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Acrylic Painting and Zentangle Box Set: Easy and Inspirational Guidelines on How to Paint with Acrylics and Make Art Using Zentangle Methods (Acrylic Painting … Books, Zentangle, Acrylic painting)

by Emma Wilson

Acrylic Painting and Zentangle Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Acrylic Painting: Step by Step Guidelines To Learn FAST How to Paint with Acrylics

Artist’s acrylic paint is a synthetic media which got to be broadly accessible in the early 1960s. The paint is made by blending color and acrylic binder with water, forming a lasting clear film when dry. Acrylics are an exceptionally flexible paint which can be utilized for a variety of painting systems and project where durability and flexibility are required. It is accordingly regularly a favored medium by specialists who wish to try different things with texture and surfaces.

Acrylic paint can be utilized with a variety of painting systems, including impasto and blade painting. They can be utilized directly from the tube or thinned with water and utilized as a wash. A few artists blend acrylics with retarders which will slow the drying time and permit them to utilize the paint as they would with oil. Through the years acrylics don’t yellow, break, or change. As today there are such a variety of alternatives accessible concerning styles and mediums, and with new materials and processes oftentimes being introduced to the art marked, artists are always challenged to learn new systems and techniques to express and improve themselves.

In this book you will learn:

  • Acrylic Painting Basics
  • 11 best brand of acrylic paint
  • Evaluating a New Brand of Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Painting Tips
  • How to Paint with Acrylics

BOOK #2: Zentangle: 15 Easy and Inspirational Steps to Make Art Using Zentangle Methods

In the 7th Century sage Hui Neng said that “the meaning of life is to see”. Zentangle is a meditative technique whereby the user creates abstract artwork while trying to reach a spiritual level. Most meditation processes require you to close your eyes whereas Zentangle requires them to be open while you focus your energy and intent. Meditation has been shown to have amazing benefits for both the body and the mind, however many of us simply can’t shut off when we try and spend time de-stressing.

Zentangle is a process of creative meditation where instead of simply sitting and trying to relax you force your brain to focus on nothing outside of the piece of artwork you are creating. Zentangle allows you to meditate but also actively work at a task by focusing your mind and allowing everything else to fall away without giving you the chance to think about other things.

Zentangle isn’t doodling, a common misconception,it is drawing with a focus and purpose while letting your mind wander. If you’ve never heard of it this book will be a great introduction and if you have then you can still learn how much more there is to the process than you know about.

Here you can learn:

  • What is Zentangle?
  • Meditation and Zentangle
  • Steps to create your own Zentangles
  • Benefits of Zentangle
  • What others say about Zentangle

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Recycle, Reuse, Renew! 25+ Quick, Cheap and Easy DIY Household Hacks For Your Cozy Home: (DIY free, decorating your home, diy projects, projects for kids, … house hacks, DIY decoration and design)

by Pamela Ianson

Recycle, Reuse, Renew!

25+ Quick, Cheap and Easy DIY Household Hacks For Your Cozy Home

If you are someone that is serious about trying to find ways to recycle, reuse or renew items inside and outside of your home then this book can offer you some great suggestions and tips to help you achieve your goals! If you are looking for ways to turn unwanted items in to things that are useful once again then you will enjoy the suggestions in this book that cover different materials: metal, paper, glass, furniture, plastic and old clothing items.

Why You Should Download this Book?

Why put yourself into further debt if you do not have to just by reusing items. You will be given suggestions on how to reuse, recycle, or renew certain materials that you will have around your house. Imagine how good you will feel in knowing that you are doing your part to keep your contributions to the landfills down.

You Will Learn How to Recycle, Reuse, and Renew:

  • metal items
  • paper items
  • glass items
  • furniture
  • plastic items
  • clothing
  • unique
  • inexpensive

You can certainly set a good example by showing others a good environmentally friendly way to make use of items by either choosing to recycle, reuse, or renew them. The suggestions that you learn in this book you can then spread to othersâ??spreading the green way of living is something we all need to get on board with to help conserve planet earth.

