Free war Kindle books for 01 May 15

The Prisoner of Fate: Sequel to The Emperor’s Prey

by Jeremy Han

The Prisoners of Fate

1435 Ming China

A series of mysterious assassinations rock the empire – high-ranking officers die grotesquely and rumour has it that the killer is a woman with many hands.

A crown prince who is supposed to have died thirty three years ago resurfaces to start a rebellion. His exploits strike fear deep in the heart of the imperial court, as many think he is not human.

An eight year-old boy ascends the Dragon Throne. His mother will do anything to ensure her son will never be replaced.

The dreaded imperial secret service, the Eastern Depot, finds itself under siege. To eliminate the threats to the throne, Ji Gang, their ruthless commander needs an answer only his arch foe could give, for only Zhao Qi knows the identity of the mysterious man wanted by the imperial court.

Together, they will face an invisible enemy. But can they trust each other?

Will they be able to save the emperor against a plot as old as time?

And who is the unseen hand behind the shadows?

The Go Code Protocol: Paul Decker – assignment #2

by Jeffry Weiss

The briefcase, AKA the football, containing the go codes for the U.S. nuclear arsenal is carried by military aides who always accompany the President and Vice-President.

In a strike on Washington, a terrorist group known as “Black Bear” gets away with the prize, killing many secret service agents and almost killing Captain Paul Decker: the officer charged with protecting the football.

Black Bear breaks the encryption code, and opens a “trap door” into the nation’s ICBM networkâ?¦and is auctioning off targeted missile strikes.

Many countries, both friend and foe, along with a dozen terrorist organizations, want what Black Bear has. And it’s all for sale!

Paul Decker assembles his own team to go after the perpetrators. But he finds that everyone, including his hand-chosen people, has their own agenda.

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