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The Parting (The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Book #1)

by Beverly Lewis

The People themselves dare to challenge the Old Ways of their heritage…and each patriarch must choose a side.

Nearly one hundred days have passed since the untimely death of Nellie Mae Fisher’s beloved younger sister, Suzy, and Nellie dares again to dream of a future with handsome Caleb Yoder. But with rumors about Suzy still flying among the People, there are those who would keep the young courting couple apart…including Caleb’s own father.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Honeybrook’s Amish farmers are demanding tractors and other forbidden modern conveniences. When a revival adds to the tensions, passions flare. With the Old Order community pushed to the breaking point, Nellie and Caleb find their families–and themselves–in the midst of what threatens to become an impossible divide.

A New York Times Bestseller
A USA Today Bestseller

Mango Cottage

by Annie Katz

Amado and Lilly are perfect for each other.

Amado wrote children’s books, Lilly taught third grade, and after retirement they both moved from San Diego to Maui. They live on the same road, pass each other at the farm market, and enjoy the same beach. They love the same foods and movies, are passionate about coffee and literature, and recently adopted needy dogs.

The only problem is they are so shy they might never meet. What will it take for them to realize love has brought them together at last?

Where Away and Look Sharpe!: Caribbean Pirate Adventure (Valkyrie Book 3)

by Karen Perkins

Where Away – A Valkyrie Short Story

Magdalena Ortega is bored. She hates her life in Porto Belo – a town that comes alive every year with the arrival of the Spanish Treasure Fleet, then dies once more until the next visit. The thought of marrying, raising children, and spending the rest of her life here terrifies Magdalena and she is determined to escape.

Can she sneak aboard a galleon of the treasure fleet to stowaway? Or will a pirate raid prove to be her making or her undoing?

Look Sharpe! Valkyrie #3

Henry Sharpe is a recently bereaved and bankrupt English earl who travels to the Caribbean to help his uncle run his sugar plantation. When he arrives, he finds his uncle has given up on that idea to lead a more exciting life as a privateer.

With no money and no prospects, Sharpe has little choice but to join him, although he is uncomfortable with the life he is living, especially when he meets the indomitable and infamous Henry Morgan and is forced to sail under his orders.

He is more likely to rescue the doomed souls he meets than terrorise them, which leads to repeated conflict with his fellow privateers, especially when he takes the kidnapped Magdalena under his protection.

Battling ships and the Spanish fortifications protecting Porto Belo, Sharpe finds his deadliest feuds are those aboard his own ship. Trapped in the middle of the rivalry between his uncle, Captain Richard Tarr, and Captain Edward Hornigold, Sharpe makes more enemies on deck, in particular the formidable yet sly Cheval.

He is pushed to his limits as he fights for his own survival and that of the woman he loves, knowing the odds are stacked high against him.

This is a limited release to include the short story Where Away, which will not be released independently. If you have already enjoyed a Valkyrie Series book and would like to read Where Away for free, please email [email protected] for your free Kindle copy.

Occasional Soulmates

by Kevin Brennan

When the thirty-eight-year-old San Francisco doctor meets her new patient, a handsome British expat with the unlikely name of Dylan Cakebread (and an uncanny resemblance to Jude Law), she’s convinced it’s the start of her own relationship novel. He’s an architect, no less — always a key piece of her most indulgent fantasies — and the heroine of a relationship novel always gets her fantasy man, right? Though their shaky start raises red flags that her oldest girlfriend, Jules, is quick to point out, Sarah can’t help it. She falls hard for Dylan and it appears to be a two-way street.

But maybe meeting your perfect mate in the exam room isn’t the best opening act. Sarah thinks she’s the cure for what ails him, but soon she learns the secret Dylan has been keeping from her. Now she has to choose between happiness and the illusion of it — if Dylan doesn’t take the choice out of her hands first.

It’s starting to look like this isn’t her relationship novel at all: it’s his.

Press Here And It Will All Make Sense

by Spat Cannon

Punk rocker and petty outlaw Max Sutton is more afraid of love than the law.

Prowling for new kicks and the next big hit on this absurdist romp through the underbelly of 21st century America, Max flees from the dive bars of Pittsburgh to the steamy beaches of Rio to escape the shackles of the stateâ??or his own jaded heart.

“Press Here and it Will All Make Sense” blends together a soul-searching subcultural anthropology with a subtle critique of American legality and globalization inside an emotional coming-of-age story.

How to Be a Man

by Tamara Linse

A girl whose self-worth revolves around masculinity, a bartender who loses her sense of safety, a woman who compares men to plants, and a boy who shoots his cranked-out father. These are a few of the hard-scrabble characters in Tamara Linse’s debut short story collection, How to Be a Man. Set in contemporary Wyomingâ??the myth of the West taking its tollâ??these stories reveal the lives of tough-minded girls and boys, self-reliant women and men, struggling to break out of their lonely lives and the emotional havoc of their families to make a connection, to build a life despite the odds. How to Be a Man falls within the traditions of Maile Meloy, Tom McGuane, and Annie Proulx.

