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More Inspiring Stories with the Almighty’s Signature

by Amy Hagerup

Amy Hagerup has powerful and inspiring stories from her life, all the way from her childhood where her father deserted their family leaving them destitute, all the way to her precious, godly mother being diagnosed with cancer.

God’s signature is powerful in our lives, but we don’t realize what He is doing unless we take the time to step back and connect the dots of what He has done.

Author Amy Hagerup connects the dots of God’s working as she shares short inspirational stories from her life and the lessons she learned from them.

    Check out these titles of some of the inspiring stories she shares that are perfect for adults or to be read to the children in your lives:

  • My Beloved Books and a Body Cast
  • The Search Warrant and a Heavy Piano
  • Monthly Shots and a College Scholarship
  • Dirty Dishes and a Firecracker
  • The “Never Daters” and a Car Accident
  • My Loneliness was Palpable
  • “I Thought You Might Be My Angel”
  • And many more.

    Amy is passionate about helping people take their next step in their walks with the Lord. You will enjoy reading how God continues to work in her lifeâ?¦just as He works in your life too.

    These stories are not meant for entertainment, but rather to encourage and inspire you – to make you nod in agreement that God is creatively active in our lives.

    Amy Hagerup, a health and wellness educator, is known as the Vitamin Shepherd who thrives on guiding people to healthier choices – both physically and spiritually.

    As she spent time writing these powerful short inspirational stories for her grandchildren, she decided to publish them so that others can be blessed by the Almighty’s signature on these life stories.

    You have a story too with God’s signature all over it. You just have to learn to connect the dots.

    Download this book now and be encouraged in your own faith as you experience Amy’s inspiring stories with the signature of the Almighty.

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    Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story

    by Raven Mardirosian

    Another day, another crazy cat lady story.

    “The Reluctant Tarot Reader” told the story of Raven’s struggle to embrace her intuitive gifts. In “Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story”, we join a younger Raven in her 20s as she races around America with a broken heart after being rejected by the church, her sort-of girlfriend and climbing onto the wild ride of what it means to be a lesbian. When she lands in Colorado for a short-lived attempt at grad school, Raven discovers what’s missing from her life: a cat.

    When she visits the local shelter, a tiny orange and white kitten named Avery grabs her finger and from that moment, they forge a friendship that lasts over 20 years and carries her through numerous breakups, the death of her mother and the ever-present question, “When are you finally going to settle down?”

    Avery and Zoey – a tough Brooklyn street cat who joins them four years into the journey – do their best to keep Raven tethered to earth as they travel cross-country in the quest for a little peace, love and a good home.

    To some, a cat is just a cat. To this crazy cat lady, her two companions are part of the great evolution and healing of her soul. And when the time comes to say goodbye to Avery, Raven faces the true test of love: letting go.

    {Author’s note: be advised that “Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story” contains profanity and adult sexual situations.}

    You’re Probably from Holden, If…

    by Walter Donway

    From the Introduction: One evening not long ago I made the happy discovery of a Facebook page called: “You’re Probably from Holden, If…” It is dedicated to reminiscences about Holden, Massachusetts, a small town just outside of Worcester, in the center of the state.

    When I was a boy, in the second half of the 1940’s and the 1950’s, much of Holden was rural, still close to farms and fields and woods; neighborly; grocery and hardware stores and everything else owned by people you knew; schools earnest and firmly in the grip of parents; and the work and play of kids in gardens and woods, ice-cream parlors, and farm stands.

    Looking back, I realize that what I am today, at 69, having spent my adult life in New York City, is what I became in Holden. To recall Holden, as it was, then, is to ponder who and what I am

    â??and why.

    I began to post nightly, some posts were 10 pages or more. The secret enchantment of our vast empty barn with all its “inhabitants,” how my father raised 3000 chickens during WWII food rationing, forgotten childhood books at the first library I used, the yearnings and heartbreaks of falling in love with those desirable Holden girls, my experience in the legendary Worcester tornado of 1953, teachers who became almost co-authors of my life: The memories rushed out.

    The response of readersâ??their amazing commentary, filling in unexpected detailsâ??became exhilarating. I realized that I was writing the book you now hold. I could not conceive of publishing it without the hundreds of comments that popped up like lights blinking on in places my posts had left dim or dark. I have included virtually all of them, just as they were written.

    As I continued my posts–and soon discovered a closely related site, “You’re Probably from Worcester, If…”–and read comments, I came to see clearly, even dramatically, what had been an impression: The Holden of my boyhoodâ??and the early years of so many who commentedâ??was vanishing.

    For my part, I feel that the Holden of my boyhood now exists, again, in words, in the fine texture of what I have written with all the particularity, imagery, anecdote, and sensuous evocation at my command. Perhaps others will share that feeling, for it is their Holden and Worcester as much as mine.

