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The Inferno

by Dante Alighieri

Chios Classics brings literature’s greatest works back to life for new generations. All our books contain a linked table of contents.

Dante’s The Inferno is translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Freestyle Haiku and Spiritual Poetry – Chapter 2: The Wind Begins

by Mattō

This is the second chapter of freestyle haiku and spiritual poetry by Mattō.

“During the five months I wrote these haiku, I found myself drawn to elemental energies. In particular, I felt the wind. Scientifically, wind is the mixing of different bodies of air as they rise and fall. To me, wind is about change, serendipity, opportunity, and renewal.

Air is essential in our lives, and it is frequently taken for granted. There’s a lightness to air, and similarly there’s a lightness in many of these poems. This chapter is about my spirit reconnecting with nature and the world. It is in this chapter that my spirit breathes again, mixing energy and life back into me.” -Mattō

Love, Art, & The Universe

by Daniele Saba

In Love, Art & The Universe, Daniele Saba makes her publishing debut with a collection of selected poems describing a decade of her life as a woman “coming of age” in America during the turn of the millennium. With unique wit and intelligence, Saba describes an extraordinary time in history, as well as in a young woman’s life. Whether studying the change of the physical seasons, orbit of planets, or complicated love, Saba is open to the teachings inherent in every daily moment and raw, emotional experience. Hers is an exploration with deep introspection, sensitivity, and humor as she experiences the mysteries of Love, Art & The Universe.




Heaven Water Blood

by N. L. Shompole

excerpt. Orion in December

My grandfather is a giant of a man, big bones, big voice, big heart. Last December we sat under the pink sky and watched the stars come in. Nine years of absence coalesced into that minute, that second. He pointed to Orion in the night sky, soft voiced he told my sisters and I how our ancestors, the Maasai followed the stars to rainy seasons, followed the heavens to water.

* *

We sat on the side of a tarmac road riddled with open holes and stared at the same vast existence that his father, and his father before had read with unerring precision, how they mapped out seasons according to stars and the open sky.

In that sliver of time, caught between full light and full dark my bones melted against my skin. To know that last century, last millennia, a small epoch in this corner of earth my grandfather (a hundred generations ago, and a hundred more) stood open face to the dark sky and followed the three spiked belt to water, to dry land, to blood, to earth. To know that he followed Orion home.

Writers of Words

by Darrick Williams

Captivating! Motivating! Storytelling at its best!

Writers of Words Poetry, is an introduction to a wide range of poems. you will find poems about affliction, relationships, spirituality, and to be motivational. All will cause you to think, and to be the judge and the jury. You will find the storytelling fun, intriguing, and always with a point, not obscure. With his technique of storytelling which is a visual use of the word, conveys a compelling story that you can enjoy. Although the poems are titled by a selected topic, it doesn’t have that repetitive feel.

Darrick hope is that you will be inspired by some, be taken away from your problems by others; and can relate to many.


by George Tartaros

Aornum is three interlinked meditations with the common theme being

man’s relationship with himself, the other men, the time, the eternity, the universe and the divine.

It is a set of three long poems, that were published individually over a four-year period.

The first poem, Chaos, was written and published in 2011.

The two other poems, Earth and Eros, were composed in 2013 and 2014.

Best Enchanted Poems: I sell dragon teeth, magic carpets, fire feathers, ruby dreams, paradisiacal wine and inebriating words. Welcome!


I live in a muddy marketplace.

When I was a child the witches from the marketplace stopped me once from my playing, and one by one they have read my palm and all predicted that I will be the loveliest and the most loved, the luckiest and the most fortunate man amongst all who have ever entered that market. Since then, during my childhood years, I felt like a Maharajah. Many years I kept this prediction in my heart and whenever happened to fall into darkness I took it out and with it I illuminated few steps ahead of me the way I am going. But no fire burns forever, and I grew up seeing the witches dying one by one, in the same way they read my

palm. Following the death of the last witch the flames of my torch started to fade. Burning pitch fell onto my hands melting the hieroglyphs written in my palms crippling all my future. That was the moment when I decided that I have to write whatever I remember that the witches have told me and I have to paint the signs that were so clearly written on my palms. So I did it, but my life was full of grief and in a moment of despair I threw into the fire everything I wrote. It was the greatest mistake I ever did. Since then I have been burning and trying to recover my books. Therefore, every piece of writing I take out is so fiery. My clothes are dusty and patched, my shoes are torn, and all I have fits in a bundle for I am a wanderer searching for what once I had.

On my way I discovered many things and I have unraveled many mysteries such as the Library of Alexandria and the Philosopher’s stone and many others. I am damn serious about that! It is something I claim and I can prove it if necessary!

I have something more to say about writing:

For me the purpose of writing is not pouring common ideas into intricate words and puzzling phrases but rather pouring wonderful and sophisticated ideas into common words and simple phrases.

Now you are welcomed to burn with me!

Fractured Time

by Andrew Sparke

A collection of poetry and short prose. The follow up to ‘Broken English’.

Koans, Climaxes and Apothegms: A collection of limericks

by Amanda Lash

Disclaimer: This collection of limericks is intended for a mature audience over 18. All characters mentioned in these poems are over 18. There are intended to titillate and amuse like all good limericks.

This collection of limericks combines “Gems and Apothegms” and “Climaxes and Koans” into one volume.

My dreams are yours

by Yolande M. Delune

10 various poems about dreams, love and humor for little and big dreamers.

Table of contents:

– Reverie

– Till dawn

– One minute left

– Chocolate

– The Lord of the Dreams

– Your tears

– The fanciful window

– See you soon

– Hidden petals

– Daydreaming

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