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by Anna Papadopoulos

Cassandra is the youngest of three generations of Greek American women whose scars and secrets have all but obscured their fierce love for one another. Five years after her mother’s death from an overdose of pain pills, Cass is a reformed juvenile offender on a quest for true re-forming, but few in her small, class-conscious Indiana town can forget her past. Only her increasingly distracted grandmother, Sophia, is on her side.

Then her lover, Jennifer, disappears. Once again, suspicious eyes â?? especially those of Jennifer’s husband, one of the town’s most influential men â?? are turning toward Cass. Desperate, Cass drives her battered Buick to Florida’s Gulf Coast to find Jennifer.

What follows is a journey of love and devastation. Cass is aided by Bill and Kaye, a recently retired minister and his wife who are each binding up wounds of their own. The three of them begin to heal one another. Then Bill and Kaye’s angry teenage grandson is sent to live with them, and startling news from home forces Cass to confront long-buried truths â?? and a future on her own terms.

Samaritans is about the people who care for us when we are stranded on life’s road, and how those roles switch and switch back along the way.

Southpaw Nights

by Benjamin Blake

Given the opportunity to write an introduction to this fantastic collection of poetry and prose, I jumped at the chance. Every once and awhile you will read something that lingers with you – creeps into your sub-consciousness and burrows in deep. And so it is with Benjamin Blake’s new collection, â??SouthPaw Nights.’ Blake’s words pulse in the limelight, at times surreal and evocative – echoes of Poe and Baudelaire combine with a gothic sensibility, cool and ominous, straight from the backwoods of New Zealand’s dark heart. A sense of malaise and the foreboding supernatural nature of his words, create a fictional world stitched together like a promethean monster. This collection is an eclectic miscellany that is a fine introduction to new readers of Blake’s prose and poetry and a welcome addition to his growing oeuvre. The impressionistic shorter prose pieces are like photographic snapshots of the inner workings of a dark mind. Strong and graphic descriptive passages flow easily, invoking scenes of disquieting horror; as poetic as they are powerful, the words will resonate with the reader long after the last page is turned. The sign of a good poet and storyteller is that their words impact upon the mind of the reader – will make the reader think of things that they would not normally think of, indeed, that they might not necessarily want to think of! Blake has the uncanny ability to confront with his words, not only subtly but also in a proficient manner befitting a writer older than his years. — William Cook, author of Blood Related

The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy

by Roger DeBlanck

Born in Havana in the 1940s, Juan and Alberto Ramos grow up in a wealthy, yet less than ideal family. Their boyhood yearnings and adventures coincide with Cuba’s revolutionary upheaval of the late fifties. With instability on the island escalating, the Ramos family makes a heartrending decision. Juan and Alberto’s father chooses to stay in Cuba while the brothers, their nanny, and their mother move to Miami to start new lives. Over the course of their youth, the brothers’ frequent encounters and unique connections with Fidel Castro in Cuba and then with John F. Kennedy in America leave them enamored with the larger-than-life images of these two brilliant, yet flawed leaders. Ultimately, Juan and Alberto trust in their bond of brotherly love as the guiding force to fulfilling their hopes and dreams. Spanning over twenty years in the lives of the brothers and covering nearly a half-century of the lives of their extended family, The Ramos Brothers Trust Castro and Kennedy weaves together an intimate coming-of-age tale with a multi-generational family saga. This is the epic story of two courageous boys as they endure hardship and tragedy to become extraordinary young men during one of the most pivotal eras of the 20th Century.

Circus of Indie Artist: Lion Tamer Edition

by Dale Bruning

We all had dreams of running away to the circus. Consider this the next best thing. Talent from all over the world coming together to give their creative minds for a good cause. Read along as we go from horror to sci-fi to poetry for young and not-so-young. Not everything in this edition is for everybody â?¦ so parents keep an eye on the kiddos.

The Lion Tamer is in harms way every time they suit up. But then again so is the artist/author. They put themselves out in the world in such a raw emotional way that they can never come back unscathed.

It has been two years since I started this little magazine and I love all my authors and would not trade the gems I discovered while doing this for the world.