Download your E book “Recycle, Reuse, Renew! 25+ Quick, Cheap and Easy DIY Household Hacks For Your Cozy Home” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Dark Room Photography Guide #2: How to Develop Your Own Film and Create Your Own Prints in a Dark Room

by Marissa Sampson

If you want to learn the intricacies of old-school film developing in the darkroom, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Black and white film photography is slowly but surely becoming a lost art. Whether you’re a hobbiest or a professional artist, creating your own prints in a darkroom is a skill that will set you apart from the rest. Your deepened understanding of photo processing will translate to improved shooting skills and techniques in digital photography as well. If you are looking to take up a hobby and film photography has caught your eye, you will find darkroom printing to be a very creative and gratifying process. In this book, I have put together an easy-to-follow guide for beginners (or rusty intermediates) in the darkroom. Here, you will find everything you need to know to get started with black and white film development, even including what equipment and materials you will need and where to source them. Continue reading, and you’ll soon be developing film and creating prints like a true professional.

Oh, and if you want to create your own dark room at home, be sure to check out the “Darkroom Photography Guide #1,” also available on kindle at:

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • A Quick Refresher in Shooting Film
  • Getting your Film Ready for Processing
  • Setting Up Chemistry and Developing
  • Putting Together Contact Sheets and Test Strips
  • Creating Great Prints using Dodging and Burning
  • Finishing Darkroom Prints
  • Developing Instruction Checklist
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Saturday 7:32am (Book 1) (The AM/PM Trilogy)

by Nick Subjak

It’s Thursday night, a man has had an obsession with his dream woman for quite some time, and up until tonight, he hadn’t even spoke to her. He imagines the world will be perfect if she was finally in his life. She furthermore, has recently split with her fiancé and is ready to have a night out with her friends. She’s looking for some fun. But are they on the same wavelength?

Witness the transpiring events from both perspectives as the two meet. Time is ticking down to the unsettling outcome on Saturday 7:32am.

Mastering The Ukulele: Ukulele Techniques and Theory for Beginners (How to Learn Ukulele, Ukulele for dummies Book 1)

by Miranda Crow

It’s Time To Learn Ukulele and Impress Your Loved ones!

This book is PERFECT for beginners!

By the time you finish reading this book you will know how to strum the instrument properly and basically know how to play it well. You will also be taught how to choose the right ukulele as well as how to tune it so that it can emit the perfect beautiful sound. You will also learn the basic chords used in playing the ukulele so that you can play any song that you want to play and hear.

Why Should You buy this book…..

– This book will teach you the steps on how to properly tune your ukulele.

– In this book you will learn how to strum the strings of the ukulele.

– This book will teach you the chords of some of the basic songs that you can start with and practice with.

– You will learn basic tips so that you can easily achieve your success in playing the ukulele.

And much more….

What You will LEARN from this book…

– The Skeleton of the ukulele

– How to play basic songs in the ukulele.

– How to position your hand so that you can strum the chords of the ukulele properly.

– The importance of knowing and mastering the different chords, tuning, strumming and choosing the right ukulele.

– How to achieve success with this instrument

And much more….

So what Are You waiting for? Buy This book NOW at start playing!

Take this book with you when you buy your ukulele – I will help You to choose the Right instrument!

At the End of The Day I’m extremely grateful for EVERY Purchase! Thank You !

Drawing for Beginners – Step By Step Guide to Drawing (Learn to Draw Book 47)

by John Davidson

Drawing for Beginners – Step By Step Guide to Drawing

A fun book teaching how to draw using familiar items like wizards and horses.

Step by step instructions with lots of examples. Learn basic sketching, Pencil illustration, charcoal drawing, pastels, watercolor and airbrush.

Let your creative side move forward with this wonderful book teaching the skills to draw.

