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Flying with Angels (The Angel Mountain Saga Book 5)

by Brian John

The Angel Mountain Saga has now accumulated sales of over 70,000.  This is Part 5…â?¦

Get your copy now, and enter the enchanting world of Martha Morgan, a VERY imperfect heroine.

This is a tender, compassionate, poignant novel about the joys and agonies of growing old disgracefully.  It is 1845, and Martha Morgan, Mistress of Plas Ingli, is feeling her age. She receives warnings that she should “take care”. Her beloved estate collapses, and she has to call upon her deepest reserves of strength in order to survive. But her misery is lessened when she meets a travelling evangelist on the summit of Angel Mountain. It turns out that the fate of Amos Jones Minor Prophet is inextricably bound up with her own. A single indiscretion in Tycanol Wood splits the community and tests the loyalty of friends and family to the limit, and starts a drift towards the final tragic episodes of Martha’s life.


While Martha is dealing with these personal crises, she is also drawn to help the peasants caught up in the Irish Potato Famine. A shipwreck on the coast near Newport gives her the opportunity to do something practical, but in the process she offends the secret Society of Sea Serjeants. Her family tries to protect her from evil men who are driven by ancient family animosities. But her fighting spirit is stronger than her body, and she takes them on. It becomes clear that Martha will not die in her bed; nor does she, but in the final act of her exciting life there are breathless twists and turns which confound her enemies and leave her undefeated. 

This is the author’s  favourite book within the Saga – maybe because it deals with the approach of old age! “Another masterpiece — real, full of passion and substance, guts, love, life and death — and more — in all their beauty.”  “Pacy, racy and full of dramatic and romantic incident.”  “As ever, the narrative moves along at a cracking pace.”  “Brian John is just a wonderful writer.”  “A magnificent achievementâ?¦.”  “The final pages could have been sentimental, but I found the writing sparse, economical and very effective. I wept.”

This book was planned to be the last novel in the Angel Mountain Saga, since death is the only certain thing about life..  But with Martha Morgan, nothing is certain��. 

When he finished writing this story, the author was exhausted, having invested all of his emotional resources into the telling of the tale.   Now he feels that the pain was worth it â?? try it and see if you agree!

Morvidus, Slain by a Dragon, and his Sons: The Welsh Chronicles book 7

by Mark Hodges

This is the seventh in the chronicles, going from the death of Belyn to the reign of Elidyr and his brothers. The reign of the blood thirsty warrior king, Morvidus is front and center in this volume, as another remarkable tell of dueling brothers, all princes, contend for the Crown. Historical fiction, but closely follows the ancient Welsh version of the early history of England. Based on the 2002 translation of the MS LXI by WR Cooper.

ROMANCE: Twisted Obsession (Women’s Fiction New Adult Romance Short Stories)

by Amanda Bolton

**A Fun, Standalone Stepbrother Romance with No Cliffhanger**

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Life has a way of making things complicated and Hannah is no stranger to complications. When she loses her job and the threat of eviction hangs over her and her friend, she finds there is only one place left to turn.

It just so happens that the only option she has left is at the hands of her now incredibly estranged ex-stepbrother. With little left to lose she finds that complications just have a way of making themselves worse.

Sometimes it is in the most unexpected of places that we find something that we truly want to hold on to….

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

The Vampyre (Xist Classics)

by John William Polidori

A Short and Chilling Romantic tale of the Legends of the Vampire

“In many parts of Greece it is considered as a sort of punishment after death, for some heinous crime committed whilst in existence, that the deceased is not only doomed to vampyrise, but compelled to confine his infernal visitations solely to those beings he loved most while upon earthâ??those to whom he was bound by ties of kindred and affection.â??A supposition alluded to in the “Giaour.” â?? John William Polidori, The Vampyre; a Tale William Polidori is credited with creating the literary genre of romantic vampire fiction with his short story, The Vampyre. When Aubrey, a young Englishman, meets the mysterious Lord Ruthven, he discovers a horrible secret that threatens everyone he knows and loves.

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