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Moon Crossed #2: Episode #2 (Crescent Hunter)

by Bella Roccaforte

UtopYA 2015 Nominee for:

Best Kiss

Best Serial Series

Claire and Cole’s friendship starts to delve into dangerous territory as the full moon approaches. Brogan has volunteered to try the new potion on the full moon, but there are unforeseen consequences.

Claire continues to look for the answers to many of the questions she now has regarding her mother and father.

Will she learn the truth about her mother?

Will this full moon, be the last she spends with her boys?

Crescent Hunter Series

Moon Crossed – Episode 2

Moon Crossed, the first book in the Crescent Hunter series will be released in six parts, with a box set at the end of the season.

The Crescent Hunter Series

Moon Crossed Episode One – Now

Moon Crossed Episode Two – Now

Moon Crossed Episode Three – Now

Moon Crossed Episode Four – Now

Moon Crossed Episode Five – Now

Moon Crossed Episode Six – Now

Moon Crossed – Box Set – Now

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