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10 U.S. Government Programs: That Can Affect Your Life And Creep You Out (How Bizarre! With No End In Sight! Book 4)

by Karen Sulprizio

The government has taken many of the scientific technologies that may have started out as a benefit and transcended them to specific military purpose, thereby undermining the original and creating an environment of distrust from the American people.

One could say that the level of suspicion wasn’t always at such an elevated rate. There was a time when a majority of Americans felt a sense of confidence and security with the government, whether it was deserved or not. The amount of information that has been released or leaked that relates to questionable government practices has tainted a majority of our citizens, specifically in reference to the more recent â??Snowden’ whistleblower data.

The more research that one does on these topics, the more is learned that while the United States government is by far not the only one involved in clandestine projects, they do act as a leader within the group. The combination of facts versus disinformation has been a major ploy that the government has taken great pride for the control of the dissemination of data.

If we are to grow as a culture, we must mature beyond tactics that cause doubt in our own country as well as others. There is a fine line between the concept of â??security’ and an abuse of power. To regain trust, those that are the â??keepers’ of the information need to allow better transparency, otherwise the adage of â??absolute power corrupts absolutely’ will be our path of the future.


by AJ

I use to go to gamblers anonymous meetings, in search for answers on â??â??if it was possible to stop gambling and live life like a ordinary human being”, I also had one to one sessions with a multiple gambling councilors, on and off for 5 years, none of this worked for me, and I could not understand how other people were able to stop gambling and not me, why was I so different, what is it that makes me so special that I cant stop but others can, what is it that I am doing wrong, I turn up every week, try and take in as much advice, knowledge and tips from everyone there, but nothing seemed to register in my brain.

Alpha Male: The Complete Guide to Becoming a SUPREME Alpha Male: How to Attract Women, Boost Your Confidence to the Roof, Develop a Magnetic Personality and DOMINATE Every Aspect of Your Life!

by James Beckett

Do You Want to Be the Guy that Every Woman Wants and Every Man Wants to Be?

It’s time to stop making excuses. You’ve always wanted to be the guys who gets the girl, the career, the fancy car and friends who hang on his every word. You’ve dreamed of the day when opportunity came knocking and showed you how to get the lifestyle you know you deserve.

That day is here. You want to be a real man. I want to help you become one. So I’m going to walk you through that process from start to finish.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping men find their inner alpha male, and now I’m here to help YOU

Hi there, my name is James and I’m here to show you how to come out roaring as the alpha male that’s hidden inside you. I’m an expert on what makes men tick, it’s what I do every day. I’ve spent more years than I can remember working out exactly what it is that makes us respect, admire and look up to the alpha males among us. It’s been an incredible ride – and it’s helped me find out what I need to know to make even the most insecure of men, alpha too.

I’m also an alpha male, so I walk the walk just like I’m going to talk the talk. I’m trained, experienced and able to understand why I think the way I think – and why YOU need to think this way, too.

Give me ONE DAY and I’ll show you the secrets of becoming the alpha male you know you can be

Give me one month and I’ll show you how to take the steps you need to take to become that guy FOR LIFE. I’m going to show you what separates the alpha male from the rest of the pack – and how to embody those traits and characteristics for yourself. Sound good?

We’ll take a look at:

  • The confidence barrier that separates the boys from the men
  • The one secret trait that no alpha male can ever succeed without
  • Your step-by-step guide to using your new skills to get EXACTLY what you want
  • The one mistake that causes 99% of the guys to fail and how to ensure you never fall into the same trap
  • And a whole lot moreâ?¦

If you don’t read this guide, the world will forever walk all over you

But this method will change the game – you’ll know how to get everything you ever wanted, guaranteed. I’m going to show you that an alpha male has been hiding inside you all along- you are ten times more likely to get that conversation going with that girl you want if you follow this guide than if you don’t. She’s going to be hanging on every word you say, waiting hours for her phone to buzz and whipping it straight out to see if it’s you – and all for the cost of a new phone case.

Notice the changes in less than a week… or your money back!

If you follow the steps in this guide and you still can’t feel your inner alpha stirring, just click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. I’m so confident that this guide will work for you that I’m willing to take that risk – I know, without a doubt, that I really am going to show you how to win the game of life.

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Prepper Essentials: 22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid (Prepper Essentials, Prepper Essentials books, preppers survival guide)

by Logan Roth

Prepper Essentials (FREE Bonus Included)

22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid

Prepper Essentials: 22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid is a must for new preppers and can be useful to more experienced ones as well. Based on research, it provides a comprehensive guide to the mistakes that can make the difference between succeeding and failing as a prepper. The book takes you along the journey of preparing for all eventualities, and it gives clear, helpful and practical ideas and tips on how to avoid mistakes.

