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Tarot: A Beginner Friendly Guide to Unveiling The Secrets of Tarot Cards (Tarot, Tarot Cards For Beginners, Tarot Reads)

by Alicia Stevens

Tarot 101


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The First Step

This book is filled with information about the Tarot and its application in daily life. It also provides information about the origin and development of the tarot. Looking for a guide in starting your Tarot card reading? This book will be your first step and more!

Explore The Cards

Human beings seem to have always had a fascination with the unknown, and with having control over their circumstances. There are a range of fortune telling tools that exist in the world today, but none is as popular as reading Tarot cards. Tarot cards give clear messages that are easy to interpret once one has adequate experience in discerning the meaning of these cards. They provide simple and quick ways to get answers to the mysteries of life, so that life can be dealt with and improved. Use this book to explore the cards as a beginner, and experience the freedom of knowledge.

A Small Preview…

  • Learn about the history of the Tarot and its connection with fortune telling
  • Learn about the different types of tarot decks and how to make your selection
  • Learn about the variety of ways that people read their tarot cards, including information on a range of spreads
  • Learn about how to differentiate between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana
  • Learn about the power of your intuition and how it can guide you when you are consulting the tarot cards
  • Learn about the techniques that you can learn that will help you memorize the information on your tarot cards
  • Learn some quick tips that will help you speed up the learning process for tarot reading
  • Much Much More
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How to Play Chess: Beginner’s Guide to Learn to Play Chess at the Right Way!

by Jenny Davis

How to Play Chess: Beginners Guide to Learn to Play Chess at the Right Way

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You’re about to discover the process of playing chess and the process of performing better in this game. From this book, you will get the knowledge over the proven steps and strategies of playing chess. This book contains a lot of pictures as well which will help you to understand the process of playing this game clearly.

Discover how to perform well from beginning by reading this book as it contains all the tips and tricks on basic things.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to place all the pieces of chess
  • What are the proper movement of pieces of chess
  • How to get started with chess
  • Tips and tricks of performing well
  • Common mistakes of playing chess
  • Important quotes of playing chess
  • Much, much more!

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