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by Nikolay Hovhannisyan

This is a collection of monographic studies of the author, published in 2002-2009. The first of

among them was the study -“The Armenian genocide. Armenocide”1, published in English in 2002.

It was the first attempt to briefly introduce to a non-Armenian reader the Armenian Genocide, gone

down in history as the first genocide of the XX century.

It had very large resonance in different countries, became an object of discussions in several

international scientific and non-scientific conferences, round tables, etc. More over, that book was

completely translated and published in foreign languages in several countries. And we want to mention

first of all its translation by Atilla Tuygan into Turkish and publication in Istanbul, in 20052, on

the initiative of Turkish famous public figure Ragip Zarakolu, who during years are struggling for

justice, i.e. for recognition by Turkish government the Armenian genocide, committed in Ottoman

Empire during the First World War. And on his suggestion I wrote for Turkish edition a special preface-

“To Tirkish reader”, attempting to explain Turkish auditorium the reasons and scales of

Armenian genocide and responcibility of Ottoman ruling political, social and military forces for that

crime. The publication of the above mentioned book in Turkey was sincerely greeted by certain

Turkish intellectuals, who recognize the Armenian genocide, accuse it and are insisting on its recognition

by the Turkish government too. About the Turkish publication of that book a special and very

interesting article in newspaper “Agos”(Istanbul), had wrtten its editor in-chief Hrant Dink3. He had

great popularity in Turkey, not only among the Armenians, but also among the Turks, and was very

famous and influential person by his public activity, appreciating very highly the political and scientific

significance of the book He was symbolizing himself a new stage of development of Turkish

society and formation of new political tendencies within it. As it is known, two years later, in 2007,

Hrant Dink was killed in Istanbul, becaming the victim of great plot, organaized by the reactonary

forces in Turkey. His assasination shocked the world. There were mass demonstrations of protest in

Istanbul and other cities of Turkey, during which the demonstrators were currying posters with slogans:

“Now we all are Hrant Dink”.

Last Chance Alaska: Two Turns North Through Repeat Photography

by Jill Douglas Hopper


Challenging times created the extraordinary morning of May 8, 1936. An old Ford auto pulled away from a Mid New Jersey town with an eager, would-be prospector, a black and white canine companion, a camera and a 30.30 high powered riffle. Douglas was headed to Alaska to search for gold. Repeat photography in 1999-2002 follows this northeasterner in Last Chance Alaska, as he crosses the United States, boards the S. S. Yukon in Seattle, WA., docks in Valdez and searches for gold through the interior of Alaska in 1935-36. His journey culminated in the Matanuska Valley with the infamous Matanuska Colonists during their second summer of survival. Gold was not found in his pan in spite of fervent attempts around the interior canyons, creeks and valleys of Alaska. However, he did leave behind a notable trail of photographs for all adventurous spirits to follow. A captivating narrative accompanies 50 repeat photos, 5 maps, 6 illustrations and a photo documented hike to an old gold mining cabin in the Ahtell Creek Valley in the summer of 2000.

Louis Zamperini SuccessNotes: Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand, A Higher Call, The Forgotten 500, Devil at My Heels, And Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In

by Success Notes

“Louis Zamperini appears regularly before students from primary schools to colleges, veterans groups, troubled youth, sports clubs, senior citizens, and religious organizations. Zamperini is eighty-six, lives in Hollywood, California, and only recently gave up skateboarding.”

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