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MINECRAFT: Minecraft Stories, The Desert Clan (Minecraft herobrine mods, Minecraftraft free download)

by Minecrafty Family Books


Awesome Minecraft Story for true Minecraf fans, FREE with kindle unlimited!

Irene’s fascinating adventure in Minecraft survival continues. In this episode Zorbas mobilised a group of young scheming mobs to carry out his anti Irene agenda. Among the group was a sassy girl-Spider named Snatchy who knew how to put off torchlight at night. But as Irene found her inner Voice, the mystery ravaging windstorm created its first havoc while the heroic appearance of Lee and Skippy saved the day.

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Terrin: Alina’s Crossing

by Taylor Shane

The first volume of the exciting new Terrin Series! Alina Baxter has a plan for her life. What she doesn’t expect is for that plan to be completely sidelined. One significant day will forever change the rest of her life as she knows it. Her accidental discovery of an entirely new world will thrust her into a brand new and exciting life filled with adventure. Evil King Shael of the 2nd Realm rules the land with oppression and terror and Alina must stop him. With the help of Jeb, her trusted guide and a few interesting characters she meets along the way, and a little magic, Alina will learn the true meaning of love, kindness, family and believing in herself.

The Story of Queen Elizabeth I for Children!: The Intriguing and Mysterious Monarch Who Made England a Powerful and United Nation

by Mike Smith

Queen Elizabeth I is one of the most famous monarchs in the history of England.

This intriguing and mysterious queen reigned during a tumultous and exiting time in England’s history.

This easy-to-read children’s book reveals…

* How Elizabeth changed the course of history forever.

* Why Elizabeth’s mother was executed when Elizabeth was only 2 years old.

* How the young princess learned more than 4 languages.

* How the Queen foiled a plot to assassinate her and replace her on the throne.

* Why Elizabeth was said to have “the heart and stomach of a king.”

* Why Elizabeth said that she would rather be a “beggar-woman and single.”

* How Queen Elizabeth I kept Roman Catholics and Protestants united.

…and Much, Much More!

So scroll back up and download this children’s book about the amazing life of Queen Elizabeth I of England.

My (very) Colorful Cats: (and their kinda kooky stories and lessons)

by Debra A. Duff

My Colorful Cats (and their kinda kooky stories and lessons) is a collection of colorful, whimsical pen and ink drawings of cats and clever poems that tell a story, and perhaps a life lesson, about each cat or group of cats.

Minecraft: The Adventure of Stevephen?:A (Rather Weird) Adventure of Stephen (Unofficial): Volume 1 (Minecraft: The Adventure of Stevephen?: A (Rather Weird) Adventure of Stephen)

by Ian The Minecrafter

Minecraft: The Adventure of Stevephen: A (Rather Weird) Adventure of Stephen

Ten years ago, in a village near the outskirts of the Southern Kingdom, an Ender Dragon appeared. It wreaked havoc destroying the town and killing most of its inhabitants. Steve, the legendary hero of the Overworld, killed that dragon and saved the villagers. For many years they all lived in peace and safety until another dragon showed up threatening to destroy Overwold. Will Stephen, Steve’s grandson, kill the dragon and save their world as his grandfather did?

FREE * *

Book 2 of Children’s Stories: The Adventure of Stevephen?

Author Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

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