It covers everything, from stocks of food and drinks, storage places, how to keep a functional inventory, how to prepare an escape route, how to make the big decision to bug out, how to behave with your neighbours, how to keep up-to date; it talks about how to introduce a â??prepper diet’, how to have a good transportation plan and much more.

Prepper Essentials: 22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoid is easy to use, with twenty-two chapters, each dealing with one mistake to avoid, explaining what the risks are and then giving ideas on how to avoid it. Prepper Essentials: 22 Common Mistakes Every Prepper Should Avoidis written in an informative but light-to-read tone, with lots of examples given: it is both practical and enjoyable, useful and fun to read.

Contents of the book:

  • Chapter 1 – Planning for short-term solutions only
  • Chapter 2 – Where’s the manual?
  • Chapter 3 – I want my money back!
  • Chapter 4 – I thought I liked it!
  • Chapter 5 – Bad things always come in threes
  • Chapter 6 – I thought it would rain, instead…
  • Chapter 7 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • And much, much more!

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Survival SOS Pantry: Useful Ideas for Keeping Food and Surviving in Immensely Hot Climates (Survival SOS Pantry Books, survival guide, survival preparedness)

by Dana Rice

Survival SOS Pantry (FREE Bonus Included)

Useful Ideas for Keeping Food and Surviving in Immensely Hot Climates

Survival SOS Pantry is a book designed to bring the reader new and innovative solutions to the problems of keeping food and sustaining life under extreme heat and the most difficult of circumstances. While there are many books on survival, there are very few such as this one wherein the problems are very specific, and unique to certain geographical influences.

Survival SOS Pantry will be the ultimate guidebook for dealing with circumstances that have been at the top of virtually every news feed – climate change and drought situations. Fear and panic are crossing the globe as the media continues to incessantly hype up the worst fears of our culture. Hollywood has also had its part to play in the alarming of the citizenry and blockbuster after blockbuster is released teasing and taunting about the worst-case, end of the world dialog.

But Hollywood has gotten some of possible scenarios right.

Survival SOS Pantry is full of tips and tricks to ensure survival, and to sustain life in a manner that will not only provide necessary the basic survival information, but the solutions are actually entertaining and provides a much needed focus for the whole family under times of duress. There are fundamental elements to survival in general and they apply to extreme circumstances such as those discussed in Survival SOS Pantry.

Survival SOS Pantry will address the following situations:

  • Need for protein, hydration
  • Items with a substantial shelf life
  • Creating a pantry
  • Preserving food items
  • Replacement foods

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by Jaz Johnson

Are you a virgin? These girls are.

Ten women, young and old, are interviewed about their virginity. They’re sent a list of questions, and asked to record themselves while answering them. The responses are heart-breaking, heart-warming, and brutally honest. They touch on everything from waiting, to fear, to gender and sexual identity, to just plain not being able to get laid. Take a look at these women’s stories, and let them move, inspire, and entertain you.

A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality: A Mind Adventure

A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality

Have you ever expected imminent death? I survived to write my story! Philosophy questioning and theories inspire science discoveries.

In 1977, a physicist/nuclear engineer became depressed, bipolar, and suicidal in a dysfunctional marriage. Only love for his young children prevented his suicide.

Sporadic episodes continued for 17 years. Psychiatric medications were not working. In 1994, he began an unusual healing and spiritual adventure.

Conflicting neck, and facial, exercises extended his mind to emotional limits. The brain and muscles heal, and abilities expand after being stretched to limits.

The brain creates the mind, and, recursively, the mind reflects control to the brain. Neuroscience models of the brain, and physics and philosophy based models of the mind and God, developed foundations for long healing and spiritual processes.

Predicting inner sensation reactions from exercises channeled his unusual approach for healing bipolar, and possibly PTS or other stress, disorders. The author has not had an episode for 20 years – a monumental success!

His work was kept separate from mental health and spiritual authorities. They would have discredited his discoveries.

Expected imminent death, bipolar disorder, and inner healing have stimulated creative thinking. Spiritual messages received, Christianity, philosophy, physics, and cosmology were integrated to model God as his brand of spirituality. Jesus was and is God’s gift to all who believe in Him.

Creative models include: consciousness, omniscience, and omnipresence. Cultivated principles build truthful beliefs.

Light and gravity waves communicate perfectly throughout the universe. Humans can only interpret God’s perfect spiritual waves with fragile imperfect words.

There will not be peace on earth unless “perfect” religions learn spiritual compassion and reason to unite and integrate for worshipping God, and for loving and caring for all of humanity.

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