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Chariots on the Highway: A story about Israel, about IDF’s lone soldiers, about Love and war, and about the journey called life.

by Limor Moyal

Every year, young men come from all over the world to join the IDF and fight for Israel. They leave everything behind and becoming what known as lone soldiers.

Tom, a young man from Kansas, has traveled to Israel to fight for his people. He came to fight, He came to escape.

Dan Green has it all. He owns Greentech technologies, lives in a small mention near Tel Aviv, and looks like a movie star. But his blue eyes, hiding a storm that threatens to smash him.

The end of his marriage to Lena, his memories of his late father, his disappointment with himself and his internal wars, pushing him towards the edge.

Dan and Tom cross paths at a crucial point in their lives. None of them thought that what began as volunteering mission, will change everything they thought they knew.

This is a journey of exploration and discovery. About asking the right questions and finding the answers.

In traffic jams of Ayalon Highway, the bustle of the city, on the battlefield, and deep in their dreams. Together they peel layers of pain, and find themselves.

Loving A Wounded Hero BBW/Interracial Romance

by Skye Eagleday

By the NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author–Skye Eagleday. An inspirational tale of romance.

Clay Jose Sanchez was a decorated hero–and one of the many wounded warriors recovering from a road side explosion in Afghanistan. Curvy Kloe is a new physical therapist who has been assigned to work with Clay, a Latino patient who has managed to alienate every other provider at the hospital. But in looking through his medical records, Kloe discovers his girlfriend had been with him through over thirty surgeries, and then left a seven word handwritten note: “Can’t take no more. I’m gone.” His pain isn’t just physical.

As they continue to work together in his rehabilitation, they grow so close they begin to invade each other’s passionate dreams. It’s a miracle that Clay’s desire and manhood return. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before he can walk again as well. Kloe has learned to see past the scars and pain to see the true hero he is within.

(This very sexy and inspirational Interracial adults only story contains scenes of romantic love-making)


I closed the door and listened a moment to the smooth jazz coming from the clock radio I had left on. When I put my head on my pillow I was gone before Fattburger had finished. In my dreams I was whole again. I could move without pain, and when I looked up, Kloe was there. It was a lucid dream again, and I was aware it was a dream because Honey should be here–not someone I had just met.

“You’re a hero,” dream Kloe told me. “You’re just the one I want to be the father of my children.” She smiled, flashing that little space between her teeth at me.

“I always wanted to be a father,” I told her honestly. There had been that slight fear when Honey thought she might be pregnant, but we weren’t ready for that. It was a false alarm, anyway. I tried to think of Honey, but she wouldn’t come. Dream Kloe reached out and traced my lips with her fingertip. She then leaned forward and kissed me lightly.

“See–now we have a goal,” she growled. “Let’s work on it together.” Dream Kloe slowly began to unbutton her white blouse and again I knew this was a dream because she wasn’t wearing the bra I had been staring at earlier, obvious beneath her top.

The Atomic Eagle: A World War II Adventure

by Steve Richer

Five Allied commandos
One secret Nazi experiment
Zero chance of survival

In the middle of World War II, the Allies get wind that the Germans are making headway with their nuclear research. Once they combine this doomsday weapon with their newly developed unmanned missiles, the Nazis will be able to take over the world.

An international team of Allied operatives is tasked with infiltrating Italy in order to destroy the secret nuclear facility. Seems easy enough until their plane is shot down over France.

Led by grizzled OSS operative Parker and SOE agent Wesley, the team must fight with the French Resistance before they can make their way across the border to complete their mission. Only the Germans will stop at nothing to foil their plans…

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