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Conquering College: What colleges are really looking for, how to write a stellar application, and must-know college survival tips

by Austin Fadely

For high school students, Conquering College defines successful strategies for getting into choice schools and thriving there. What sets this book apart is that it offers practical, proven tips from application to graduation. It is the practical guide for the modern student.

Girls Bullying: Understanding the destructive nature of how girls bully and what you can do about it (Empowering Change Book 4)

by Melody Devonish


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How girls bully has become an increasingly concerning issue. Their style of bullying is subversive, subtle, hard to pin down, and very cruel. Being a victim of this can tear apart a child or teenagers psyche, and impact to their very core how they see their own worth and value. It is becoming increasingly obvious what a destructive impact this subtle bullying has.

This book will start you on your journey to understanding this style of bullying and how you can help. Realising what is really going on is key to the situation, and this book outlines clearly and concisely exactly how this bullying occurs. Several case studies are also included that show how the รข??theory’ of this kind of bullying is playing out in real schools with real children/teenagers. We will then go through some practical steps and strategies that parents, teachers and onlookers can take to help. If you are wondering what to say, what not to say, and exactly what you can do to help, then this book is for you!

As we understand what is happening, and stop allowing it to happen, it also helps the bully in its own way. The bully must then face the consequences for her actions, and this is actually the best possible outcome for her as a person.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Styles Of Bullying
  • Why Do People Bully Others?
  • The Impact of Bullying On Victims
  • Bullying Case Studies
  • How To Deal With Bullying

Take action right away to start your empowering journey today by downloading this book, “Girls Bullying”!

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Kindle Unlimited: Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription Right for You?

by Tim Jones

Is Kindle Unlimited subscription right for you?

Are you a passionate reader?

Then Kindle Unlimited is perfect for you! Read on to find out why.

Kindle Unlimited: Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription Right for You? Contains detailed information and will help you decide if you need the subscription or not!

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service by Amazon that will allow you to access and read literally hundreds of thousands of books. For free!

However, is this service right for you or not?

This short but meaty book will go through the benefits and drawbacks of the Kindle Unlimited program. Aside from that, a ton of essential information will be revealed to equip you with enough knowledge about the service.

This empowerment will allow you to make the best choice for the bookworm in you after you have finished reading.

So, is the Kindle Unlimited subscription right for you? Buy this book and find out in minutes.

5 Reasons to Buy This Book

  1. This book gives you a brief overview of Kindle Unlimited and also enumerates some of the subscription’s biggest benefits and advantages.
  2. This book shares the author’s own personal experience in using the Kindle Unlimited service. He was initially skeptical about the whole thing, but found out that the subscription is good in a lot of ways in the long run.
  3. This book explains how authors of different genres adjust or modify their writing style in order to fit the Kindle Unlimited model. It further discusses how this change in style affects the readers both positively and negatively, so you can have a better gauge if this subscription service is for you or not.
  4. This book discloses how Kindle Unlimited makes thousands of audiobooks available for its subscribers.
  5. This book lists down other Kindle Unlimited options and also its unlimited book service contemporaries. It further details each subscription’s pros and cons that will give you enough detail on which service to subscribe into.
  6. Overall, this will be one of the best books to read that can help save you a lot of money before deciding to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited platform.

And a lot more!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to get started on the wonderful world of books and unlimited, buy this book today and decide for yourself if the kindle unlimited subscription is worth it!

Scroll up and get your copy of Kindle Unlimited: Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription Right for You? NOW!

Multi-Sensory-Multi-Discipline Activities For The Classroom

by Janet Staples

As Educators we are always looking for new ways for students to learn. I always knew I learned better through hands on activities. Most of my teachers in the 60’s did not use hands on learning. I was fortunate that I did have one. I thank that teacher for leading me in that direction. With her influence I decided to become a teacher.

I have used the following activities and games, as I taught Physical Education. When schools started worrying about accreditation. I tried to incorporate topics the classroom teacher was using. I unfortunately did not have a gymnasium. Some days I had to have my lessons in their classroom. I was encouraged to share my ideas, with other educators. I began giving in services throughout Virginia. My business was called Hands On Education.

Student outcomes:
The student will review:
Computer Science
The students practice:
Basketball skills.
Throwing skills.
Catching skills.
The student will increase
cardiovascular endurance.
The student will practice
good teamwork.

Games included:
Knowledge Wall
Box Car
Toss A Value
SOL’s in a Bottle
Mr. Clean
Making Your Basketball Hoop
UP! UP! And Away
Math Dodge and Run
Musical Hula Hoops
The Teachers In The Room

Yard by Yard SOL’s are Hard
K. O. The Facts
Tic Tac The Fact
Let’s Go To The Races
Connect The Dots
Treasure Hunt

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