Taking Tea with Miss Mabelyn

by Mike Broemmel

Miami Beach … a joint on the beach … a blues singer … and a lonely writer. A tale of chance connections, enriching life … if only for a beat.


by Diane Munier

Two lonely souls on the beach. A chance meeting or orchestrated? She invites him to leap to the end of what could be a great time. She has a cabin for three weeks. He has his grandfather’s Victorian house. He doesn’t take chances as a rule, but he’s been drifting for a long time. Does he have the guts to take her up on the offer? It’s reckless. But his moral compass got reset after the incident. So maybe he’ll leap and see where he lands.â??

The Queen

by Chris O.

Jody Beach, Baltimore’s notorious filmmaker, is back in town to complete his greatest picture yet.

Will the city survive?

Street Furniture

by Jürgen Olschewski

A short story about a man at a crossroads in his life. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

A Ticket to Voltaire’s Garden: Part One

by Keziah Shepherd

When her boyfriend leaves her and her father falls ill, Clara tries to deal with things on her own. But then Giovanni walks into her life: a handsome, available, Venetian man; and she cannot believe her luck. She is strongly attracted and during her father’s illness, Giovanni seems like an angel sent during her distress.

But it is quite soon that things take a change. Is Giovanni really an angel? And is he really available? Should she give up on Giovanni for good? Or is there another course of action that she can take?

The Unexpected Legacy of Great Aunt Vic

by Alexis Scott

‘The Unexpected Legacy of Great Aunt Vic’ is a tale of two women – one, Jane, a young graduate from Glasgow School of Art and the other, Jennifer, in her late forties and recently widowed. Each finds herself at a turning point in life. Jane believes art is all and has no wish to involve herself with commercial, or material, things and is disillusioned with life in small town Scotland. When the exhibition she and her partner Joe stage gets poor reviews she is forced to take a job in a local supermarket while Joe returns to Glasgow to paint theatre scenery.

Joe has a criminal history. He was a prisoner in a Young Offenders Institution before he met Jane at art college. He is, in Jane’s eyes, a persuasive character who believes that theft (and sex) is, or at least can be, art.

After meeting the wealthy Jennifer Miles Jane agrees to redesign the interior of her home although she has reservations about ‘the Miles project’, not least about whether it can ever be art.

As Jane says herself, she ‘just toys with ideas sometimes, the way artists have to use their imagination’. When her thoughts turn to the creation of ‘fake’ art and even destruction, life imitating art takes on a new, and terrible, meaning.


by J. E. Brewer

What would you do if you could revisit the childhood you remember, become the young parent who raised you, rediscover the girl you fell in love with before she was cruelly snatched away?

Kathy, a self-reliant idealist, and Bill, a charming trust fund kid, meet as undergrads at a Boston college in 2012 and immediately feel a made-for-each-other connection. After a whirlwind courtship, Bill places his sizable trust fund in Kathy’s philanthropic hands. Then suddenly their lives tumble out of control. Bill gets word that his father, who is sailing the “puddle jump” from Hawaii to Fiji, has been lost at sea. Then, still reeling from that disaster, Bill returns home just as Kathy tragically dies giving birth to their son.

But mysterious forces are at work behind the scenes. Bill’s timeline suddenly curls in on itself like a Mobius strip, pulling him deep into his own past and potentially giving him a second chance to be with the woman he cherishes. Guided by cryptic notes written in his own hand, he begins to believe that Kathy will somehow join him in this new version of the past and help him raise their little boy. For her part, Kathy is willing to sacrifice everything for the chance to be a mother and wife, with the means and skills to make the world a better place. Together they must walk a razor-thin line between reinventing and repeating their lives, knowing that one false step could destroy everything they love.

Rewind is equal parts page-turning adventure yarn, poignant family love story, and a gripping mystery full of lively wit and captivating characters. Its spiraling, curvy plot sweeps you up from the first page and maintains its can’t-put-it-down pace right to the end. This genre-bending journey is as riveting as it is rewarding, blending time travel, Romantic poetry, and ocean sailing with wonderful observations on love, parenting, sacrifice, and the universal passages that are part of every life.

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