Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 29 Apr 15

Deceitful Temptations (Revised Edition)

by Tiana Nicole

Pastor Maurice James a prominent pastor in the Los Angles community, with an up and coming career in politics, seems to have it all. With his wife Charmaine by his side the world is his just for the taking. On the outside they have what every couple dreams of. Money, power, political and church fame. What more could be asked for? But all is not right with the good pastor and first lady. In fact it’s downright deceitful, as they allow their fleshly temptations to rule their lives. How long will they be able to hide their secrets from the community and each other?

Illustrated Sermons for Youth or Adults

by Natasha House

5 easy illustrated sermons for youth or adults


This is a collection of some of my fun, illustrated sermons that I have preached over the years. You’ll keep your audience of youth or adults engaged, as you pull out props and stories to hold their attention.

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