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To Stay Or Not To Stay?: A self-help workbook for people considering divorce

by Dr. Janne Lomasky PsyD

Questioning your marriage is personal, emotional, painful, and stressful. Deep feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, and loneliness are difficult to endure for a long period of time. Whether you are staring at the door but are convinced you will stay in an unhappy marriage; have one hand on the doorknob as you contemplate leaving; or have one foot out the door, this book will help you to make the right decision.

Divorce is a major unpleasant life event. You may be looking for a quick fix to stop the agony of feeling unhappy and being in limbo. This book is not a quick fix. It is therapy in a workbook. It is compassionate, comprehensive, and different from other books you may find about divorce due to the therapeutic secrets revealed.

To Stay Or Not To Stay, created for both husbands and wives, offers a path to clarity, guidance, validation of feelings, and support (if you are willing to use honest introspection). After processing the material, you will have more self-confidence, stability, and serenity. The book will defuse feelings of helplessness and empower you to move forward in your life. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life with or without your spouse.

This indispensible book is in full color with illustrations.

Potty Training in Less Than a Day: The Ultimate Guide to Toilet Training Your Child in 24 Hours or Less

by Grace Goldenbloom

Yes, you read that correctly! You can teach your child to use the potty in just one day!

Are you and your little one ready to master the potty together?

For many parents the idea of potty training their child can be daunting. How will you know when your child is ready to ditch those diapers? How long should the process really take? What happens if your child wants nothing to do with the potty?

On the flip side, perhaps you’ve been through the potty training experience before, and it wasn’t a good one. How can you make potty training a success this time around?

Using the Potty Training in Less Than a Day method, your child WILL master that potty! And he or she will become expert potty users in no time flat!

Inside this helpful guide, you’ll find a clear and easily actionable step-by-step plan to help your child to ditch those diapers in 24 hours. You’ll learn:

  • How to tell if your child is ready to put that potty to use.
  • How to help your child to recognize the sensations of needing to use the toilet.
  • How to prepare your child for the potty, using playtime, stories, and conversation.
  • How to build your child’s confidence and independence by training him or her to use the potty without the use of bribes or punishment.
  • How to get your child excited about using the potty when he or she wants nothing to do with it.
  • The right equipment you’ll need to get your child’s potty training off to the best start.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of potty training.
  • What to do if your child continues to wet the bed at night.
  • How to teach children with autism to use the potty.
  • How to handle accidents.

While every child is different, Potty Training in Less Than a Day is a tried and true method that works.

Turn potty training time into a rewarding and bonding experience for both you and your little one, and get ready to ditch those diapers for good!

Tammy’s Potty Training: (toilet training) (children’s book) (rhymes ebook) (family values) (health habits) (The Together Series Book 2)

by Ally Olson

“Tammy’s Potty Training” is a great children’s book for any toddler and her family who are about to embark on the journey of potty training.

Tammy has been wearing a diaper since day one, and now her mother decides to introduce her to the idea of using the family toilet. With a fun and gentle explanation, she learns about the toilet room that everyone goes to once in a while, and what they do there once inside. She becomes curious to try it out. And with encouragement from all her family members, Tammy’s potty training begins.

This e-book is part of “The Together Series,” written and illustrated by author and parenting advisor Ally Olson.

Through this full-color illustrated book your kids will:

– receive a gentle, fun and realistic explanation about growing up and facts of life

– be motivated by a no-pressure toilet training technique

– be encouraged to try new things and keep up with their hygiene and health habits

– experience the togetherness of the family unit

You will NOT find any monsters here, talking toilet seats or any other information that Ally finds to be confusing for children. It is a great instructional book for both parents and kids.

Ally Olson is a children’s books author, a parenting advisor and a mother of two wonderful kids. She focuses on creating the supportive environment and constant motivation essential to our success as parents. Ally’s books assist parents in building positive values and healthy habits, fostering sociability, providing clarity about the world, and creating a sense of togetherness in the family unit.

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Preserving Your Family’s Oral History and Stories

by Thomas MacEntee

Many of us got our start in tracing and preserving our family history based on a story, perhaps one you heard as a child. Do you remember how engaging that story was? Was it the story itself or how the storyteller presented the information? Whatever the reasons, the story had an impact and if not preserved on paper or in an audio recording, that story is somehow preserved in your mind.

Fast forward to the 21st century and it seems that “what’s old is new again” with storytelling one of the hot buzz words. The fact is that oral history and storytelling as it involves family and ancestry has been around ever since humans walked the earth. Before writing forms existed and even as recently as the early 20th century with a lack of vital records, family history was preserved as oral history.

Preserving Your Family’s Oral History and Stories provides you with all the information on the latest methods and tools used to capture and preserve those family stories. In addition, once you’ve learned how it easy it is to build a family archive of stories, you’ll want to share them with others using the tips and tricks provided in this book.

Penguin Girl: A Contemporary Romance Story

by Jane King

Lucy thought she had fallen for Kurt, the incredibly handsome and smoothed tongued man that only ever took her breath away and gave her butterflies. Ever since she first met him at a bar, she was smitten by his allure and bedroom abilities. Was Kurt really the one though? Was he just the one she wanted, but not the one she needed? With a new career and having moved away from home, Kurt was there at the right time, but would his reputation ruin it?

Joseph’s Special Coat

by Misty Wesley

Joseph was a very special boy. He was kind and his father, Jacob, noticed right away. Jacob had Joseph a special coat made of many colors. This made his other siblings very jealous. They plotted to teach him a lesson. They wanted to scare him to death. A caravan of traders rode by and Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. What happens to Joseph? Does he ever get to see his family again? What happens to his coat? What happens at the end? Read on and find out for yourself!!!

The Beauty In Women: What Make Women Beautiful

by Samuel Michael

What Make Women Beautiful is a journal of woman and their beauty.

Manifest Your Ex: My Law of Attraction Guide That Won Him Back

by Betty Tate

Are you filled with sorrow and regret over a failed relationship? Wondering how you can go on without that special someone in your life?

I know how you feel.

Once upon a time I used to feel that the best answer to these disappointments wass to try to turn back the clock and get that person back, but the truth of the matter is, there is much work to be done before this can come about! Finding the love again is always possible.

Manifest Your Ex is my personal roadmap back to a place of love and harmony. With understanding and patience, you too can harness the abundance of positivity that is already within you, and invite your one true love back into your life.

I’ll show you how I did it using the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool that teaches us that we can only attract what we are ready to receive. Asking is easy, believing is manageable but receiving is the hardest of all!

I’ve chosen to share my story here along with my step-by-step guide to bringing you even closer to your heart’s desire.

Complete with personal daily affirmations and meditative guides, you will find simple and soulful exercises to inspire you to greater heights of acceptance, gratitude and self-discovery. At the end of your journey, the great light of love will shine from your open heart, and no matter what, you will be much richer for what you’ve experienced and how you’ve grown! Manifesting your ex and any new lover can be as easy as opening your arms and allowing it to happen.

With love,


A Second Chance at a New Beginning

by Valeria Washington

Have you ever made bad decisions or choices, tragic mistakes or had misguided direction? Then this book, “A Second Chance at a New Beginning” is a must read for you. In her first book, Valeria shares some of her personal life stories that will challenge you, make you laugh or maybe you will cry. Her stories are filled with hope, faith, joy and the courage that you can move forward and enjoy life to the fullest. Allow yourself to move past any failures or mistakes of the past! Everyone needs a SECOND CHANCE. Everyone deserves A NEW BEGINNING.

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