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How To Quickly Improve Your Golf – Techniques From The Pros! (Quickly Improve Your… Series Book 2)

by Frank Garmin

Quickly and easily perfect your golf game and hit the course like a pro!

The game of golf is loved around the world and people spend a lifetime trying to improve every aspect of their game. If you would like to quickly and easily improve your game, this publication can be your guide. It will walk you through the process and make it possible for you to love both the long game and the short game.

Throughout the pages of this publication, you will learn many aspects of improving your golf game and making it just right for you. From selecting golf lessons to improving your focus and even how to get out of the sand trap like a pro, this book will guide you through the process. It will also discuss the following information in great detail as wellâ?¦

Practice Makes Perfect – When you are ready to improve your golf game, this chapter can point you in the right direction and get you started on your road to golfing like a pro!

Golf Lessons – Is it necessary to take golf lessons to improve your game? This chapter will surprise you!

Focus and Concentration – When you focus properly, it can make a difference in your game and can slice a few points off of your score.

The New Golfer – Although the game of golf has remained consistent through the years, the type of golfer that you are will make a difference when you are on the course.

All about the Golf Clubs – Selecting the right golf club is one of the most important factors that will help you to improve your game immediately!

The Different Types of Golf Shots – Taking a look at the different shots possible in golf will help you to improve your game and make it much more interesting.

Let’s Talk About Your Irons – Don’t leave the irons in your bag. Use them as described in this chapter and you will be on your way to much better golf.

All About Putting – Your short game is one of the most important aspects that will help you to shave points from your score. This chapter discusses putting, and how it can make a difference in your game immediately.

The Sand Trap – Everyone ends up in the sand trap but if you know how to get out of the trap properly, you will be a golf course hero!

Correcting a Slice – Are you dealing with a slice? This chapter helps you to correct a slice, quickly and easily.

Keeping Yourself in Shape to Play Golf – One forgotten factor that will make a difference in the quality of your game is staying in shape. Use this chapter to exercise properly and you will see a difference in your game.

And much, much moreâ?¦

There is always room for improvement on the golf course, and this publication can help you to see that improvement quickly and easily. It will walk you through the process necessary to improve your game and hit the course like a pro!

Download this publication today and improve your golf game today!

The MayPac Book: 60/40 Money – 50/50 Fight

by James Williamson

TBE, or Not TBE, that is the question:

The MayPac Book is the only book that explores the logic that Manny Pacquiao has an equal (or better) chance of winning the fight against Floyd Mayweather, on May 2.

The Problem

A large majority of Mayweather’s fan base see victory on May 2 as an almost certainty. Upon closer inspection, the logic for how or why Floyd wins seemingly overlooks or actively disregards a lot of facts along the way that are not in their favor.

The Solution

These facts that are overlooked will be brought to the forefront. Blogs and facebook are far too fractured and fleeting for relaying the answers in a conducive fashion. That was the impetus behind an original essay that then resulted in this book. Rather than just focus on the unique strengths of Manny or Floyd, I thought it would be prudent to focus on the main reasons used throughout the years to suggest Mayweather was superior and check to ensure the logic holds up under scrutiny. I was alarmed at how loosely some of the claims I debate within “The MayPac Book” cling to life, given the weight of facts opposing it (a contents list should be available via the “Look Inside” feature)

Disagree (debate is healthy)

I do not expect everybody to think the same way as me. To that end, to ensure that this book is not seen to be defaming the opinion of any Floyd fan –despite many of them being previously happy to defame others with abandon– I am more than willing to open up channels for communication, discussion and dialogue. You will find the details inside the paid part of the book for how you can join the other readers who have purchased this book to talk MayPac, or any future boxing event, on a dedicated site.

The MayPac Book Benefits

The main benefits of “The MayPac Book” are:

  1. Many inaccurate and illogical arguments that stfile logical boxing debate will be rendered ineffective moving forward
  2. Anyone on the fence about purchasing this fight should be more encouraged to do so after reading this book
  3. The incentive that the fight on May 2 will undoubtedly be a much cleaner contest through any mass adoption of this book because of the specific examples within the book that seek to prove and end some illegal tendencies
  4. There is a dedicated website community listed in this book for you to engage with other purchasers of this book from either fan base who are looking for genuine boxing debate and discussion
  5. My book saves you time having to explain things to any bias fans who present. Just send them to the book and we will take the problem off your hands.

Join our New Boxing Community

Early adopters can get signed up and can secure themselves a premium name on our new boxing website community. Your first name, surname, favorite fighter of all time, etc – the choice is yours to catch a memorable one. It is our hope that this site will become a premium place to discuss boxing without any of the silliness encouraged elsewhere (good old fashioned debate). Differences of opinion are encouraged and everyone should feel at ease to discuss boxing.

