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Tennis Ball Self-Massage: Little Known Ways to Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain Instantly (Tennis Ball Self Massage,Tennis Ball Massage, Massage Therapy)

by Laura Bennett

The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Ball Self Massage

* * *Essential techniques to STOP muscle and joint pain * * *

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Healing your back or joint pain is now a matter of a few minutes. No medications or therapies, just by simply exercising with a tennis ball you can enjoy a happy and pain-free life. You may question if this is possible. Yes, it is actually possible and obviously by 100% natural ways.

This book is all you need to figure out all the techniques and steps of curing joint and muscle pain have been perfectly described. Both beginners and others can learn how to alleviate tight muscles, back pain and joint sore with the tennis ball self-massage. In this book, you will find different exercising methods for relieving pain from your specific body parts. This book has been written with extensive research on this subject and it is easy to understand.

By reading this book, you will get the best advices to eliminate your joint and back pain within ten minutes. From my personal experience, I can say that this book comes in handy all while saving you thousands of dollars. Therefore, everyone should read the book to discover the secret techniques of easing back and joint pain by using the easiest and most inexpensive method, namely the tennis ball self-massage.

Here Is A Quick Peak Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

� Chest pain-fighting moves with a tennis ball

� Tense shoulder-fighting moves with a tennis ball

� Tight neck-fighting moves with a tennis ball

� Stiff knees-fighting moves with a tennis ball

� Upper back tension-fighting moves with a tennis ball

� Much, much more!

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Snakes: 15 Weirdest Snakes in The World! Fun Facts, Pictures and More! (Snake Fun Facts, Snake Pictures, Snake Facts for Kids, Weird Snake, Snake Books) (Weirdest Animals in the World!)

by Keith Ownsby

Meet 15 WEIRDEST SNAKES You Probably Never Knew Existed!!

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This book encourages children to discover and learn about the amazing world of snakes and their nature in general, and to understand more about their fascinating characteristics. It comes with amazing, beautiful pictures with additional information for you to talk about and enjoy with your child throughout the book.

The most interesting part of this book is it includes the 15 weirdest snakes that will help to get your child interested and excited in learning more about this amazing animal.

The following is a bit of what you will find inside this book:

– Introduction to the fascinating world of snakes

– All about snakes in general

– Some myths about snakes

– The 15 weirdest snakes and the bizarre aspects of them all

– Pop quizzes with answers to help you keep your child more involved and keep conversation going.

This book will definitely entertain your child of any age (and even you) as well as educate him/her about snakes at the same time.


*** Your child will love this book – I guarantee it! ***

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Cold Dark Keto: Winter Simulation for Optimal Health

by Steven Thomas

Life follows seasonal cycles. Ignoring these cycles causes imbalance and disease. Our modern lifestyle ignores the biological signals of winter, leading to the epidemic rise of obesity, cancer, mental illness, and chronic disease. Cold Dark Keto explains how to follow a winter simulation to achieve optimal health.

Don’t Judge M.E.

by Sue Harris

Many people are diagnosed each year with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have suffered from the condition for four years now and wanted to write an easy to read practical A – Z that will help you and your family/friends understand a very difficult invisible illness. M.E. devastates lives- this book is written from first hand experience after a lot of research and personal suffering. Don’t be an M.E. sufferer ……….be an M.E. fighter and most of all don’t suffer alone.

Dictionary of Physics

by Girish Kumar Palvai

Ultimate reference book for all levels, which provides qualitative definitions to thousands of Physics words. The dictionary covered words from all branches of physics.

Kayaking With Kids: Easy Cape Cod Day Trips for the Entire Family

by Carole Ann Moleti

Children and families love flock to the beaches and ponds of Cape Cod but the complex ecosystems are vulnerable to damage by overzealous visitors who can do terrible harm without even realizing it.

Kids love to play in sand, but can seriously damage dunes and marsh grasses, which disrupts runoff patterns, which erode beaches during storms. The delicate creatures they love to track and catch can easily be injured or killed even by moving them from one part of the beach to another that is not a suitable habitat. Water, weather, and wind are serious hazards when care is not taken in water craft.

This book incorporates field tested strategies for safe kayaking and water sports, including involving children in not only enjoying but also learning about the environment.

Carole Ann Moleti and her family spend winters sliding down steep, icy Northeastern slopes and summers on the lakes, rivers, beaches, and bays of Long Island Sound, upstate New York, and Cape Cod. A New York City native, she grew up on The Bronx waterfront where she learned to swim, sail, pilot a motorboat, and lifeguard. Carole’s time as a resident of Boston, and many summers spent on Cape Cod with extended family, inspired her to write this guide.

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