Free history Kindle books for 28 Apr 15

American Presidents And God

by Christopher Roberts

This book has been written to give you a taste of the kind of people who have held the office of the President of the United States of America in times gone by. Particularly this book will investigate the religious and Christian views of past presidents to discover whether or not they left a lasting legacy for future presidents to follow.

I have also deliberately restricted the research of this book to a time period of about 132 years, between George Washington, who took office in 1789 to Woodrow Wilson, who left office just after World War I in 1921.

This helps to avoid repetitiveness if we were to consider presidents from a wider timescale. In order to decide who would be eligible for inclusion in this book, I set up a three-prong test, which is highlighted in more detail in chapter one.

Finally, this book has been written to help inform you about the kind of president you would like to see governing the United States from the Oval Office in the future; particularly if you want to base your decision-making, during election times, on the life and experiences of past presidents.

The Capture of the Corinth Canal in April 1941

by James Bender

Towards the end of the abortive British campaign in Greece in early 1941, German airborne forces captured the Corinth Canal. This had the consequence of making the British, Australian, and New Zealand retreat to the southern beaches more difficult. The canal cuts a deep, narrow swath across the isthmus near Corinth. This operation demonstrated the German airborne forces at their best.

A Great Day With Aunt Kelly

by Janet Staples

Educational Outcomes for Students K-3:

Reading level is K-3
Students learn about Virginia and some interesting facts. Geography: Student will identify states by shapes and locations on a map.
History: Student will learn that states have their own resources.
History: Student will identify state symbols.
History: Student will learn historical facts about Virginia.
History: Student will learn about the thirteen colonies.
History: Student will learn about the Revolutionary and the Civil War.
History: Student will learn where the President lives.
Reading: Student will describe people, places, and things.
Reading: Student will be able to retell the story.
Reading: Student will increase their vocabulary.
Reading: Student will identify pictures as clues to help identify words.

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