Free religious fiction Kindle books for 27 Apr 15

Wyoming Rain: Jessie’s Prayer: A Christian Western Romance

by Kimberly Saintclaire

This 23,000 word novelette contains messages of Christian faith.

Jessie lives in fear that one day her husband will finally kill her. After years of abuse, she knows her days are numbered if she stays. In a desperate attempt to escape, she devises a plan to take a job in Wyoming on a ranch. Her hope for a peaceful life could be derailed when the ranch owner’s son, Nate takes a shine to her. The family matriarch will stop a nothing to put Jessie in her place and remind her that Nate is too good for her. Despite her reservations, she finds herself falling in love with Nate. Jessie knows she must somehow reveal her secret and risk losing everything.

Undercover Love (The Women of Manatee Bay, Book 2)

by Jessica Nelson

When rule-bending PI Rachel McCormick stumbles across evidence that not only incriminates the town mayor of corrupt dealings but endangers her sister’s welfare, she’s determined to put the politician behind bars. She doesn’t count on straitlaced cop Grant Harknessâ??a rumored lady’s manâ??getting in her way. Not only does he warn her off the case, but he takes her heart into custody with his surprisingly compassionate nature and endearing soft spot for a cat named Helga. Burned by an ex-fiancé and jaded by the unseemly aspects of her job, Rachel tries to ignore the bad boy’s claims that he’s been redeemed by the God she stopped trusting long ago. But love is not so easily dismissed. Rachel is torn between the bitterness that has fueled her life and the man whose passion stokes within her a new fire, one which could burn away the ashes of her past if only she could learn to trust again.

Badass Christian: Generational Mysfunction

by Kyle Alexander

Sugar really tried hard to serve the Lord but all she knew was what she was taught. Sometimes the traditions of man make the word of God of no effect. Things would change drastically when Rev. Bebo came into the picture. It would change her for life forever.

This little book is a blazed with the flames of passion, brimstone and the Holy Ghost. The Christian path is walked by many but the fearless are written in the Book. Sometimes God uses the most unlikely people to confound the wisdom of the wise. Sometimes the Christians are not who you think they are. Many times they’re somebody else. God looks at the heart. What are you looking at? You shall know them by their carnage. Or was it fruit? Travel this Damascus road with Sugar and Reverend Bebo Biarritz to the cross where the grace of God is sufficient for a Badass Christian. You may have to come out of your comfort zone to read this book. I dare you…

Whisper of His Voice

by Lisa Erler

Rev. Jason Adams’ eyes transfix themselves on the beautiful organist, Sarah Iverson, as he is leading his first worship service as a small-town pastor. Once she gets into his head he is hard pressed to push her out of it. The physical attraction only intensifies as he gets to know her, and what starts as an errant thought guided by lust leads him down a sensual path he doesn’t want but cannot resist. His want of her body knows no bounds, but is she the “one” he is supposed to spend the rest of his life with?

When Jason takes Sarah into his arms all reason flees her mind. Her body awakens to passion, and she gives up her innocence for what his body can give her. She wants love and commitment, but Jason promises her neither.

One night Jason steps into the sanctuary of his church and hears Sarah’s angel voice singing a song she wrote about him. A different longing starts up in him, and he sees there could be so much more between them than sexual pleasure. He sees that Sarah is the “one” and that he’d never be able to live without her.

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