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by Lynn Florkiewicz

A cosy, amateur sleuth mystery: says: A traditional British cozy mystery that requires a cup of tea or a glass of sherry, a warm blanket and friend or two to discuss it with. says: This is an interesting cozy with full bodied characters both likeable and those you would avoid like the plague. Get involved in the lives of the residents of the Village of Cavendish in West Sussex. You will be glad you did.

Meet Lord James Harrington and his delightful wife, Beth; residents of the tiny village of Cavendish, deep in the heart of West Sussex in England. They adore hosting seasonal events, running their country hotel, keeping the local folklore alive and listening to the latest murder mystery on the wireless. But mysteries don’t always remain on the airwaves………

It’s 1957 and James and Beth are discussing the latest Cavendish Players production, The Devil Incarnate, when their cleaner voices her concern over missing farmer, Alec Grimes. When James finds Grimes dead, he is certain of foul play. But the doctor confirms natural causes and even good friend Detective Chief Inspector George Lane dismisses his suspicions. So James decides to put his own sleuthing skills to the test.

Delving into Grimes’ affairs, it soon becomes clear that not all is what it seems. What are the strange symbols discovered on the floorboards at Grimes’ farm? Who attacked the new vicar on Halloween? Why was Grimes disliked by so many villagers? What are the mysterious pieces of china? Whose body is found on Guy Fawkes Night?

With so many suspects, all with motive and opportunity – will James be able to solve the mystery? Or will his meddling put him and his wife in mortal danger.

The first four cosy novels (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) are offered at a low price as this is my first attempt at the genre I love. Hope you enjoy them.

Viaticum (Daniel Wolfe Mysteries Book 1)

by J. L. Spence

Father Daniel Wolfe, burnt out from investigating the most heinous of acts committed within the mysterious cloisters of the Catholic Church, is called by police to the scene of a crime. There, on the floor before the altar of a Miami sanctuary, lay the body of a man. A policeman. His brother.

Driven by the need to find his brother’s killer, and to pull his own soul from the shadows of the world he investigates, Daniel finds himself surrounded by men he cannot trust… and one of them is trying to kill him.

(This book contains one complete murder mystery, and the first part of an ongoing investigation into organized crimes perpetrated under cover of church authority. The series continues with “Timidus,” due for release in 2015.)

Unturned Stones

by Scott Prussing

Violence strikes without warningâ??and seemingly without reason. An elderly woman is assaulted in her home. The unseen intruder slices her hand off at the wrist, then applies a tourniquet and dials 911 before leaving. An Asian jogger is sprayed with Mace from behind a bush. While the victim is blinded, the assailant breaks his leg with a baseball bat. Finally, a young black transsexual has her breast burned by an assailant who first knocked her unconscious. Though gruesome and mystifying, there seems to be nothing to connect the attacks.

Star detective Robert Foster has been forced to resign from the San Diego Police Department for what his superiors labeled “insubordination.” Foster prefers to call it “thinking outside the box.” Either way, his days on the force are overâ??until he makes a surprising discovery. While surveying crime reports provided to him by his former partner, Foster stumbles across the three assaults. As he looks more closely at the details, he recognizes something his former colleagues have missed – these attacks are SO completely different that they have to have been planned that way. But why?

Intrigued by the paradox and by the challenge, Foster launches an unofficial investigation. As the violence escalates and the assaults begin targeting people he loves, Foster finds himself pulled into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a foe who seems to be every bit as clever as he is.

Add in a beautiful blonde reporter who may not be what she seems, a brilliant psychologist happily turned homeless, a possible split personality, and clues from a Shakespearean play sent by the perpetrator, and you have Unturned Stones, a gripping novel of mystery and suspense you will not soon forget.

Romantic Thriller: Hunted – A Romantic Suspense and Romantic Mystery Book: (Thriller Romance, Suspense, Mystery Romance, Suspense Romance)

by Maya Moss


Shelley is a victim of circumstances whose life gets turned upside down after almost getting killed by her boyfriend, Matt.

Shelley learns that she is pregnant, and Matt refuses to take responsibility for her and the baby. Matt has already started dating Charlene, whom he prefers because of her wealth.

Matt tries to kill Shelley by pushing her overboard when they are out for a picnic on Lake Ferguson. To his chagrin, Shelley survives and swims to the shore. She reports the matter to the local Sherriff, whose hands are tied because there are no witnesses to pin Matt.

Brad meets Shelley a day later, and they strike a rare friendship. Meanwhile, Matt continues to harass and threaten Shelley as Brad tries to find evidence that can get Matt thrown into jail for a long time. Eventually, as the pressure begins to build up, Matt abducts Shelley and takes her to the subdivision right outside the town of Savannah. There, he decides to end Shelley’s life, as she remains a hindrance to his plans with Charlene.

In hot pursuit, Brad recollects Shelley mentioning Matt’s liking for the subdivision and how he intends to settle down there. Brad decides to check the location and finds Matt in the nick of time. Shelley has a knife to her throat, but is saved by Sherriff Riley, who has been tipped off by Brad before checking the subdivision.

Matt gets shot and arrested while Shelley is saved. Brad and Shelley have already fallen in love, and they decide to spend the rest of their lives together as Matt is sentenced to ten years in prison.


â??Romantic Thriller: Hunted – A Romantic Suspense and Romantic Mystery Book’ is a novel by romantic thriller author Maya Moss.


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Encountering Evil: Dark Horse Guardians Book Two

by Ava Armstrong

The sequel to “A Sense of Duty,” ENCOUNTERING EVIL takes the reader deep into Ben’s black-op work with his Dark Horse Guardian Team and it’s not pretty. Terrorists exist on American soil; and the U.S. government hires secret contractors like Ben to make them disappear.

Lieutenant Ben Keegan has a personal mission to protect and defend the innocent. He is a guardian; it is his calling. But there are problems and obstacles, not only on his secret missions but in his personal life.

As for Lara, every woman dreams of being married to a hero; an alpha-male who is handsome, strong, and confident ~ the ultimate warrior. But, what is it really like for a woman to be married to a man who risks his life on every mission? “ENCOUNTERING EVIL” explores the problems she is forced to face.

“ENCOUNTERING EVIL” is a roller coaster of emotion. There are tender moments of romance, intense passion, jealousy, rage, and frustration with outdated rules of engagement and a political system rife with incompetence.

A thriller and a romance, this is a story about two people who love one another passionately, and their attempt to meld two very different lives together.

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