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We’re Very Good Friends, My Mother and I (We’re Very Good Friends–Family Series Book 6)

by P.K. Hallinan

A wonderfully warm look at the mother/child relationship. From doing silly things together to discovering several of life’s deeper issues, this book offers a delightful array of activities that define that unique love bond. Written and illustrated by award-winning children’s author P.K. Hallinan, this little gem is a treasure from beginning to end.

Why Women Are Better than Men: A Light-Hearted Look at the Sexes with a Female Protagonist

by Peyton D. Parker

Throughout the ages, men and women have been wonderful at misunderstanding each other. In many societies today, women are still thought of as somehow lesser when compared to men. This book aims to change that, or at least give both men and women something to laugh about.

This humorous book is the first in a series on relations between the sexes. Here, you’ll find some truth, some logic, and a whole lot of humorous conjecture. So, if you’re looking for something to buy that lady in your life, you might just get some brownie points for this one, guys.

101 Ways To Apologize

by Denise Brienne

101 Ways To Apologize was compiled by Denise Brienne to help both women and men in their relationship.

Gluten Free Organic Baby Purees: Healthy Baby Food That Your Little One Will Love

by Andrea Engelman

The World’s Best Baby food is Served with Love

We all want the best for our children. And caring for a baby is one of the greatest joys in the world. We don’t want to compromise on anything when it comes to our child; especially on the quality of food we feed our little one. Many parents are exploring other options beyond processed baby food for their children. Many parents have decided it’s much healthier and saves money to make their own baby food and purees at home.

A little goes a long way when you buy your own organic and fresh ingredients to make a variety of tasty and nourishing home made baby foods and purees for your precious little one.

Here are a few Recipes You Will Discover Inside

  • Chia Seed Pudding
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Mint Health Kid Shake
  • Pumpkin Baby Blend
  • And MANY more!
  • Would You Like to Know More?

    This book contains 25 gluten free organic baby foods and purees. Are you ready to start making healthy, nourishing, and easy to make baby foods at home?


    Scroll up and purchase Gluten Free Organic Baby Purees.

    I Will Not Leave You Comfortless: Letters To My Daughter On Mother’s Day

    by P.K. Hamelton

    This is a very short collection of loving, regretful letters from a deceased mother to her still living daughter on Mother’s Day over the course of three years (each letter is written on Mother’s Day). The mother writes from the grave and/or from her ashes. A few sections are written in Caribbean dialect and they are translated in the footnotes for the convenience of the reader, though readers who understand English should be able to pick up what is being said fairly easily. These letters may help daughters or anyone who has had a difficult relationship with their mother due to a history of generational trauma and abuse. P.K. Hamelton is a Caribbean-American author and a lawyer with Barbadian (Bajan) ancestry and resides in the United States.

    Kommunarov St.

    by Y. Pushkin

    Kommunarov St. is based on true events about a father who travels halfway around the world to adopt a little orphan boy from Russia.

    Stop Making Your Partner’s OCPD worse – 7 Step System series: OCPD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, perfectionism, narcissism, BPD, Borderline Personality … Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You Book 15)

    by J.B. Snow

    OCPD sufferers WANT their relationships to work.

    So how come your relationship isn’t working?

    Did you realize that your reaction to your OCPD partner’s symptoms and personality may actually be causing their symptoms to WORSEN?

    Written by an author who is successfully married to an OCPD spouse.

    She survived over 40 breakups with her OCPD partner before learning how to improve their relationship into the wedded bliss that it is today.

    Get your relationship under control before your partner’s symptoms control YOU!

    Private, individualized and online moral support from the authors is included with each purchase.

    Where?: Questions to make you to think about places (50+ Questions to Ask)

    by Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D.

    Location can be very important. We lives our lives each day in a location. We spend time moving from one spot to the next. Locations can bring back special memories. In the future you may go to new locations. Where are you right now?

    Where is your favorite restaurant?

    Where do you feel angry?

    Where do you see yourself in five years?

    Where would you like to take a cruise?

    Where is your favorite place to go on a day off?

    Download your copy now.

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