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Tony Robbins: 29 Inspirational Life Lessons and wisdom: Most Inspirational Life Lessons And Quotes From Tony Robbins( Achieve Your Dreams, Unlock Your Potential, Motivational Quotes)

by Inspiring Life Lessons

Want Inspiration To Get More Happiness In Life?

Are you tired of your life? Is your life not what you expect it to be? Are you not getting enough satisfaction from your life?

The truth is we want more freedom, we want more life and we want to improve our experiences in life.

One way achieve this is with the help of the most inspiring and motivational people.

In this book, we have provided you with the most important and inspirational lessons and life quotes that Tony has to offer, You will immidiately see how you motivation will skyrocket, join us live a better life.

Tony Robbins :29 Inspiring Life Lessons and Wisdom

Are you ready to take massive action to change your life?

You can make the change now, one small step at a time.

Discover strategies that you can use to build a better life

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to succeed in life with inspirational quotes and lessons from motivational life coach, speaker and author Tony Robbins. Anthony â??Tony’ Robbins is one of the most popular and liked coaches in the world and provides incredibly perceptive views on the world. He has published three best-selling books, Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game which all focus on the incredible abilities we all have within us to take control of our lives. He helps us to focus on the positive, to believe in ourselves and to grab life and enjoy every moment of it.

In this book I am going to introduce you to Tony’s 29 lessons and wisdom. A great idea would be to read one lesson every morning and use this as a positive influencer to get you to where you want to be in life. In a nutshell, these life lessons will help you to realize, unlock and achieve your dreams.

With the introduction of Lessons and Wisdoms, we are condensing every important lesson and wisdoms into a quick read so you can get the results you want FAST

Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?

Don’t hesitate and download your copy now. Refund it if you didn’t like it.

Real Estate: 25 Best Strategies for Real Estate Investing, Home Buying and Flipping Houses

by Joyce Addison

Do You Want To Dominate Real Estate Investing?

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Are you interested in flipping houses? Are you in the process of buying your first home? Do you want to make passive income?

With these expert tips learn how to dominate at real estate. You’ll be well on your way to passive income and becoming financially free with this easy guide.

Within this book’s pages, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics include.

  • The 5 Main Strategies to Get You Started
  • The 5 Deal Makers
  • Ownership and Acquisition Rights
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Real Estate
  • Knowing When To Buy and Hold

This book breaks down into easy-to-understand modules. It starts from the very beginning of real estate investing, so you can get great results – even as a beginner!

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You’ll be happy you did!

Persuasion: The Subtle Art: How to Influence People to Always Get YOUR Way and What YOU Want (Mind Hacks, Persuasion, Influence, Psychology, Compliance Gaining, Human Behavior, Book 4)

by Hanif Raah

Persuasion – The Subtle Art

How to influence people to always get YOUR way and what YOU want

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The “Art of Persuasion” is synonymous with power. If you have the talent and the skill then you can get whatever you want, wherever you go. We all know people who are excellent at persuasion. They can literally do anything they want, because they know how to get others to agree to do what they want. The applications of such a talent are limitless. It’s like the Providence has placed a magic wand in your hand.

Is it possible that YOU learn this art? Is this a skill that can be appropriated, developed and perfected? The answer is a resounding, “YES!”. Anyone can learn this art and anyone can perfect it with the right know-how and enough practice.

The question is, would you like to have the power of influencing anyone you want or have them do exactly as you bid? If you answer in the affirmative, this eBook is written for YOU.

Everything you need to know about how to influence people to do your bidding is explained here step by step. This is no magical cure or miracle; it is a science or skill that you can learn and perfect.

Here is your opportunity to learn how to apply persuasion skills to have people listen to you and want to do things for you for the asking. It is not difficult if you know how!

Here’s a sneak peak of some the things you will learn:

  • What words you need to choose to win people over to your side?
  • What factors will compel people to comply with your request
  • How to become irresistibly popular wherever you go and get things done
  • What mistakes you need to watch out for when you ask a favor
  • What is body language and how can you apply it to influence people
  • What words get people to say “YES” even when they want to say “NO”
  • and much, much more!

You can have this power; the power to have people literally obey you and still be happy about it; the power that will enable you to have your way every time you want, as many times you want.

Read this eBook and learn to use the infinite power of persuasion to achieve your goals in your personal and professional life.

