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Classroom Management for Challenging Students: How To Establish A Healthy & Productive Learning Environment For All Students (Teacher Resources)

by Marisa Landy

Need some help with classroom management? You’re about to learn the secrets of the trade written by an Amazon bestselling author in Education and Reference!

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In this book, I’ll teach you how to create and establish a classroom management system that you’re comfortable with and your students will LOVE!

Have you ever been in a classroom without a management system in place? If you have been I bet you kept the visit as brief as possible!

I’ll take you step-by-step through the ins and outs of classroom management that truly works. I’ll share with you the strategies that I have used to successfully change the most difficult behaviors.

If classroom management is something that you struggle with, you must read this guide!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Establish Rules & Consequences
  • The Importance Of Routines & Procedures
  • How To Implement Incentives & Rewards
  • The Significance Of The Group Mentality
  • Step-by-Step Interventions That Work
  • Much, much more!

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Tags: classroom management, challenging students, special education, behavioral modifications, student behavior, learning environment, student incentives, reward programs

Education:: Succeed At Education Assessments With The Latest Memory Improvement, Speed Reading And Accelerated Learning Strategies

by John Hughes

� � Discover The Secrets To Succeed At Education Assessments With The Latest Memory Improvement, Speed Reading And Accelerated Learning Strategies � �


“On an individual level, an educated man scores over an uneducated one. It is education that opens his mind and lets him see the world through a completely different lens. If man is devoid of education, he might as well be an animalâ?¦â?¦..In scientific circles the major qualities that differentiates man from animal is conscience. Some theorists differ; they put education almost at the same levelâ?¦…”

That statement is a very true and fair assessment of education and its role in the development of mankind and their successes. This book takes an in depth look at education, and how it sets our lives pattern. It is written to assist you in getting the most of your education. The techniques and skills required to maximize your learning potential.


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Just a glimpse of what you will learn:


  • Memory improvement strategies and techniques

  • How To Manage Your Academic Life With Ease

  • Benefits of speed reading and how to do it and what to avoid

  • And much, much more


You will also benefit from exercises geared toward improving your abilities: “When you associate, you stand to gain double from it. There are two parts of association that you perform- the clue and the final answer. It can serve both ways as the clue is also a bit of information that gets remembered along with the answer.”


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Perfectionism Cure: A step-by-step Guide on how to overcome Perfectionism, stop beating yourself up and be more productive (Overcoming Perfectionism, Perfectionism … Stress) (perfectionism, perfectionism cure)

by John Jones

Perfectionism Cure: Finally, you can overcome Perfectionism, be much more Productive and enjoy more FREE Time. This Guide is available now for $2.99 only and you’ll get a BONUS inside! Discount – 80% OFF! … for a Very LIMITED TIME!

Overcome your Perfectionism Today, Gain more confidence and Get more Done and Faster Forever

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What is perfection? How do you know when anything is perfect?

Well, as you already know, everything can be improved and not having a clear picture of the result we want to produce, can be a dreadful time eater if we tend to strive for perfection. Perfectionism is a common compulsive behavior that can affect negatively many areas of your life. Always trying to do a great job or having a high standard is a good philosophy of life but striving for perfection can be unhelpful at best.

Can perfectionism be cured?

Luckily, perfectionism is not a disease, it is just a compulsive behavior and so if we manage to change our behavior step by step, we will end up overcoming perfectionism. I know that it is possible, because I used to be the most perfectionist person in the world and now although I still have high standards for the things I do, I have been able to overcome perfection and stopped beating myself up for not being better, do more or be different.

Now, if you are fed up with being a perfectionist, you can change it. This path will bring you to a new destination and you will be able to achieve more and be happier with your accomplishments. But changing is not easy at all. It requires discipline and a good plan. That’s why I have come up with this guide to help you overcome perfectionism

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Is Perfectionism? When Being Good Is Not Good Enough
  • Am I A Perfectionist? The Signs and Symptoms of Perfectionism
  • Can Perfectionism Be Cured? Effective Ways On How To Handle and Overcome Perfectionism
  • How To Resolve Perfectionism? Converting Perfectionism into Something More Positive and Productive
  • How To Live A Happier Life? By Learning How To Accept
  • Convert self-criticism into positive self-talk
  • Convert pressure into support
  • Motivate and have fun
  • Much, much more!

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The perfect moment will never come, you have to take action to overcome Perfectionism and Free yourself from this kind of Compulsive Behavior!