Early Bird Offer (50% off before May 2)

Early Adopters will also get this book at 50% cheaper than the cost throughout May 2 so pick up your copy now and remember to promptly tell your boxing friends about it.

Bodyweight Training:The Ultimate Guide for Increasing Strength,Building Endurance and Losing Fat Fast and Efficient (Bodybuilding, Bodyweight Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Bodyweight Strength)

by Jim Price

This book provides the basic and essential information for beginners to pro a simple guide for how to maintain a lean and toned body figure without looking like a hulk. After reading this book we learn how Bodyweight workout can be used to work every muscle in the body, just as one would in a gym. In addition, anyone, regardless of their fitness level can take part in bodyweight training. As one masters the different exercises and grows in their abilities, they will then be better able to take on more challenging exercises. This book contains proven steps and Approach on how to develop muscles without using any Workout equipment. There is no longer any need to purchase any equipment or a gym membership. I am going to show you step-by-step how to build the body of your desires simply by using your own body!

This book designed for the average person. As such, they progress from beginner to advanced level. Most people are willing to start something new but most do not stick with it. Having a motivating person at your side goes a long way in keeping you focused. It explains the importance of heath conditions and their effects on the workout routine. Lastly, the significance of maintaining and following a proper diet plan to accompany the exercises which would eventually help the person in achieve the goal of lean and toned body.

After reading this book we learn

– Types of Exercise

– Strength Training and/or Muscle Endurance

– Maintaining a Healthy Weight

– How to set your fitness goals

– Rules for Building Strength without Weights!

– Best Body Weight Exercises

– Bodyweight Exercises for Fat Loss

– Bodybuilding


– Bodybuilding Rules to Grow

– Calisthenics Workout

– Much, Much, More!

Walk on Water

by Laura Peyton Roberts

Sixteen-year-old Lexa Walker has a pretty good shot at becoming the next U.S. Ladies’ Figure Skating Champion, but everyone who hears her name thinks only of her brilliant parentsâ??pairs skating legends Walker and Walkerâ??and of the tragedy that ended their short stellar career.

Training under her dissatisfied father, Blake, Lexa both feels the weight of that legacy and dreams of truly fulfilling it . . . by skating pairs instead of singles. No one skates pairs in Blake’s rink, though. Not anymore. Lexa can’t even speak of her longing to do so without further damaging their already dysfunctional relationship. The only way she’ll ever skate pairs is to find a new coach, new rink, new partner, and the money to pay for it all. Impossible. Until someone offers her exactly that. . . .

Is chasing a dream worth risking a national title and what’s left of her bond with her father? Or is every risk justified for the chance to walk on water?

Real Fit at Every Age: A Fitness Guide to Optimal Health from 1 to 100

by Julie de Lagarde

Since its release in August of 2013, Real Fit at Every Age is profoundly changing lives. It not only shatters the cultural myths surrounding fitness, Real Fit at Every Age empowers everyone to relate to their physical being in groundbreaking ways for optimal health and happiness.

Real Fit at Every Age goes beyond the typical emphasis of purely physical logistics, encouraging a holistic approach to health through the creation of a real relationship with our bodies based on connection, love and honesty. Having a grounded relationship with our bodies is a cornerstone to generating the positive life choices necessary for thriving, inspiring health.

Real Fit at Every Age prescribes an innovative, enlightened approach to exercise that ultimately encourages healing and prosperity. This approach is rooted in ancient Chinese wisdom and modern day science, giving wings to a global campaign for optimal health. Real Fit at Every Age’ s message resonates with everyone regardless of their current level of fitness by addressing specifics inherent to various life stages as well as life events. It also examines the effects of stress, injury, illness, fatigue and aging on our long term health goals.

Game Over or Game On?: How Pro Athletes Leave Sports and Enjoy the Game of Life

by David Ostrowsky

Game Over Or Game On: How Pro Athletes Leave Sports and Enjoy the Game of Life provides an account of how various pro athletes from the past several decades have made contributions in the fields of entertainment, business, politics, community service, coaching, management, and broadcasting upon retirement. After all, the stigma of pro athletes struggling financially and emotionally is not always applicable. Author David Ostrowsky focuses on the stories of athletes who have leveraged their resources, money, fame, and time for having a positive influence in their respective endeavors. Some of the athletes profiled include: David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Finley, Scott Brosius, Butch Hobson, Tony Amonte, Dontrelle Willis, Dolph Schayes, Ron Mix, Kevin Johnson, Warrick Dunn, Shawn Kemp, Mo Vaughn, and Kellen Winslow, among others.

