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Carmina’s Musings: The Reincarnation Series

by R.E. Rowe

Musings, plans and wisps of cloud memory. In this intriguing collection of free verse, sixteen-year-old Carmina reveals her thoughts and articulates her plans to hack the reincarnation system to change its rules. The poems describe Carmina’s feelings and the illustrations in Carmina’s Diagrams.

Dark Sweet: A Poetry

by Keishi Ando

Keishi Ando poetry series volume 0.

Love has a dark sweetness. The romantic beauty is sometimes erotic, sometimes egoistical and sometimes painful. It is sometimes sickly sweet and entices, like a poison, the sweetness consumes your entire body and soul, bringing to the surface somethingâ?¦ different, sometimes dark.

Maybe it is a natural human instinct, maybe the reasons are contained within the inky blackness of the soul. These things are all the inspirations for this collection of Keishi Ando’s work.

The dark world that is Keishi Ando’s own is portrayed within this poetry. If someone dares to categorize it as an existing genre, it would be a combination of gothic fiction and dark romance with cyberpunk undertones.

Please drink deeply from the well of darkness contained within these pages. Maybe you too will find the sweet center of the shadowsâ?¦


Radiant Night

Bondage Flavor

A Love Recipe

Hey ChouChou

Velocity of Instinct


Frozen Onyx

Vertigo at the Grave

Mask and Kimono


His Words

Ghost of Romance


Meteor Stream: Woe

Killing Ourselves

beware the slack noose

by Daniel Pilgrim

Wake up before you haven’t the breath to scream.

Selected Poems

Solitary Saints

by Ryn Holmes

Life is ever mysterious and people always change. Solitary Saints continues the author’s exploration of society and relationships. She is on the Board of the West Florida Literary Federation, partnered in K & K Manuscript Editing and an editor of the ezine, Panoply. Occasionally performing at local open mics, this is her 4th book.

Don’t make me bleed.: Confessions of a Uterus in Pain: Poetry

by Emily H. Sturgill

A brief glance into the disturbed mind of a woman dealing with both mental illness and Stage IV Endometriosis. The emphasis is upon her chronic pain condition and the overall impact endometriosis has on her life including her mental health. This is a short poetry collection intended for mature audiences only. Some profanity and graphic imagery is described.This disease is too often undervalued on its effect on a womans mind body &soul.This is raw poetry written from an angry, lonely and painful place. It is a self-purging of a pelvic problem that is commonly misunderstood by both laypersons and those in the medical field.

Song of Angels: A book of Poetry

by NeHOArt

A collection of poems reflecting on the beauty of human thought, emotion and the unrelenting spirit in the face of sadness and strife. It’s an effort to carve a picture in its limitless scope and beauty.

FUTURES FARTHER SHORE: (Futures Made Daily Post extracts). (A poetic compilation Book 1)

by Jacob H. Redloh

Creation never stops, is ongoing and we each participate with every choice we make. Make each days adventure just ahead and then enjoy the experience. Read how this is so.

The Battles of the Mind

by E. Jude Jackson

When the mind is at war with society, the body begins to fight itself. Here are my stories.

Sleeping Alone And Other Poems: A Short Collection

by Christine Brooks

A short collection of poetry. Love poems, mood poems and reflections on life

Children’s Poems

by Gwen Leader

Poems to celebrate childhood. Poems for baby’s birth, first day at school, in fact all aspects of childhood.
A celebration of the innocence and joy of being a child, or parent watching your child grow

Dugald Buchanan: The Bard of Rannoch (Rott Alba Book 1)

by Dugald Buchanan

The complete illustrated poetry and prose of the 18th century Scottish writer Dugald Buchanan, known as the Bard of Rannoch and the Cowper of the Highlands. The collection contains Buchanan’s Spiritual Songs, his Confessions and letters. To put Buchanan’s work into historical context, the poet’s writings are preceded by a number of essays that discuss his poetry and his life.

The Art of Despair Vol 1.3

by William B. Randall

The Art Of Despair Vol 1.3 is a collection of poetry and short stories that explore various themes. They tend to be of a darker nature and are full of emotion. This volume explores the mind of a young man from North Carolina through themes such as Gothic and Horror. Some of the material is from fellow North Carolinian Damian Death, from rock band OctoBeR DoLLs. Explore the past up to present. There will be unpleasant images put into your mind throughout this read. This is a form of therapy as writing tends to be. Welcome into the darkness. The first installment from William B. Randall.

Diamond Heart Tracks: Love Poems and Songs with Free Download Links

by T-Ralph Olaniyi

This is a compilation of a few of the love poems I have written for my fiancé. Read and be inspired to fall and fly deeply in love.

And I hope you enjoy the guitar strumming of the songs…

Kaleidoscope – Poetry by Carole Anne Carr

by Carole Anne Carr

In her first book of poems that have been broadcast on B.B.C. North West, Carole Anne Carr draws upon her experiences gathered during a lifetime spent in the British Isles and Africa. Poems about childhood and growing-up, with varied themes of apartheid, faith, love, loss and old age, are interwoven with a wry sense of humour.

Orbiting, Politely

by David Podlipny

A collection of 50 poems with varying themes, endeavoring to take a virginal stab at honestyâ?¦which can be read literally as well.

Poems And Rhymes Of Our Times

by Brian Cecil

This is an E book of two friends from two different parts of the world that love to write poems and rhymes. The topics you will see varies with each of our life’s experience. I’m more into humor where as My co-author much more into real world problems.

Pain Poems Prayer and Passion

by May J Panayi

A collection of poetry that takes a journey from the darkest, bleakest emotional landscape, through to a happy, peaceful place of light.

On its travels, it visits mental illness, violence and surreal silliness, as well as scenes of nature and tranquility.

It’s a bit of a bipolar roller coaster ride, not really to be approached by the faint hearted and unwary.

Songs Of Stormbringer (Fire Book 2)

by Martin Castro

What is love? What is war? â?¦would you give up Everything to protect those you care about? Martin uses poems to evoke the multiple meanings of love. While on the second part of the book exposes us to explore what happens you give up a normal life for the frontlines. Inside the mind of some of our nation’s Combat Teams. Exposes us to a new generation under the most difficult of circumstances.

At the end â?¦his words attempt to define what keep us, humans in the aftermath of mayhem. Whether it leaves us â?¦more alive or lifeless inside.

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