I am also a perfectionist, and hate when something is not as good as I know I can do it, but my life style has improved since I decided I had to change and stop being a perfectionist. Now I am less stress, I get done more with less effort and I don´t beat myself up when something isn´t perfect.

You can also free yourself from perfectionism and live a more balanced and happier life

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Kindergartner Wisdom: The Best Advice I Ever Got Came From 5 Year Olds

by Shondra M. Quarles

Prepare to take a journey through the eyes of a kindergartner. “Kindergartner Wisdom” is a compilation of humorous and inspirational quotes by kids, but for adults of all ages. The books quotes are featured on beautiful chalkboard images and are epitome of kids saying the darndest things! You will enjoy these logical insights about life from the perspective of children. Each chapter of this book will inspire you to live, laugh, and love life to the fullest.

Learning English…as Easy as you T H I N K: Learning the concepts

by Yacub Saafir

Learning English grammar can really be not only easy but enjoyable as well. I have been an instructor for over 20 years and have found that students don’t know and often don’t want to know grammar. However, grammar is the very thing that lets one KNOW what is going on in the sentence.

Animal Attractions: Some Silly Animal Names

by BP Hofhine

A children’s picture book that shows silly features of animals that are named for everyday things.

112, synonyms By Mohammed Raj Abdullah: LITERACY SERIES

by M. Raj. Abdullah

112, synonyms

By Mohammed Raj Abdullah

(2nd edition) 50 synonyms with the letter O, By Mohammed Raj Abdullah (Literacy series): (Literacy series)

by Mohammed Raj Abdullah

(2nd edition) 50 synonyms with the letter O,

By Mohammed Raj Abdullah

(Literacy series)

Logical and rational articles. By M R Abdullah (8342 words)

by M R Abdullah

Logical and rational articles. By M R Abdullah

(8342 words)

Mental Health Perspective for School Counsellor

by Dr Harbans Lal Kaila

“The children need a big change in schools.” Child mental health in school is a very wide-ranging study. This book titled ‘ Mental Health Perspective for School Counsellor ‘, bound in 14 chapters, rooted in comprehensive literature review is aimed at assisting school counselors in the better understanding and caring of mental health issues among school children. The manuscript shall be useful not only for counselors, teachers, parents, and principals in every school, but also for educationalists, mental health professionals and policy planners. The book is also considered to be relevant for courses in Psychology, Guidance & Counselling, Social Work, Home Science, Education and other allied subjects.

Child Mental Health in Schools is a serious concern for educationalists, mental health professionals and policy planners. The schools are applying content-based, syllabus-pressurized approach in educating children; they have not given a choice to students to ask what they would like to learn. In the present structure of the schools; the children have no influence or say on matters what concern them. Teachers victimize students in order to discipline their classroom, as they don’t know better ways of managing the classroom. Teachers are not aware as to how they harm emotional health of children. Peers bully their friends as they seek fun and thrill, they are not aware as to how they are affecting their friends emotionally. The teachers in schools crushed the natural personality of the children so badly that the children lost their self-esteem and self-trust in school so much so that even they grew up, they could not face the real life situations in bold manner. The students got the education at the cost of losing their precious self.

The schools are killing creativity in them. We can promote bright economy only if we promote creativity in children. Children’s contentment lies in the use of their own creativity which is in abundance in them. The 17% students in school experienced one time that someone talked about sex and they didn’t like it. The 10.4% students experienced the same a few times. The school principals are not aware of the magnitude of children being victimized in school premises and the effects of victimization on children. We must stop victimizing children at the earliest, and allow children to raise their voice by democratizing schools. Teachers need to be educated for caring mental health of children. The schools need to invest on teachers to upgrade their mental software to deal effectively with the emotional health concerns of children. On one hand, while the mental health of children is a State responsibility, the child-in-school is to be heard for his / her choices and concerns.

Child abuse is endemic in nature in schools. This obnoxious practice has affected the mental health, learning process and knowledge level of students in large numbers. Obviously, urgent measures by policy makers in government and professional educationists assume significance to prevent a disaster of gigantic proportions.

This book provides a broad child mental health perspective for counselors in schools in favor of child development. Child mental health in school is a very wide-ranging study, this book carries a perspective limited to certain relevant topics such as mental health issues, traumatic experiences, educational culture, academic stress, learning disorders, depression, eating disorders, autism, mental retardation, resilience, juvenile delinquency, parenting, democratic education, and victimization in schools.The manuscript intentionally does not include counselling process or skills as these are covered in earlier reference books..

Key words: Mental Health, School, Counsellor, Child, Counselling, Education, Parents, Teachers

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