    What this book tries to capture is now occurring all over America: People are spontaneously coming together only to share their memories, renew acquaintance with people they never thought to see again, and ponder their roots. From all over the country and world where Americans live, come posts and comments every evening, people drawn to remembering.

    Just one of hundreds of comments by readers: ‘Wow, your enchanting stories just keep coming! You make me want to pour myself a cold glass of Moxie and wax nostalgic right along with you!”

    And, of course, that is exactly what people are doing on pages like this all over the country.

    Rogue Mobster: The Untold Story Of Mark Silverman and the Boston Mafia

    by mark silverman

    Mark Silverman grew up in the Boston underworld, under the tutelage of the Winter Hill Gang in Somerville, and the inner circle of the Boston faction of the Patriarca Mafia family. Rogue Mobster is a firsthand account of the violent Boston mob wars of the 1990s, when bodies were piling up across New England and Mark was walking a tightrope between Winter Hill and the Mafia.

    An amazing journey through the underworld of New England/Boston/Providence/Rhode Island/Massachusettes and the various crews of LCN & the Winter Hill Gang. Irish gangsters and Men of Respect operating in close proximity yet each respecting the other while everyone makes a dollar. This is not your, “run of the mill” tale or the same old story and names just re-arranged. “Rogue Mobster” tells the story of a young up and comer, with connections to the Irish Winter Hill Crew that can be compared to those that Henry Hill had in “Goodfellas”. As a youth surrounded by top gangsters, both of Irish and Italian heritage, this half Sicilian, 1/4 Jewish and 1/4 Portugese, makes his way through the treacherous days of the New England Mafia wars; the young renegades who feel that the old regime’s time has come and gone, and now want their turn running things as well as the diabolical two faced James “Whitey” Bulger and his Federal Bureau boys. Tumultous times to say the least, add into the mix the fact that the recognized leaders of LCN tap Mark to be their eyes and ears, due to his business proximity with the renegades and the fact that he himself is an up and comer, earning with both hands and enjoying himself along the way. As the saying goes, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”, this is a lesson that Mark always kept in mind, and it helped save him while out in the streets making a living. This is not your usual organized crime novel, it’s material is refreshing and the facts/details he divulges are a change of pace from the average book. If you are a true crime fan, this is a must read, not much is published about the Winter Hill Gang so be ready for some new names and the ‘usual’ ones also.

    Bangkok Boiler Room Boys: Scammed in Thailand

    by D. Farang

    Scams targeting Thai Tourists are far too commonplace in Thailand. Thousands of visitors to the Land of Smiles become victims, many from Expat Boiler Room Boys and their occasionally clever tactics. Thousands of foreigners (farang) lose considerable amounts of money in the Kingdom, their life-savings, their pensions, sometimes even their lives. One of my expat friends in Thailand is financially associated with one of the Boiler Room Boys – he invested his United Kingdom pension with one of them. Now he’s reluctant to approach the guy, so he hopes for the best by flying under the radar. Good luck with that. I lost 40 million Baht ($1.2 million USD) through nefarious means in the stock market. It was over 90% of my life savings.

    In Thailand, new themes and variations for conducting scams are constantly appearing. Visitors should be alert to being targeted by even the most friendly of people in shiny suits, be they locals or foreign nationals (expats). Observe the old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Like any segment of greater society, Thai expats are diverse in nature. There are plenty of criminal Thai expats about – few change or reform. Active criminal expats in Thailand try to remain anonymous by flying under the radar, and paying off local police officials. They avoid talking about their past – except when drunk of course.

    When it comes down to exposing criminal expats (and their vast network of world-wide associates) in Thailand for preying on foreigners and Thais, British National Andrew Drummond is the foremost Investigative Journalist in the Kingdom. In 2015, he’s now the foremost Investigative Journalist OUTSIDE of Thailand – he left the country in late 2014 after threats to his family. Drummond’s family was threatened because he exposes the Bangkok Boiler Room Boys for what they are – fraudsters who will rip you off, laugh at you after, tell you to fuck off and call you a “sucker.” Many foreigners (farang) have been financially duped by the Boiler Room crew and their associates, who stick together like shit on a blanket as is their wont – so buyer be very beware. Moreover, Thailand tends to be a country that can provide fraudsters and extortionists with protection.

    Remember though, if you get ripped off for a little bit of money in Thailand, strongly consider learning from the experience, letting it go and moving on. You’ll see why soon.

    Sexually speaking, Thai Bar Girls and Lady Boys (Kathoey) claim many foreign victims in various scams. Many Lady Boys get a full blown vagina in a sex-change operation, but many more just leave their dangly bits alone. Thai expats generally conclude that a foreign man that has sex with a kathoey (also known as a ladyboy) on purpose is not really gay. I’ll leave that up to the good reader to ascertain, but I would guess there’s a certain grain of truth to the allegation. Many farang like me that got fooled, are heterosexual. A plethora of signs that indicated the Lady Boy was lying about her gender became quite obvious in the next several hours – but I was only thinking with my little head at that point. Sometimes it takes a significant event to shake someone back to reality, and that event was quickly approaching! Little did I know that within a few hours, I would be viciously confronted by a drug-crazed (yaa bar) Lady Boy maniac wielding a six inch knife.

