Free religious fiction Kindle books for 01 May 15

Christian Romance: The Girl in Red

by Nathaniel Eastwood

There is more value in a story than one can really understand before they hear it.

Having only even known the feeling of fear there has been one thing that Rachel has held on to in the darkest of nights; the hope of finding someone that was once lost to her. Following the same rocky path that her brother took before her she flees her fate and runs to the city that promises answers to the questions she is yet to be sure of.

It is only when she walks in the footsteps of her brother that she realises there is more to life than the bleak existence she had known for twenty one years. Through the dying storm she finds what she least expected and uncovers a story that would stay with her for a lifetime.

Amish Romance: Finding His Way

by Lars Redford

Nicklaus didn’t agree with the way things were done in his Amish community. He just didn’t understand why his parents and his community didn’t jump on the bandwagon. He wanted the creature comforts that came with technology and he sought them out despite the warnings that he had gotten in the past. This led to him being turned away and told to look inside himself to find the answer that he was seeking. When he was ready to come back, he would have to apologize, but he really didn’t think that that was going to happen. It wasn’t until he met Emma at the bus stop that he finally saw that life had its own way of making things right.

Christian Fiction: The Master of My Soul

by Michelle Eastwood

The conflict of right and wrong, good and evil has not escaped the soul of man since the beginning of time. Many today are torn between morality and all that is descent, and the politically correct to not offend. It’s no wonder we are confused about who we are and what we stand for. The spell bounding drama that unfolds in The Master of My Soul is point on in today’s cultures around the world. Are you willing to challenge yourself to open and read this book?

Murder in the Milk Case (Christian cozy mystery) (A Trish Cunningham Mystery Book 1)

by Candice Prentice

When mommy and wife, Trish Cunningham, finds the body of pharmacist Jim Bob Jenkins behind the two-percent milk, she knows she’ having a bad day. Worse, she’s a suspect. Sleuthing to exonerate herself from murder charges, she shakes up a murderer who has nothing to lose by killing any one in the way – including Trish.

Amish Romance: Highway of Love

by Linda Livingstone

Joshua is a young Amish man that has yet to find a suitable mate. This is a contention between him and his parents and they think that they have every right to dictate who he ends up with. If he’s not careful, he’s going to find himself saddled with a wife and kids that he really didn’t want. He goes out on a sun shiny day, traveling by buggy down the road to get some space and distance from his problems. He comes upon Shana is a snowstorm that comes out of nowhere. She’s not exactly friendly toward strangers and it’s not until she sees that he’s not a threat that he starts to lower her guard.

World Deception (The Apocalyse Series Book 3)

by Pam Funke

Mysterious attacks on Israel have caused the world to take sides as WWIII wreaks havoc on the earth. One-fourth of the earth’s population has disappeared while another fourth has been slaughtered. The UWR (United World Religion) is steadily gaining power with the help of Nicolaitanes Balac. Who will come to save the people of the world?

Fifty Days to Sunrise

by Cristine Eastin

Her life is a love story, but thenâ?¦What’s a woman to do when her husband dies three thousand miles from home? Scream, cryâ??or run.

It’s 2003, a year and a half after her husband’s death. Fifty-three years old and alone, Lissa Maguire’s seething with grief. She has to cope, but makes a self-destructive mess of it.

Lissa’s parents ask her to spend the summer in small-town Gifford, Minnesota, helping them move to an apartment. Cleaning out the attic of her childhood home, Lissa discovers her old diaries, and her potholed road to healing begins. But when an old friend turns up, she’s confused.

Her life in shreds, Lissa desperately needs to find peace. She even wonders if God has abandoned her.

Healing a broken heart is a lot to ask-it hurts.

Good Friday: Dreams and Nightmares (Twisted Family Holiday Series Book 2)

by JR Wirth

On the eve of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, an unsuspecting bookstore owner, in a resort town, Daniel Johnson, finds himself entranced with the new woman in town. Five years a widower, Johnson is ripe for a new relationshipâ??something real and tangible, with intimacy. Unfortunately, the arrival of the enchanting, mystery woman also brings problems with his reality. Johnson finds himself waking up in alternating worlds: the first world involves his newfound love interest and a happy life with his youngest daughter; in the second world he struggles with his bookstore and his relationship with his daughter, who believes he is becoming senile, or mentally ill. Johnson searches for the answers to the dream/wake realities, while trying to find a way to remain in the happy world with his brand-new, budding relationship. But, is he insane, or is there a greater, paranormal force guiding the action?

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