Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 02 May 15

The One Who Got Away (Love and Danger, Book 2)

by Amy Gamet

The woman he could never forget…

The killer he never knew existed…

Artist Gwen Trueblood is shocked to discover her husband David’s accidental death was actually premeditated murder. Almost as troubling is the revelation that he was in the Witness Protection Program, making Gwen question how well she knew her husband at all. Only one person can give her the information she needs, but he’s the very last person on earth Gwen wants to speak to.

U.S. Marshal Colin Mitchell was like a brother to David Beaumont when they were growing up, until Colin realized he had feelings for his friend’s fiancé. Colin makes a move that ultimately costs him both the woman he loves and his relationship with David.

Colin was in charge of the investigation into David’s death, and he can’t believe he let the other man’s killer get away. The case is reopened, bringing David’s murderer out of hiding and putting Colin and Gwen directly in the path of evil itself. Together they must discover the truth of what happened to David, as they struggle to come to terms with the passionate attraction that’s been smoldering between them since the fateful daydream years before.


by Umar Quadeer

Ecstasy Jordan is one of the sexiest hood divas in the world! Blessed with beauty but cursed with the haunting visions of her mother. Besides that, she falls in love with a flashy street hustler named Quan, but Quan falls in love with a luxurious street life. With Big-Tone as his muscle and a sexy female crew doing his drug-packaging; he cannot go wrong or could he? Meanwhile, bodies are dropping like flies due to a mysterious killer nicknamed The Midnight Slasher. Be scared and sexually hypnotized as you journey through the first season of Hidden Secrets!!!

Warning!! What you about to witness is a romantic, erotic, street-thriller!!!!

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