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Finance: Money Management, Budgeting, Investing & Planning For Retirement: Financial Blueprint To Success (Finance, Money, Money Management, Investing, Passive Income, Budgeting)

by Richard Money

Finance: Money Management, Budgeting, Investing & Planning For Retirement -Financial Blueprint To Success!

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Turn Your Financial Burden Into Financial Freedom!

Are you interested in:

  • Proven Strategies For Financial Stability
  • The Correct Way to Budget and Benefit
  • Proven Steps to Money Management
  • Handpicked – Retirement Benefits Just for You!

If you answered YES to the desire for financial freedom then this book is for YOU! Don’t waste another minute. Time is money. Act now! Your FREEDOM is waiting on you. One simple purchase could change your life forever. Take the challenge. You’re worth it!


Business Plan: Best Proven Techniques to Writing a Successful Business Plan to Maximize a Profitable Business (Job Interview,Negotiating,Sales,Resumes,Persuasion,Business Plan Writing Book 3)

by Brian Gadsen

Do You Want To Know How To Write A Business Plan?

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Do you have a business idea? Would you like to know the proper way to write a business plan and present it? In this simple guide we first give you an overview of what exactly a business plan is and to maximize it’s importance for your business. A lot of times having the right business plan in place for execution is what causes businesses to soar. Inside we give the best techniques on how to fully optimize your business plan and guarantee those profits come overflowing in!

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Kindle Bestseller Launch For Introverts: How to Successfully Launch a Book and Become Amazon Best Selling Author without a Platform, Social Media, Street Team, Money, Networking, Family or Friends

by D.S. Orwell

Launch a Kindle Bestseller On Your Own!!

This book is best suited for a new self-publisher who already wrote a book, who is about to embark on the Amazon self-publishing adventure, and doesn’t have any capital to work with.

– If you don’t have a platform, if you don’t have any social media reach, if you don’t have a “network” or a “tribe” or a “street team,” or if you don’t have powerful online friends with lots of followers, then you are in the right place!

– If your social reach is small and your platform is a failed blog, then this is a book that will help you.

– If you are an introvert or a reclusive writer, horrified by the thoughts about marketing your work, then this is the book for you.

However, you won’t find any information here on how to brainstorm a topic for your book or how to pick a niche or how to commit yourself writing 2000 words per day. This information is for authors who have already written a book and are getting ready to publish it.

I used this launch strategy and I hit Amazon #1 four times and all my other titles launched this way became at least #4 in their categories.

Would You Like To Know More?

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A Video Game Dynasty: The Complete History Of Nintendo

by Morton Publishing

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Nintendo!

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at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Since 1972 Nintendo has reigned control in the video game industry. It is no accident that Nintendo is the largest video game company in the world. In this book you will discover Nintendo history that dates all the way back to the 1800s when Nintendo first started out as a card company. You’ll also read about the breakthroughs, hardships, and adversity that lead Nintendo to the sterling company it is today.

Download your copy today!

Take action today and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Nintendo! Download this book “A Video Game Dynasty: The Complete History Of Nintendo” for a limited time discount of only $3.99!

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Evernote: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Life with Evernote

by Michael Wire

Discover How To Organize Your Life with Evernote

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Evernote is one of the few organization and note taking software that delivers exactly what it promises – everything in your life in one place. You need this single application for staying in control of your business, career, school and household responsibilities.

This eBook will tackle the key features of Evernote and how you can apply them for every day uses, including

  • Installing, Creating, and Accessing Notes in All Devices
  • Mastering the Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 20+ Practical Everyday Uses for Evernote
  • Using Evernote for Business/Work Collaboration for Free
  • And Many More!

Download your copy today!

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Amazon Seller: Which Amazon Seller Course

by Sophia Truman


This book will compare the David and Goliath of Amazon Seller courses and find out once and for all which one provides most value.

There are many Amazon seller courses out there. We have waded through and found 2 courses stand out amongst the crowd. These courses are very different in their nature and level of financial commitment. In this book we share which of the 2 we believe reigns supreme as the best time and money investment.

Following an Amazon Seller course is vital for your success online. However, while we certainly encourage investing in yourself one must also do so with clarity and know that you are making the best investment that your time and money can provide. This guide provides that clarity and leaves you the peace of mind to know you can start the path to an incredible Amazon business in good hands.