    The Colour of Dreams

    by Myra Lyle

    This modern love story between a woman in her early forties, Miriam, and the man of her dreams, Alex, is a fast-paced, intense journey. It takes the reader from the Australian Surfing Coast to the idyllic hills of Tuscany in Italy.

    The free-spirited character of Miriam who emerges from decades of motherhood and a long marriage, and embarks on a new journey, will inspire courageous, spontaneous women, while becoming a role model to those who are looking for strength and decisiveness.

    Alex represents the ideal of a man from every angle, physically, professionally, and spiritually. He represents the aspects dreams are made of, with the reality of modern life challenges, as his manic depression starts to interfere with their intense relationship.

    Miriam needs all her strength to deal with a destructive force she has had no experience with during her life. She learns to cope as the relationship develops. The ups and downs of the healing process Alex goes through represent tough challenges to the young relationship. When they reach a dead end, Miriam ultimately comes close to the precipice herself, after she is left depleted and consumed by the devastating effects of her own depression.

    Her strength saves her, and she rebuilds her life in a small village on the coast of Tuscany. She fulfills a life-long ambition of writing, and makes new friends. Her love for the Italian way of life and their passion for food brings colour and warmth to the story.

    Something holds her back when it comes to getting involved in a serious relationship with an Italian man who carries a torch for her. She hasn’t given up on her dream.

    It is here in Tuscany, among her friends and the life she has chosen to become whole again, that Miriam finds fulfillment and love.

    Floating Lombardi (Clip Art Series Book 1)

    by Andi Scarlatti

    Floating Lombardi is Episode 1 in Andi Scarlatti’s Clip Art Series.

    Andi Scarlatti is an art collector. Of sorts. As she often completes acquisitions without the knowledge or consent of the former owner.

    And a trophy isn’t necessarily art. But Andi’s not necessarily a thief. Or only a thief. It’s complicated. Dive in the deep end and see for yourself.



    by Nikolay Hovhannisyan

    To date, Tigran the Great’s life and activity (95-55 BC) were elucidated in world historiography mainly based on the Greek and Roman sources of the antique period, as well as the studies of western researchers of the new and newest periods. Arab sources, among others, remained out of scholars’ vision.

    The present work is the first attempt to elucidate, based on the most recent studies of the Arab scholars, the activity of Armenia’s King of Kings Tigran the Great, and the role of the founded by him Armenian Empire, which core constituted the Arab countries. Based on methodology of systematization and analysis, the opinions and conceptual views of today’s Arab historians, international relations experts, legal scholars and geographers, as well as their evaluation of the problem in question have been put into scientific circulation for the first time. This will contribute to conducting a deeper investigation and forming a clearer notion of the unique and important role of Tigran the Great in the highly complicated historical period as the years of his reign were.

    Besides, the studies of the modern Arab authors are yet another evidence of the big interest, shown by foreign scholars in Tigran II and the Armenian Empire.

    Lal kitab: Indian astrology remedies book

    by Srinivasa Murthy

    This is an Indian ancient astrology remedies book. It is very popular book and trusted by many astrologers

    Marco Polo (Z-Spot Diaries Book 8)

    by Zoe Scarlatti

    Marco Polo is Short Episode 8 of Zoe Scarlatti’s Z-Spot Diaries.

    Zoe wanted a weekend of R&R in Havana after a particularly trying week.

    But Uncle Carlo had different ideas.

    As is so often rge case, Zoe must react swiftly to hit a target of opportunity.

    All of a sudden the national front-runner is clogging the pool filter.

    Who’ll be the decider now?

    Vampires In America

    by sachin

    This is a horror story of vampires…………………



    …….A young woman was chased by a stranger who wanted her to be his next victim. The young woman lived in a house that was rumored to have had satanic rituals. That was then. Now, only drawings and a few photographs remain in the basement.

    The new owners report noises coming from the basement at night. But, whenever they go down to investigate no one is there.

    The Balance and Harmony in Divine Beings: My Cloak of Shadows and Words

    by Amy Smith

    A very dark but artistic coming-of-age story that informs problems within the Self and society. This book Provides you with a pragmatic, scientific, philosophical, and real-life approach towards Life. It portrays how to overcome universal problems and abuse and be empowered to succeed. The ultimate purpose is to cross the boundaries and problems with miscommunication and let everyone from child to adult to parent, as well as people of different nationalities and cultures better understand and communicate with each other. This is based on reading different perspectives from both a child, adult, and parent mind. My hope is for greater understanding, communication, and compassion for one another bridging the gap between all nationalities, ethnicities, ages, societies, and standardized organizations.

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