebration and festival of the arts. The Castle Players are to perform a play of their own creation: Knight of Betrayal, based on the events leading up to Becket’s murder.

Taking the honour very seriously, they work very hard to get into character – but after they experiment with a spirit board, are they channelling more than just the characters of the knights they are portraying?

As the group of friends begins to disintegrate, concern becomes certainty – this is one opening night that will never be forgotten as life in the small Yorkshire market town of Knaresborough tumbles into horror.

Candy Apples: The Drama of Being One of the Apple Sisters. (A 3 Act Play)

by Andy Accioli

“â?¦open your heart before you open your mouth.”

Candy Apples is a drama with Brenda Apple dedicating her life to remaining at home, caring for Lucy Apple, her ailing mother suffering with Alzheimerâ??s. Jessie and Lynn, Brenda’s sisters are suddenly drawn into providing care. For Jessie this comes naturally. For Lynn (egotistical, vivacious and extremely sarcastic), not so much.


With more and more home bound elderly parents, the burden falls upon their children to provide care for them. Candy Apples is a play focusing on the family relationship between the care giving children as opposed to the aging parent.

The three Apple sisters are brought together in a family reunion of sorts after an incident involving Lucy, their mother.

Brenda, having taught school for 32 years, had retired to take care of the home bound Lucy. Jesse returns to the family home from her New York City nursing position. Lynn, self-centered and a vivacious spitfire, arrives from Florida.

At first they enjoy sisterly cordiality. After dinner, and after a few drinks, raw emotions are exposed as Brenda lambastes both sisters for not taking more of an interest in their family as well as the care of their mother:

BRENDA (to her sisters): What am I trying to say? Am I trying to say that my life had to end two years ago? Am I trying to say that I had to give up a job I loved – every day, for 32 years? Every day I was excited, actually excited about teaching my students. Am I trying to say that I’m a prisoner in this house? Am I trying to say that I’ve got two sisters who won’t share in this responsibility? Am I trying to say it’s a good thing mother had three daughters because two don’t give a damn? For God’s sake, both of you, open your heart before you open your mouth.

Jesse remains.

Lynn, of course, leaves. Returns. Leaves.

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A Dull Life Loved

by Dead Poet 28

Neighbors are the worst.

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