Table of Contents


How to draw a Cartoon Harry Potter

Drawing Harry’s Body

Drawing Harry in different poses

How to Draw a Cartoon Horse

Light source and Cast Shadow

Cartoon Eyes

More Horse Cartoons

Cartoon Expressions


Cartoon Eyes

Other Characters and Creatures Cartoons

Various Gags and Caricatures

The Basics:





How to render a Harry Potter with pencils

How to Draw a Horse

Drawing Horses in Different Poses

How to Render a Horse with Pencils

Charcoal Painting

Rendering Harry Potter in Charcoal

Rendering the Horse in Charcoal

Learning about Color

Colors Terms

Pastel Painting

Rendering Harry Potter in Pastels:

Rendering the Horse in Pastels

Watercolor Painting

Application and Techniques in Watercolor

Painting Ginny and Harry in Watercolor

Painting the Horse in Watercolor

Airbrush Painting

Airbrushing Harry Potter

Painting the Horse with Airbrush

Author Bio

Smart Photography – Get off AUTO: Discover the technical functions of your camera; shutter, aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance, histogram and how they … together. (Get Smart Photography Book 2)

by Diane Griffiths

Get Smart Photography

The idea of this series is to take you through the steps you require to understand your camera and how to take amazing photos. There are three books in this series:

1) Essential Equipment. Covering Digital SLR camera equipment; the basics of camera functions, accessories and essential upgrades in order to help you to decide what to buy.

2) Get off AUTO. Use what you do own to the best of it’s capability. Discover the technical functions of your camera; shutter, aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance, histogram and how they all fit together.

3) COMING SOON. Get Creative. Now it’s time to really take your photography to the next level. You have the equipment you need and the basic technical skills in order to use it properly, you’re now prepped to get creative and experiment with your photography. We’ll cover different subjects and techniques as well as suggesting potential projects that you can get in to in order to practice and develop your skills.

So get smart and start building your photography equipment and pushing both you and it to the max in order to take photos like a champion.

Smart Photography – Get off AUTO

Discover the technical functions of your camera; shutter, aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance, histogram and how they all fit together.

In order to really allow yourself to really get creative with your camera, you first have to get technical.


Otherwise you’re just leaving down to plain luck, every time. Putting your camera on auto and hoping it will interpret the scene correctly isn’t the best approach.

So what is correct? A lot of people talk about the ‘correct’ exposure; they talk about histograms, depth of field, shutter speed, aperture, white balance and ISO but what does it all mean?

This no-nonsense guide takes you through the basic technical concepts in order for you to know your way around your camera. Clear up common misconceptions and understand how you can set up your camera in order to capture the best of your subjects.

I have read many, many books on this subject and I can safely say that not one of the books I read gave me all of the information that I’m about to give you in the following text. I had to take each learning and slowly piece it together; it took me a long time to build up a picture of how the camera settings work and gain confidence in order to be able to manually adjust the settings for myself in order to get the images I wanted. I don’t get too technical here – I only cover what you actually need to know in order to get shooting.

Covered in this book:



Exposure Value

Creative Modes


The Exposure Triangle

Depth of field

Hyperfocal Focusing

White Balance


The previous book the Get Smart Photography series.

Smart Photography – Essential Equipment

Covering Digital SLR camera equipment; the basics of camera functions, accessories and essential upgrades in order to help you to decide what to buy.

Get Smart Photography – Book 1

Scroll up and get your copy of Smart Photography – Get off AUTO today!

The Drawing Beneath My Kayak: Artist’s Portfolio & Short Essays

by Chris Hammond

Artist/designer, Chris Hammond, connects with nature by using a kayak to get in close to his shallow water subjects. In this artist’s book, Chris presents a small portfolio of sketches, drawings, and digital printmaking that represents a unique interpretation of the waterway landscape – below the surface. Working from a platform kayak, he uses an underwater viewing tube to view the river bed and sketch nature scenes and aquascapes. Later on, in his digital printmaking studio, Chris draws on his fieldwork as a starting point for further exploration of aquascape images as digital art. The book includes illustrations to show innovative features, seating arrangements, and special equipment on board the kayak that enhance the creative experience. Other illustrations show the artist using his view tube. In a few of his short essays, the artist comments on the importance of curiosity and other topics related to the creative process. Also, Chris shares his perspective on why the river, the kayak, and art blend in such an inspiring fashion.

