Free science fiction Kindle books for 01 May 15

House of Apache Fires

by Morgan Jameson

Badly shot up over Italy by a Messerschmitt nightfighter, P-61 Black Widow pilot Jake Ellison leaves the death and destruction of WWII Europe to return home to Arizona, only to be faced with the brutal murder of his ex-fiancee’s younger sister.

While his legs and heart heal in the Sedona sun, Jake finds himself trying to solve the mystery of Lily’s death, only to be drawn into a fanatical Nazi plot to bring the U.S. to its knees – a mission that will strike at the very heart of America.

“It’s basically a WWII Western – Cowboys vs. Nazis.” -quote from author.

Note to buyers: $1 of every sale, (not free copies, sorry) whether hard copy or Kindle, will go to Veteran’s Support Organizations. Two protagonists in the book are wounded veterans, and this just seemed like the right thing to do. Please support our veterans in every way.

Praise for House of Apache Fires:

“Morgan Jameson’s novel thunders so powerfully my windows are still rattling! Thank goodness he writes fiction–if his story were true, Americans would be seig-heiling our fuhrer today. Do yourself a favor and read this book now.”

–Shane Gericke, bestselling author of Torn Apart

“”House of Apache Fires” is crisp, throbs with suspense, and a “don’t miss it”, decidedly real joy-ride for any reader.” – Earl Merkel, author of the Beck Casey espionage thriller series and the Faulk Carpenter suspense-mystery series.

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