Note of Transparency: Both companies have offered us different sized commissions though affiliate links in the book. We promise we will NOT be persuaded by commission size but by added value and will ONLY provide a link to the course which we feel gives you the most for your money. See you inside!


Counseling: Career Development Strategies To Discover The Work You Love, And Make The Career Change Now!

by John Hughes

Counselling: Career Development Strategies To Discover The Work You Love, And Make The Career Change Now!

The global village of life is a modern day type of living that is shaping the world and the job market. It is the new landscape of the present and future workforce. As a result the choices you make with the career path you choose has to take the entire picture into focus. You have to decide what your goals are, and how you will achieve them.

These are tough decisions and even tougher choices. That is why you need all the help you can get. And that is why this book was written. It was written for you, because your development is important.

Here you are told:

“If you lack self-confidence then you tend to become a victim of your own situations. Any plan you prepare related to your current and future career path, you should believe that it will happen.”

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A true and wise reasoning discussedin detail to help you, it will then help you to identify the following:: “You need to identify and list down your strengths and limitations pertaining to the Organization, your ability from current and future perspective. Personal strengths could be in the form of technical, planning, designing and physical skills.”

You will also learn:

  • Career development

  • The strategy that works

  • Career path to life

SCROLL to the top of the page and select the BUY button for instant download

How can you even double think your selection of this book? You are young, or you are seeking a change from the road you have been treading so far, whatever the case may be, you need to do so in the best possible way for your happiness and independence. So, make the investment in this book, invest in your future decisions and choices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking time is on your side; opportunity happens if you allow it. So, learn how to with this book.

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Thriftology 101: Make Money Flipping Items At Thrift Store Prices For Retail Profits (Flipping, Thrift, Thrifting, eBay, Amazon FBA, Craigslist, How To Make Money, Buying, Selling)

by Michelle Davenport

Thriftology 101: Make Money Flipping Items At Thrift Store Prices For Retail Profits

You’re about to discover the JOY and EXCITEMENT of the hunt.

Not many things can provide instant gratification but through this guide you will not only find that but also, a source of income you would have never imagined from a very UNTAPPED and not well known source.

This guide will show you why Thrift Stores are not only great hunting and play grounds for profit but why so many people are missing this opportunity. This guide is going to set you in the right direction to solving all your financial needs, with little to nothing of out of pocket expenses. If you have the drive, the need, and the want for financial freedom. Let your education begin here. Welcome to Thriftology 101

By reading Thriftology 101, you will learn:

  • What Is Thrifting?
  • What Tools Of The Trade Will You Need?
  • Deciding What To Buy
  • Where To Sell Your Items
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Understanding Thrift Store Language
  • What Type Of Thrift Stores Are Best To Source At?
  • Step-By-Step Guide & Checklist

This guide is designed to help you understand various attributes around thrifting so that you can easily make some money flipping items at thrift store prices for some retail profits.

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Debt Help: How To Get Out Of Debt Fast And Start Saving Money

by Brooke Patrick

Get the debt help you have been needing today!

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Finally learn the steps and strategies you need to take to escape your debt and become financially free! Debt is so common these days, you are not alone! This book teaches you ways to overcome this obstacle and get your finances and life back on track!

In this book you will find useful and life changing information about…

  • Confronting your debt head on
  • Steps to repay your debt
  • Starting to save money
  • Living within your means
  • Preparing for your retirement and future
  • Ways to make extra money
  • And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Small Business: Small Business Financing – 7 Ways to Raise Cash Fast with Business Loans! (Small Business, Small Business Financing, Funding, Business … Loans, Grants, Small Business Tips)

by Michael Cleese

Get the Financing You Need to Grow Your Small Business!

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Do you own a business? Would you like to build a thriving company and quit your 9-5 job? Are your entrepreneurial dreams held back because you need better financing?

Many businesses fail because they don’t have the funds they need to grow. When you download Small Business Financing – The Naked Truth: 7 Secrets to Raising Cash Fast, you’ll learn how access cash fast and handle any cash-flow challenges that come your way.

Small Business Financing – The Naked Truth teaches you:

– ï?? The 7 most common cash flow mistakes – and how to avoid them

– ï?? The 8 very best techniques for easily surviving any critical moment of cash shortages

– ï?? The finest tools and systems for managing and mastering your company’s finances

You’ll learn the power of the 3 Magic numbers, how to avoid last-minute crises, and what to do when crunch-time hits and you need to fix your finances – fast!

