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Efficient Learning Machines: Theories, Concepts, and Applications for Engineers and System Designers

by Mariette Awad

Machine learning techniques provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods for extracting underlying relationships between information and data and for predicting future events by processing existing information to train models. Efficient Learning Machines explores the major topics of machine learning, including knowledge discovery, classifications, genetic algorithms, neural networking, kernel methods, and biologically-inspired techniques.

Mariette Awad and Rahul Khanna’s synthetic approach weaves together the theoretical exposition, design principles, and practical applications of efficient machine learning. Their experiential emphasis, expressed in their close analysis of sample algorithms throughout the book, aims to equip engineers, students of engineering, and system designers to design and create new and more efficient machine learning systems. Readers of Efficient Learning Machines will learn how to recognize and analyze the problems that machine learning technology can solve for them, how to implement and deploy standard solutions to sample problems, and how to design new systems and solutions.

Advances in computing performance, storage, memory, unstructured information retrieval, and cloud computing have coevolved with a new generation of machine learning paradigms and big data analytics, which the authors present in the conceptual context of their traditional precursors. Awad and Khanna explore current developments in the deep learning techniques of deep neural networks, hierarchical temporal memory, and cortical algorithms.

Nature suggests sophisticated learning techniques that deploy simple rules to generate highly intelligent and organized behaviors with adaptive, evolutionary, and distributed properties. The authors examine the most popular biologically-inspired algorithms, together with a sample application to distributed datacenter management. They also discuss machine learning techniques for addressing problems of multi-objective optimization in which solutions in real-world systems are constrained and evaluated based on how well they perform with respect to multiple objectives in aggregate. Two chapters on support vector machines and their extensions focus on recent improvements to the classification and regression techniques at the core of machine learning.

What youÂ?ll learn

Efficient Learning Machines systematically guides readers to an understanding and practical mastery of the following techniques:

  • the machine learning techniques most commonly used to solve complex real-world problems
  • recent improvements to classification and regression techniques
  • the application of bio-inspired techniques to real-life problems
  • new deep learning techniques that exploit advances in computing performance and storage
  • machine learning techniques for solving multi-objective optimization problems with nondominated methods that minimize distance to the Pareto front

Who this book is for

Efficient Learning Machines equips engineers, students of engineering, and system designers with the knowledge and guidance to design and create new and more efficient machine learning systems.

25 Website Traffic Methods Exposed: Proven Methods to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website (Proven Website Traffic Methods Book 1)

by Mike Azevedo

This E-book show you proven methods to get traffic – Without website traffic your online business will not survive. – Traffic brings you the audience that takes action on your site. – Targeted website traffic is the best type of traffic you can get. – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. – Rely on traffic from a variety of sources. – Be consistent with your traffic efforts. – Remember that content is key to any traffic strategy

How to Crush it On Amazon: Create A Brand and Build A Million Dollar Business in a Year

by Jon Bowser

How to Crush it On Amazon with Bonus Chapters

A 5,000 Course?

“How to Crush it on Amazon: Create a Brand and Build a Million Dollar Business in a Year” gives a failure-proof system on how to make money online.

This eBook gives you A to Z how to create an Amazon Business and have massive success. I’ve taken some of the Internet’s best courses and was able to weed out all the fluff. So you’ll know everything the pros do. I spent hours researching and testing every tactic in this book…and good news…they all work!

Here’s a secret about the above sales page….

Only doing a third of what I say in the book. For the baking mats above I did not have to perform the two chapters on “Promo Strategy.”

I did the BARE MINIMUM and Amazon did the rest of the work with ZERO AD DOLLARS spent on my end.

This eBook gives a FOOL-PROOF way to make money online.

It is perfect for those interested in starting a business on Amazon, but simply cannot afford the price of high-cost courses and mastermind groups.

I offer every purchaser unlimited FREE COACHING!

To Good to Be True?

I am an aspiring Internet Marketing guru in search of my first 1000 true fans, hence the excellent deal you are before you!

No Tricks

No Gimmicks

No Upsells

No Hidden Affiliate Links

Not Even an Email Link to Subscribe Too (unless you want)

This Business Model is perfect for the “average” Warrior Forum user:

No Phone Calls

No Talking to People (can be run entirely email + Skype)

Can be entirely outsourced

No Social Networking

No Tricking Small Businesses

No Convincing People you are an Expert

An Amazon Business Fits All Sizes

Want an Extra Source of Income?

