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Sail With Me: Two People, Two Boats, One Adventure

by Rebecca Burg

–A zany, but true, travel adventure–

How a working class girl dared to escape an unfulfilling direction in life and find meaning.

Gain fresh inspiration for changing your own destiny for the better, whatever your interests.

An entertaining, humorous escape for anyone who loves sandy shores and palm trees.


Two strangers, Two antique boats, One crazy idea…

He’s a gruff combat veteran and loner who fishes for a living. She’s a shy, young woman giving up her career and home. The two become unlikely friends and discover that they have more in common than they’d realized.

They both own antique, liveaboard sailboats. They also shared the dream of cruising. Side by side, they escape over the horizon and spur each other into experiencing a new life. A bond of friendship and trust develops.

Not independently wealthy, Bill and Rebecca still work to earn a living during and in between seasonal travels.


A fun, sometimes funny, adventure for boaters and non-boaters alike. Get swept into a journey through exotic, tropical islands. Hide from hurricanes, an outlaw ghost, and crazed squirrels. Sink your toes into powdery pink (yes, pink) sand, watch the full moon shimmer over the sea and forget about schedules for a while.

Informative, entertaining, and even titillating at times, this book will inspire those who dream of embarking on their own sailing adventures. Curious about living aboard or simplifying your life? Learn what it’s like. Cruising on a budget? Bill and Rebecca share how they did it.

Section Two includes bonus chapters on fishing from a cruising boat while underway, provisioning, and tips for living aboard a small boat.


The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike: Buddy Learns Confidence

by Kyle Burger

Come Race With Buddy on the Motocross Track!

Join Buddy in his exciting motocross adventures racing around the dirt bike track.

It’s the big race, and Buddy the Motocross Bike is nervous to tread on the dirt for the very first time. Having to break away from what the other bikes may think of him, Buddy learn that the most important part about racing is to have fun!

Each book has a great message

Buddy the motocross bike is a motocross book designed for children and adults alike. Each book teaches a life lesson / confidence building message in a child friendly format, that everybody can learn from. Buddy the motocross bike is a book for any Motocross, Supercross, Dirt Bike and/or Racing fan out there!

Lots of Colorful Images

There are tons of colorful images in this book sure to keep any child’s attention and allow them to create their own stories in their minds.

Fun Finds on Most Pages

On most of the pages is a squirrel helping Buddy race around the motocross track! Can you find him?

About The Author

Buddy the Motocross Bike was created by Kyle Burger in 2010. Kyle raced motocross throughout his youth and was pursuing a career in racing. On October 1st, 2008, fate stepped in and kicked his racing career to the curb.

Kyle broke his neck at the age of 18 at a Dodge Amateur National. This would halt his career in motocross but not his love for the sport.

While Kyle could not race anymore, he still was very passionate about motocross and wanted to be involved in it in some way. Soâ?¦ he decided to write a book. A kids book about motocross, to inspire tomorrows youth to grow up loving motocross like he did.

During the process of writing the book he had an illustrator that was doing a great job. Although life got in the way for him and he had to back out. So Kyle was stuck with half of a book illustrated.

As fate would have it, an old friend of his was finishing school to become an illustrator and they got back in touch. The rest is history. He started from scratch illustrating the book and did a fantastic job creating many professional illustrations.

Kyle is in the process of writing more books, so stay tuned!

Author: Growing up I could never find any Motocross or even dirt bike books for kids. So, I decided to write a book just for kids that was all about motocross / dirt bikes & racing!

Scroll up and grab your copy today.

Sleeping With Your Mitt

by Jim O’Hare

Whether you’re a Little League coach, contemplating coaching or loving parents and grandparents cheering from the stands, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this hilarious and emotion evoking memoir of a young boy whose dream of becoming a major leaguer was ruined because he couldn’t hit a curve ball and his return to the game coaching his sons and other Little Leaguers. Humor abounds as evidenced by some of the following excerpts from the book:

On dedicating the book to my wife: Prominently displayed on our kitchen wall was a plaque that read: “We interrupt this marriage to bring you the baseball season”!

On attempting to have kids and ultimately adopting two sons: After seven years of trying to have a child (preferably a son since I didn’t know the mechanics of the windmill pitching windup in girls 12-inch softball) it was determined that my low sperm count would probably prohibit us from having a child. If you had looked at my “sample” through a microscope as I did you would have thought you were in an assisted living nursing home!

On Tee Ball: I was shocked to learn they didn’t keep score in tee ball. I had waited six years to see our adopted son, Brian, step up to the plate for the first time. He hit a ball to the outfield and I watched him traipsing from home to third to second to first and back home. In retrospect, perhaps it was a good idea not to keep score. After all, I didn’t want my six year old son to be held responsible for the zero to “minus one” loss!

On Pinto Division (7 and 8 year old) Pitchers: Let’s put it this way: There were more strikes thrown by the United Auto Workers that week than our kids threw in practice!

On Pinto Division Catchers: On average, catchers at the Pinto level caught only about 10% of the pitches thrown to them. As a result, Pinto level umpires received hazardous duty pay to cover the cost of treating bruised testicles!

On The Player Draft: One of the principles used by managers in the player draft was the same principle used in horse racing: bloodlines. If a kid had an older brother who was a “stud player” then one could reasonably presume that this younger boy could also be a stud player. If, unbenknownst to you, the mother had been divorced and the current father was a stepfather, one could waste a good draft pick. A coach could, prior to the draft, call the mother and inquire as to how long she had been married to her current husband. However, she might find this call from a total stranger a little odd and none of the managers were willing to be accused of stalking!

The book will evoke the many emotions the author experienced including: humor, pride, shame, and the satisfaction of a 68 year old man today watching the kids he coached contemplate coaching their own sons. Lastly, it will provide insight to those considering entering the Little League coaching world as to what works and what doesn’t work and what will make Little League baseball a truly enjoyable experience for the young baseball players they coach.

Durham region TRAILS GUIDE

by Alex Povolotski

More than 350 kilometres of recreational trails intertwine throughout Durham Region. You will truly be amazed by our trails and surrounding environment.

The Paleo Diet Reloaded: A Quickstart Guide to Living The Better, Paleo Way!

by Bianca Elyse

The Paleo Diet Reloaded: A Quickstart Guide to Living The Better, Paleo Way!

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