Download Small Business Financing – The Naked Truth: 7 Secrets to Raising Cash Fast now, and give your business the cash-flow fuel it needs to succeed!

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Options Trading: Strategies for SUCCESS (w/ BONUS CONTENT): Your guide to PROFITABLE Stock Options Trading Strategies! (Investing Basics, Investing, Stocks, … Options Strategies, Options Made Easy)

by F.R. Commerce

Become a Great Options Strategist in No Time!

– Follow-up to the #1 Best Seller on Amazon Kindle for Stock Options –


(find most of them at the back of the book!)

PLUS: BONUS downloads to ALL future updates to this book for FREE

How well do you know about options trading?

Do you want to learn how to take it to the next level?

Well then this book is for you!

From this, you’ll learn some amazing options strategies to help you take your options trading game to the next level.

Become Bulletproof in Options Trading

Are you easily influenced by your emotions?

Sometimes many beginner traders are,

and this book will show you how to contain your emotions in options trading!

Spreads for Options Trading

You will learn some of the basic spreads, along with some advanced ones, and how they affect your investments in order to gain a better return.


  • – how to Contain your Emotions
  • – how to not follow the herd in options trading
  • – the secrets of options trading
  • – more about bear and bull spreads
  • – advanced spreads and how they come about
  • – how to become stronger in options trading
  • – the importance of not early calling in options Trading
  • – how to not follow the pack and become the best options strategist out there.
  • – and Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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English Grammar Made Easy: Student Handbook

by Stephen W Bradeley

English grammar can be quite easy to understand. Unless of course you are a second language speaker. This short and simple book was designed to help second language English students. It uses simple, easy to understand diagrams and explanations. Use the book alongside your other English language textbooks simply as a quick reference.

Small Business: Quick and Easy Guide to Marketing, Business and the Digital Generation – 2 Book Bundle

by Amanda Eliza Bertha

Small Business: Quick and Easy Guide to Marketing, Business and the Digital Generation – 2 Book Bundle.

Two Web Marketing Books Inside:

– Quickly Dominate Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide Top Tips to Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Viral Marketing.

– SEO: Search Engine Optimization – Quickly Learn How to Dominate the Search Engines and What You Need to Know About the Google Panda and Penguin.

This book takes a look at Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing.

Amanda’s other books:

Anti-Aging Guide Top Tips: Inspiration and Helpful Advice to Help You Feel Gorgeous and Look Younger.

Economic Crisis: World Food System – The Battle against Poverty, Pollution and Corruption

Home Quick Makeovers Top Tips: Learn How to Design, Decorate and Furnish Your Ideal Home.

Flood Your Websites and Blogs with Free Traffic: Quickly Learn How to Send Visitors to Your Web Sites.

Forex Trading Strategy: Discover the Missing Piece

by Max Dymon

This book sets out the successful method I have used for over 15 years to achieve continual profit with his Forex trading strategy.

You will discover that by finding this missing piece and learning how to use it to your advantage will add dollars to your Forex trading account month in month out

The methods and observations you are taught in this book will set you on the right path to understanding what the missing piece is, and what steps to take to achieve your trading goals and preserve your trading account by utilizing this missing piece of Forex trading.

If you lose your account balance, you don’t trade. If you don’t trade you lose so many opportunities to create wealth whilst learning to trade FOREX.

Finding and understanding the missing piece is the key to a sustainable profitable Forex trading strategy.

In this book you will learn to:

* Observer the movement of the trade

* Read the price action

* Understand money management

* Preserve your capital

* Show a profit when your win/loss ratio is les than 50%

* Understand greed and revenge trading

* Accept that losses are a part of winning

* Have faith knowing this valuable missing piece works to your


The methods, observations, money management, and capital preservations will create a profitable Forex trading account over time.

Whether you are a â??newbie’ or you are a seasoned Forex trader this will help you trade profitably and consistently.

I have written this book, as an up-dated version of my previous books that I felt did not precisely give the complete details of the missing Forex trading strategy. There are new sections and illustrations that came about by comments and a yearning for clearer information from my followers of my website.

Good trading

Max Dymon

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