—>This is for you!

Want to Work From Home?

—>This is for you!

Looking for a Way to Fund your Education?

—>This is for you!

Happy making 40 Grand a Year, just Don’t Want to Go to Work Everyday?

—>This is for you!

Want to be a Millionaire Playboy?

—>This is for you!

I Know What You’re Thinking

Everyone’s talking about Amazon, that’s because it’s a gold mine and it will only get bigger!

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I’ll be honest Internet Marketing sucks, but I believe sincerely believe Amazon is the best bet for any Internet Marketer.

I was caught into the cycle myself…buying product after product trying to learn every tip and trick, but every “tip” and “trick” dances around the real reward…the MONEY…eCommerce gets right to the point.

I tried EVERYTHING, and nothing worked. Amazon granted me my first real dollars online and I stopped advertising AFTER Month TWO. I give you all the steps I give I did…plus more (about 60 pages worth).

I did my absolute best to make sure if you follow the steps you won’t fail. I repeat you will not fail. If you are floundering I offer an email and Skype you can contact me with and I will work with you until you are profitable.




Jon Bowser

SMARTYPANTS GUIDE TO BUSINESS – FBA Seller Tricks: How Amazon FBA Sellers Get Those Great Sales Numbers

by Pamela Love

Just like any big marketplace, there are tricks to making the big bucks and selling products on

Maneuvering through Amazon’s seller instructions is a complete nightmare and it is loaded with outdated and incorrect instruction. “SMARTYPANTS GUIDE TO BUSINESS – FBA Seller Tricks – How Amazon FBA Sellers Get Those Great Sales Numbers” gives you the correct instruction that you need to get started, points out numerous common mistakes by FBA Sellers that will get them penalized by Amazon, and lets you know the tricks you can use to far outsell your competitors on Amazon.

If you’ve been thinking of becoming an FBA Seller, this is the eBook you need to get started right. If you already sell on Amazon then it is full of hints and tricks that can double or triple your sales immediately.

An Introduction To The World Of Hacking

by James Steinbach

Learn How Hacking REALLY Works

What do you think of when you hear the word “hacker?” If you’re like most people, you’ll think of what you see in the mainstream media or your favorite action movie. Unfortunately, how hacking is portrayed is very different than how it actually happens.

Explore Some Of The Greatest Hacks Of All Time

Studying the history of hacking will help you learn how it has evolved over the years, and even help evolve your own hacking skills! Did you know that someone once successfully hacked the United States government just to see if aliens were real? That’s only one of the many crazy cases we talk about in this book!

Learn How Both People And Websites Get Hacked!

A lot of this book talks about the various methods used to hack both people and websites. After all, different situations call for different methods. Learn which methods are used – when, and why!

And Finally… Learn How You Can Become A Hacker!

Want to learn to hack? This book will provide you plenty of resources that will aid you in becoming the hacker you’ve always wanted to be.

I hope you use your newfound knowledge for good rather than evil, and I can’t wait to hear your success story!

Book Length: ~6500 Words

YOUTUBE: The money making machine

by ana belen alonso

The best book about youtube partner programme.

Layman’s Introduction to Project Management: A Quick Guide to Future Project Managers (Layman’s Project Management Guides Book 1)

by Fareed Raja

Welcome to the volume 1 of the Layman’s Project Management Guides series. Whether you are about to start a brand new career in Project Management, or you are an existing project manager that is now looking to climb that corporate ladder. This series will teach you how to manage your projects effectively from beginning to end.

The term Project Management is so broad and can be applied to so many aspects of business that a lot of people get confused by it. But don’t worry, this book will break it down into bite-sized, relevant chunks that you can then take away and apply.

This series is not just your average “Project Management Guide”. It’s actually a fun read and you will enjoy this learning process more than those “other” guides. I promise!

Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Visual Studio Online (Developer Reference)

by Brian Blackman

With this ebook, the ALM Rangers share their best practices in managing solution requirements and shipping solutions in an agile environment, an environment where transparency, simplicity, and trust prevail. The ebook is for Agile development teams and their Scrum Masters who want to explore and learn from the authors’ “dogfooding” experiences and their continuous adaptation of software requirements management. Product Owners and other stakeholders will also find value in this ebook by learning how they can support their Agile development teams and by gaining an understanding of the constraints of open-source community projects.

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