Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Apr 15

The Last Werewolf Hunter

by P.J. Sanchez

A police officer becomes infected with lycanthropy after trying to break up a fight.

Hoping to find the shifter who destroyed his life, he allies himself with a female werewolf expert but soon finds himself fighting off a wolfpack that has come for both him and her.


by J. G. McGovern

In a distant star system, a team of research scientists from the Tellurian Federation are studying an ionic storm that threatens to destroy all of the local planets. Assisting them on the mission is Dombey-9000, a robot built by the United Robotics Corporation. One of the scientists, Dr Gel Eliot, frightened by the implications of the galactic tempest, seeks a way to preserve the human spirit for time everlasting. But her actions are not only unorthodox but highly illegal . . .

[Dombey-9000 is a short story of 6,000 words. It is DRM-free. All reviews are appreciated.]

Exile at Dawn (Green People Chronicles Book 2)

by Stuart Fox

The worst fears of responsible scientists have materialized: gifted but egomaniacal Neil Holmes has used available technology to change the human genome. His infection killed most of his unknowing victims and transformed the survivors into a new type of human. The origin of these Greens (who can produce food by photosynthesis) is described in the novel Becoming Green. This is the prelude to Exile at Dawn and the first book in the Green People Chronicles.

In Exile at Dawn, the entire Green population has been relocated to a remote internment camp located in Aurora, Nevada, at the remote site of the Old West town where Mark Twain once tried gold mining. Young Tom and Gloria come of age and fall in love in Camp Aurora, while Tom’s sister Lilly becomes pregnant and gives birth to Adam, the first Green baby. The human desires for freedom and romantic love place these Greens in mortal danger.

The lives and loves of these and other Greens unfold under threat: because Greens are infectious and can reproduce, they would eventually become the predominant human species and we would become extinct. This poses a moral and existential dilemma: should we commit genocide of the Greens, or can some other solution be found?

Tom, Gloria, Lilly, and Adam don’t wait for their fate to be decided by far-away politicians. Exile at Dawn describes their struggles to shape their own lives and save their people.

Among the Fallen: Part 1

by J. D. Benabides

Two worlds. Two storylines. Two very different people making sense of the rubble.

William lives on Kilig 1, a satellite for billionaires, miles above the toxic and war ravaged Earth. But after having a fight with his father he is cast out of his home, and is sent to Earth. There he must not only deal with deadly weather, dangerous people, and a broken civilization, but learn how to start a new life on the cruel planet.

Meanwhile, a young angel, spoiled by the amenities of heaven, is kicked out of his home. He is hunted by the fallen and scorned, and he must take refuge in the only place he can. Earth. There he’ll have to face his demons, quite literally, and trust those he was taught to fear his whole life.

This is a story of unlikely allies. A tale of finding friendship after the apocalypse. And more importantly, a promise that one can pick up the pieces after everything worthwhile has been shattered.

Escape to the Choccolocco Valley (Survival Apocalypse Book 1)

by Buck Hunter

The Survival Apocalypse Series of Books from Author Buck Hunter. True to life exciting action and adventure presented in a unique style you will love to read.

Escape to the Choccolocco Valley is a Post Apocalyptic thriller: Our story begins 89 years after a catastrophic event ended civilization as we know it. The world goes on. Differently. By ones, groups, and tribes man does his best in a world reminiscent of the earliest days of pioneering America.

The adventure opens as young Jedidiah Reuel is forced to flee his home in north Georgia because of nature and relatives. Heading west he encounters interesting and often deadly post apocalyptic characters, both good and bad, and faces the dangers of a new and primitive civilization. It’s the world of Survival Apocalypse.

Though our hero Jed is a young man, he walks in an adult world. This is not juvenile fiction. He ages with the serial.

In the Survival Apocalypse series you’ll experience the romance of being a pioneer with all the hardship, challenges, and successes too. You’ll read about love, laughter, death most cruel, and a promise for the new future, post apocalypse. In the world I have created, scattered humans still manage to survive. But one bunch survives better than the rest, and that’s the residents of The Choccolocco Valley. How they did it, and why they succeed will be revealed in the books beginning with this one. You’ll find no hocus pocus or contrived material. Everything you’ll read is researched and written as accurately as I can possibly make it.

If you enjoy a book series that you can really sink your heart into as much as I do, I believe you’ll enjoy this one. Look for apocalyptic war and… apocalyptic religion as well, as the epic story continues.

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