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The Stranger: by Harlan Coben | Summary & Analysis

by Book*Sense

The Stranger: by Harlan Coben | Summary & Analysis

This is a Summary & Analysis of The Stranger. Harlan Coben’s The Stranger is a provocative crime thriller that will leave the reader guessing until its final pages. Set in the comforts of small town suburbia it invokes the theory that nothing is as it seems and sometimes the fairy tale with the white picket fence is just that – a fairy tale. Adam Price learns the hard way that the truth doesn’t necessarily set you free and sometimes it can do more harm than the deception itself.

When Adam Price is approached by the stranger at a youth athletics meeting he is ill-prepared for the life-altering information the man presents to him. Learning of his wife’s deceptions from a completely unfamiliar person is even more unsettling than the secrets themselves. That conversation changes the course of Adam’s life forever and when he confronts Corinne her guarded response is puzzling. Then his wife turns up missing and Adam knows the only thing he can do is search for the stranger and get to the bottom of Corinne’s disappearance once and for all.

This companion to The Stranger also includes the following:

– Book Review

– Story Setting Analysis

– Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel

– Details of Characters & Key Character Analysis

– Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed

– Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for both Readers & Book Clubs

– Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbolsâ?¦

– And Much More!

This Analysis of Harlan Coben’s novel fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.


by Angela Hunt

When a group of college friends reunites for a trip to the Marshall Islands, they find themselves stranded on an uncharted island unlike any they’ve seen in the vicinity. They list their prioritiesâ??find water, food, and a way off the islandâ??but the place itself opens their eyes to realities beyond their comprehension. Six friends accept one invitation and take an unexpected journey that changes their lives forever.


by Sabrina Chase

Young Jin survives on his own in the streets of Thama, using his wits and climbing skills to find food and shelter. On a bitterly cold night, desperate to avoid freezing, he enters the burned wreckage of a long-abandoned warehouse searching for anything of value. Searching despite the dangerâ??for the warehouse once belonged to jinxers, and no one knows how their magic works…or how long it remains. Jin discovers a beautiful crystal sphere in the ashesâ??and suddenly finds himself transported to the desert world of Darha.

His foreign appearance immediately brands him an outsider, and he must rely on his Darha friends to conceal him from the mysterious rulers of the local fort. But Jin must face the fort’s dangersâ??for inside may lie the key to his return to Thama…and the key to his own hidden magic powers.

Shabbat Monsters (Jewish Monsters Book 1)

by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

*** Kindle version FREE when you buy the print version (or borrow free with Kindle Unlimited) ***

“Shabbat monsters love to play

On their holy special day.

Love to skip and dance around…

Can’t you hear that rumbly sound?”

Shabbat is a sad time for one newcomer who just doesn’t feel like he fits in. Will the other monsters let him join in the fun?

Find out in a fun rhyming tale that’s sure to bring out the Shabbat monster in everyone!

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Childrens Book : Fun facts about Egypt: (Ancient Egypt for kids) (Ages 4 – 12)

by Merrily Home

Ancient civilizations for kids (Introduction to ancient Egypt with pictures)

This is an amazing and fascinating picture book for your kids. It takes you on an introductory journey of ancient Egyptian civilization. Its easy to comprehend and has lots of fun facts coupled with bright and colourful pictures about the culture and society of ancient Egypt.

It is really quick and easy to download this book, and it can be read on an iPad, Kindle, Tablet or other mobile device supporting Kindle books.

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