Before the Good Feelings Are Gone

by Meg Deere

Jet Turner has plenty to fear. Her almost 16-year-old daughter Eve obliviously plows right through red lights and stop signs. A paroled rapist is sending her threatening messages. Her hair is tirelessly frizzy. But most frightening of all is the new attention her ex-husband Eric is giving her. Over a decade after their divorce, something has changed, and Eric suddenly wants more from their relationship. Rather than admitting that she still loves him, Jet determinedly stuffs her feelings for him away, refusing to allow herself to get hurt again. Instead, Jet concentrates on her job as a staff writer for the local newspaper, covering a case involving a local homeowner’s association that has been bullying its members, and reporting on the early parole of a local sex offender whose trial she covered two years ago. Jet and Eric have worked hard to create a loving family life for Eve by eliminating the relationship problems that plagued them as a married couple. Now Jet is afraid their friendship is falling apart as they both struggle with old feelings for one another. Can they save their relationship before all the good feelings are gone?

What doesn’t kill us

by Nirina Stone

“Are you weak? Or are you a Seven?”

“What Doesn’t Kill Us” is a Literary Psychological Suspense based in a fictional city in Canada. It is about abuse, a difficult childhood, and pain. But it is also about redemption, sisterhood, and one girl’s journey to overcome her past.

Lucy Reynolds has spent her life hiding from her inner demons and now that she’s away at university, all she wants is to forget. But memories of her abuse-ridden childhood continue to plague her. In order to protect herself, Lucy has mastered the art of remaining seemingly anonymous, vowing to keep her secrets safe.

When a secret society set their sights on her and another young woman, both will be powerless to resist their advances. When the other woman goes missing, Lucy wonders if she’ll be next.

Soon, dark secrets are shared, but is Lucy prepared for what she’ll find out? Are some secrets just too horrible to reveal?


by Alice Darwin

“Both gripping – I read it in one sitting – and deeply moving, staying in your thoughts long after you’ve finished.” Evening Standard

“Rokitansky is an incredibly moving and ultimately uplifting book, with a twist that will have you reaching for the tissues and then starting from the beginning again.” Stylist Magazine

When school girl Moira Sweeney is diagnosed with a rare condition, it changes everything. She had known for as long as she could remember that something was wrong, what she didn’t know was what happened next. When Tori looks in the mirror, she sees a successful travel writer happily married to Harry. She is all he ever wanted and less, so much less. Mrs Brown knows she’s getting too old to run Godalming Lodge and longs to escape from the elderly residents and troublesome staff.

Three women, with three stories and three secrets that connect them all.

Carla’s Rivet

by Nicole A. Gramlich

Carla Flores, a homeless ex-cop, is living her nightmares. Her mind, a juxtaposition of real life, night terrors, and cocaine, leaves her isolated on the streets of Albuquerque. She constantly struggles to rid herself of the memories that overlay her waking hours – a traumatic shootout during a case of mistaken identity, being overpowered and taken hostage while her partner lay dying. The dangers of the long nights seem ready to swallow her completely until she is found by an unlikely companion – a stray dog named Rivet. Carla’s only salvation in a city that has forgotten her walks on four feet – a life line out of the darkness and into the light.

This Close to Sin

by Susan Louise St John

Before the novel, there was this short story of Stephanie, a young mother trying to survive her abusive marriage. Though she can see how her husband’s abuse affects their toddler son Christopher, she is unable to break the bond of love she feels for her husband David. Will her failure to act cost her everything she holds dear?


by Ruby Allure

How do you feel about the value of your life being based on the amount of money sitting in your bank?

If we are all inter-connected by money then why do so few people pay attention to how money works? Fear and denial are perfect for generating debt and that is what the world is run on.

Now imagine, if in the future, one financial institution became so powerful that it could choose to eradicate the present monetary system. Then what happens?

M.O.N.E.Y. is that institution, an institution that chooses absolute self-sufficiency, no debt and reconditions its people into making them the ultimate they can be – an elite force of great minds focused on building the new system – the new M.O.N.E.Y. The thing is for the world to accept their conditions they intend to intentionally throw everyone into complete financial collapse. So what happens when the Brave New World becomes our financial reality?


by Don Taylor

Simply written, including some strong language and explicit sexual scenes. Ray lives a fairly humdrum but comfortable life with his partner, Dulcie, but gets his kicks by playing away with two local hairdressers named Linda and Kylie. All look sets to continue unchanged until Dulcie agrees to a friend’s request to provide a bed for the night to a visiting cousin, a nerd named Bernard. The effects are unexpected. Read on …

The Man who was Thursday: A Nightmare (Xist Classics)

by G.K. Chesterton

A Story of Intrigue, Mystery, Anarchy and Terror

“Shall I tell you the secret of the whole world? It is that we have only known the back of the world. We see everything from behind, and it looks brutal. That is not a tree, but the back of a tree. That is not a cloud, but the back of a cloud. Cannot you see that everything is stooping and hiding a face? If we could only get round in front–” â?? G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare by G.K. Chesterton is part spy narrative, part dystopian novel and part Christian allegory. When Gabriel Syme is recruited to join by Scotland Yard to a secret anti-anarchist police corps, he discovers a world of unknown allegiences and powerful adversaries.

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