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Photography: Premium DSLR Beginner to Advanced Photography Guide to Taking Professional Photos Easy (photography for beginners, dslr photography for beginners), … to Photography professional Book 1)

by Andrey Bernard

You’re about to discover how to take professional grade photos in no time!

You’re about to discover how to master one of the best hobbies of all time with a DSLR camera. Photography is an excellent and highly valuable expertise. It is an art of capturing a moment and keeping it forever. It is to save a memory and look at it later and feel nostalgia over it. A DSLR camera not only captures the moment, it amplifies it. It takes amazing quality pictures and it’s not so hard to use! This easy guide will teach you how to use it and you’ll be on your way to taking professional photos in no time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The best strategies for beginners on how to use, alter and adjust ISO camera settings
  • Go through a detailed study Aperture and Shutter Priority including their location, working and manipulation
  • Learn how, when and where to use Manual and Metering Modes – Matrix, Center Weighted and Partial Modes
  • How to master taking shots on any scene at any time
  • Much, much more!
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Acrylic Painting and Zentangle Box Set: Learn How to Paint Easy Techniques with Acrylic Paint and How to Make 12 Amazing Tangle Patterns (Acrylic Painting … techniques, zentangle for beginners)

by Amy Cruz

Acrylic Painting and Zentangle Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Acrylic Painting: Learn How to Paint Easy Techniques with Acrylic Paint (with photos)

Thinking about trying your hand at painting with acrylics? Get yourself some inside knowledge on the fundamentals to make sure you can go into this rich artistic venture fully prepared.

In the book you are going to learn the following:

  • the fundamental principles of acrylic paint and which tools you will need to utilize it
  • how to get the perfect sketch to guide your painting
  • how to apply the primary â??underpainting’ process that will serve as the starting point for constructing your work of art
  • some essential info on advanced techniques such as mixing colors in acrylic paints and applying the process of glazing and blending
  • to varnish your finished work to make it finalized and ready for display

In words and pictures, all this information is yours in this book.

BOOK #2: Zentangle Basics: Learn How to Make 12 Amazing Tangle Patterns for Beginners

Since rising to prominence ten years ago, the Zentangle phenomenon has spread all around the world and converted many to its style of drawing. There are huge numbers of people practicing Zentangle and enjoying the benefits it bestows on them.

If you have been interested in exploring this activity but have been unsure how to start, here is the perfect introduction. This guide will show you exactly why Zentangle is write for you, why it is so incredibly popular, the amazing, positive impacts it can have on your life and how you can get started straight away.

What makes Zentangle so amazing is that anyone can do it. This really is true because Zentangle is so incredibly simple to do. Anyone can have fun drawing. And starting Zentangle is incredibly easy. You need nothing more than a simple pencil and paper. Drawing is perhaps the most accessible hobby there is.

This guide will reveal to you:

The incredibly simple method of Zentangle

  • How Zentangle can reduce stress and make you feel calmer and more focused
  • Disclose the theory behind Zentangle
  • Show you 12 amazing patterns that you can use to get started straight away
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    Drawing Lessons Part One

    by Julia Gabriel

    The first part of DRAWING LESSONS, a three-part series by contemporary romance author Julia Gabriel.

    Marie Witherspoon has spent her entire life as an accessory to other people’s political careers. Now she’s been dumped by her husband–a rising political star–and humiliated by his gossip blogger mistress. To cheer her up, her best friend gives her a giftâ?? three months of drawing lessons with a local artist.

    The last time artist and professor Luc Marchand got involved with a student, things ended badly. So badly that he’s remained unattached ever since.

    Marie’s first lesson with Luc is explosive. He pushes her away. She’s breakableâ??and he’s broken too many women already. But Washington’s world of money and politics pushes them back together and this time Luc can’t resist the temptation.

    He encourages her to see like an artist, but her journey of self discovery sets them both off on a path whose destination is unknown.

    My Sexy Asian Girl: Sweet, Hot, Cute, and Lovely (Sexy Asian Pictures) JPGW: Sexy Japanese Girls (I’m Hot! Book 90)

    by Tim Anthony

    Get indulged in my well-compiled, high quality Sexy Asian picture book. Girls in the photos are very cutie, pretty, sexy, and you can’t take your eyes off them. Get ready to turn on by these hot Asians!

    Cosplay Otaku Girl yumi

    by Japan Culture Laboratory

    In Japan, it means “Cosplay” that people above 20 wear school uniform.


    Guitar Scales Workout

    by Jerry Arcidiacono

    Guitar Scales Workout is a compact resource to learn modes from Major scale, Harmonic Minor scale and Melodic Minor Scale. 39 exercises are included, with CAGED system and Three Notes per String system. The book is written for standard tuning (EADGBE) and uses standard notation and tablature (TAB). Parent scales start from G note.

    Sexy Photo of Asian Girls (Vol.2)

    by Kate Sketa

    Sexy Photo of Asian Girls (Vol.2)

    Sexy girls, posing almost-naked in idyllic surroundings leaving just enough covered up to tease your imagination in every possible & delightful way.

    Download your copy today and start enjoying these nasty young women and their amazing bodies.

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