Free fantasy Kindle books for 01 May 15

The Shadow Liberator (Heroes of Gammalgard Book 2)

by D.B. Penner

The Brightflame’s quest continues in the next installment of the Heroes of Gammalgard series. With the Hunters and their master, the Shadow Liberator, still at large, Will must travel to the Kingdom of Dwaland to request aid from the Dwarf King. Meanwhile, a monstrous race of giants, the dreaded Odium, march in great numbers across Gammalgard, sewing havoc and chaos wherever they tread. The Brightflame may be Gammalgard’s best hope to halt the forces of evil and return the land to a time of peace. But can Will discover the identity of the Shadow Liberator before the Empire crumbles?

Revisit Gammalgard, a world of magic and swordplay, in this thrilling follow-up to “Brightflame Accension” by D.B. Penner.

About the author:

Canadian born, but raised on the sweet tea and biscuits of the American South, D.B. Penner currently attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With an affinity for Scandinavian lore, collision sports, and red meat, D.B. Penner also loves reading and writing fantasy, a genre to which he has been drawn since the beginning. Whenever possible, D.B. Penner enjoys hiking in the Appalachian Mountains accompanied by his bearded collie dog, Bailey.

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