Free history Kindle books for 03 May 15

How much of the Bible did William Shakespeare Write?

by Xavier James

Did William Shakespeare Write Psalms?

100 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland: A Guide To Irish History and Civilization

by Brighid O’Sullivan

This book is for anyone Irish or anyone interested in Irish history and the wonderful facts Ireland stands for like scientific achievements that no other country can boast of, the reason St Patrick is an American holiday and why the saint was shunned by the church., how it was an Irishman who discovered a cure for leprosy and Harry Ferguson from County Down nicknamed the “mad mechanic” built and flew his own airplane and developed the first four wheel drive formula one car, and other just plain fun facts in Irish History you may not be aware of. Do yo wish you knew more about your Irish ancestors? Do you live in Ireland and know little about her history beyond the Great Famine and the Troubles? Do you long to visit this beautiful island that is smaller than New York state yet so rich in history and folklore, some feel it an untouchable destination? Just plain curious about Ireland? Then this book is for you.

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