15 Timeless Twitter Tips for Photographers: Attract Twitter Followers and Traffic to Your Online Photography Portfolio

by Bethany Wilson

This ebook provides 15 timeless and effective tips on how to attract followers to your Twitter profile. Enabling you drive traffic to your online photography portfolio, learn new skills and benefit from a marketplace of millions of image consumers.

900+ TRIBAL TATTOOS: Sexy & Striking Designs!

by Doctor Opyo-Urpants


110 Perfect Photography Tips for Beginners! The Amateur Photographer’s Best Friend in Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Animal Photography and more!

by Alan Turnrose

Attention: The Price of this Ebook will increase to $6.99 soon!

In “110 Perfect Photography Tips for Beginners! The Amateur Photographer’s Best Friend in Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Animal Photography and more!” you will not find hundreds of pages of irrelevant information so if you are looking for a huge 1,000 page tome of useless fluff – please Don’t Buy This Book!

If however you are looking for a a LASER-focused edition with only the very best Hand-Picked and Proven tips on becoming a better photographer you have just stumbled upon the definitive detailed guide for the amateur photographer.

This perfectly and beautifully formatted language book includes a hyperlinked and clickable Table of Contents to quickly take you to the tip of your choosing.

You will find tips on everything from how to take a perfect landscape picture to how to make money from your portrait photography skills – and everything in between!

Simply put: If you have even the slightest interest in learning about general photography, landscape photography, animal photography and/or portrait photography quickly and easily and at a bargain price – you will LOVE this book!

The Lost War: A World Without Shakespeare (An Interrupted Tapestry Book 1)

by Cheryl Wolder

“O for a Muse of fire!”

A most unusual story.

A look at Earth’s troubled future through the eyes of Bartholomew Lewis and his fellow British actors, a most companionable lot.

No longer young, they are disenfranchised by a war that tore civilization apart 25 years ago, waged by a mysterious unknown enemy. Now, in exchange for food and shelter, they serve as conscripts to the British government, a sparse network of soldiers and officials whose only means of communication is by using the theatrically-inclined as mailmen. Their only means of transportation – bicycles. And in these desperate times, danger is everywhere.

Without their art, the actors struggle for identity and purpose, and the world they live in seems mired in hopelessness. With resources scarce, the arts and their practitioners have been delegated to the darkness.

Far from being a sad tale, THE LOST WAR is a tale of resilience, friendship, and humor as well as one of healing. But all is not lost. The actors find through their adventures that they might be able to reignite their souls and civilization’s hope with theatre. Can the world be saved by Shakespeare?

Loves lost and mourned; dreams scorned and abandoned; hopes dashed and mislaid – this serialized novel weaves the tapestry of the past and present using our humble players to restore hope and rebuild themselves and the world. Follow Bartholomew Lewis and his friends on their journeys of rediscovering that there should never be a world without Shakespeare.

Recommended for adults and older teens. For all who love the arts.

HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN ARTWORKS: Including 91 pictures, with 38 in colour. Focus on Landscapes, Animals and Human Figures.

by Danni Gu

This book is a guideline for secondary students who want to upgrade their basic art skills and to extend their knowledge of art and design, and to help them to create their VCE portfolio. It is also for self-learning adults (can be a beginner) or higher-level primary school students as well as for general practice.

How do you create your own artwork? – Your own artwork could be a picture, an object or a piece of art. It could also be your own character or your story pictures.

How to create your own artwork

This book introduces several basic art skills for art students, such as:

How to create your own art works

– Shapes/Subjects the idea comes from

– The idea behind the pictures

– Pattern/Texture results

– Colour choices and usage

– Perspective in your pictures

– The Composition

– How to draw an object correctly and easily

– Creating your own artwork in landscape, human figures and animals

Creating your own characters for animal, and so on.

This book uses illustrations to focus on landscapes, animals and human figures.

These basic skills are relevant to Industrial Design, Architectural Drawing, Fashion Design and Cartoon Design subjects.

When students understand and use these skills, they could support their VCE study and further art studies at university.

For Adults learners, when they understand and use these skills, they will have good fun, enjoyable for their life and living.

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