Elderberries: The Amazing Elderberry, Its Secret Healing Capabilities & DIY Recipes For Improving Your Wellness (Elderberries – Elderberry Syrup)

by Medicine Cabinet

Discover The Incredible Benefits Of Elderberries!

In This Guide You Will Learn How To Utilize Elderberries To Improve Your Health, Wellness, And Benefit You For YEARS To Come

Elderberries and their treatment in health have been known for ages, and yet still, not much is promoted to show their amazing benefits. That’s where we step in, and in this guide, we will show you the incredible and magnificent power of one of nature’s most simple healers. After this read, you will feel empowered with the knowledge you’ll have regarding elderberries and what they can mean to you in times of need, and this is especially true during flu season. Mother nature has her own remedies, and this one is most potent!

Over centuries, and before, men and women have relied on holistic and natural remedies before the pharmaceutical giants began trending. The flu itself was treated and cured with Elderberries! Elderberries have often benefited those with diabetes, respiratory function, and so much more. With respect to allergies, elderberries pack a serious punch as well. If you are curious of elderberries and/or looking for at-home remedies that have no side effects and lead to better health, then this book is for you; you will learn much, and although we’ve kept this book short, it is done with the purpose to give you the content in the most easily digestible form, and stay on point. You will no doubt feel an expert in elderberries once you’ve read through our guide, and hopefully a new promoter of this amazing berry!

Top 5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1. In this book you will learn what exactly what Elderberries are

2. This book will teach you how Elderberries work so well compared to other products

3. In this book you will learn many Elderberry tips & uses

4. We will cover digestive, respiratory, immune, weight, heart, diabetic & more benefits from the use of Elderberries!

5. This book will teach you using Elderberries improves both skin and bone health/density

What You’ll Know From Our Book, “Elderberries”

– All About The Elderberry

– How To Properly Use Elderberries

– The Many Different Forms Of Elderberries

– How To Find Your Own Individual Uses For Elderberries

– 8 Different Health Benefits Of Elderberries

– How To Grow Your Own Elderberries

– 6 Home Made Recipes For Elderberries!

Want to Know More?

Download Your Copy Now!

Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.


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Braid to Mono Fishing Knots – From the reel to the hook

by Andy Steer

Braid to Mono Fishing Knots – From the reel to the hook

Contains clear, concise, easy to follow step-by-step knot-tying

illustrations of recommended braid to monofilament/fluorocarbon




Copyright notice

Alberto knot

Alberto knot double

Albright knot

Albright double

Bristol knot

Cat’s Paw

Double grinner knot

Doubled double grinner knot

FC knot/simplified GT knot

Improved Albright knot

Improved blood knot

Improved bristol knot

J knot

Lock knot

Mahin knot

Needle knot

Reverse Albright knot

Seaguar knot

Sebile knot

Slim beauty knot

Stren knot

Td’s leader knot

Tournament leader knot

Yucatan knot

This publication should help you to gain a solid base of reliable,

tried and tested knots, enabling you to land more fish.

Protect the environment and save money by losing less tackle.

Tight lines and strong knots.

Complete Guide To Modern NFL and NCAA Run Offenses: Five Simple Steps to Understand, Learn and Teach the Keys to An Explosive Rushing Attack

by Charlie Drewek

The game of football is one of the best- if not the best- team sports in the world. It also happens to be one of the most complex sports in the world. With 11 players lined up on offense and 11 players opposing them on defense, the amount of variation and chaos can get out of control in a hurry. This presents a unique challenge that this book will help you conquer. Whether you are a fan interested in learning more about the game, a coach in the beginning stages of his career trying to understand the whole picture or a veteran coach looking for that extra advantage, you will benefit greatly from reading this book. Author Charlie Drewek shares with you his knowledge of NFL and NCAA run offenses from over 9 years of football experience including 5 in the Big Ten Conference. The book goes into great detail with over 100 pages of information and more than 175 instructional diagrams. In just five simple steps you will be able to understand, learn and teach the keys to an explosive rushing attack. Whatever your goal may be one thing is for certain, you will understand the complete picture of modern day rushing attacks by the end of this book!

Life’s a Beach !: 10 beach destinations you will love (The Happy Traveler)

by James Josef

As a dreamer of many beautiful places , one cannot realize the beauty that exists at all ends of this great planet , unless you set your feet on it’s sandy shores . This informative guide gives an insightful view of some of the world’s most luxurious and isolated beach destinations. Some of these natural wonders are so hidden , it makes even the most experienced traveler use all due diligence to find places so remote , yet so wonderful .

Look inside and learn about these great locations , and all they have to offer . You will be inspired to plan a trip , book a flight , and head out on your next beach adventure .

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