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Ghetto Slam

This is a preview of the Book Ghetto Slam. Full Version comes out on November 30, 2014. Do Enjoy.

Here is an excerpt…

They challenged each other to a stare down. They were comparative mirrors of themselves and he knew that despite her pomp she was very much like him. Kitty snorted and it was clear to her now more than ever that he used her and she was outraged that she had somehow allowed it if not instigated it. Kitty retreated; she bit her lips to hold back the tears. She was a strong woman. The car purred to life and the tall shadowy figure of the boy she had the most earthshaking sex with a few nights ago gaped at her with contempt from behind the glass.

She raced into traffic and a push cart man swung his arm at her motor car belting out expletives, scolding Kitty for her reckless driving. She wanted to go home but first she needed to be one with the wind. She listened to the sound of the cars whooshing by and drank in the bubbly nature of the people heading into the Chinese owned supermarkets and knew she was finally home. Home always found her in her moments of despair. It found her in the men she fell in love with, her preference of music and her basic outlook on life. Tom was a good man but he was safe and Kitty never liked safe, she was reckless and risqué like the malefactor blood that ran in her veins. She could not run from it. The Ghetto was not just a place; it was a state of mind. She always thought she was running from the Ghetto but the Ghetto was with her even to the deepest corners of the earth for the Ghetto was her. You could not run away from yourself.


by K.J. Stevens

CUTTING TEETH is a collection of short stories and journal entries from K.J. Stevens.

The Vampire Leprechaun of Fire Mountain: A Bizarro Fantasy (The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane Book 5)

by Wendy C Allen

The Vampire Leprechaun of Fire Mountain: Autistic, transvestite Moon Elf necromancer Quaraun and his friends Unicorn, BeaLuna, and Bullgaar change course for Fire Mountain only to get lost in a Faerie forest haunted by an undead FarDarrig.

LONG SUMMARY: BeaLuna, Bullgaar, and Unicorn have all been teasing Quaraun, pretty much about everything, from the way he dresses to his countless phobias to his ill health and especially for his being too stupid to live.

Quaraun is the last surviving Moon Elf. The only survivor of a Lich attack that wiped out the entire population of Moon Elves, save Quaraun, the smallest, weakest, stupidest, most sickly Moon Elf of them all. In a brutal world where survival of the fittest rules, Quaraun should not have survived, and yet here he is. There is no logical reason why he is still alive and his three companions do not let him forget it.

Not one of his friends sees anything wrong, mean, or hurtful in what they are saying and think they are making good jokes. Quaraun says nothing and allows them to push him around, but inside he’s seething and plotting to kill them.

While the emotionless Elf takes the bullying for months on end, he’s not happy with the things his friends are saying to and about him and it slowly eats away at his mind, until one day the emotionless Elf starts acting uncharacteristically emotional. In a fit of rage, Quaraun declares they are heading to Fire Mountain.

For months Quaraun has talked of going to Fire Mountain, but his friends joked at that as well, for no one goes to Fire Mountain. Fire Mountain is a volcano, sitting in the heart of Pepper Valley. The infamous Lich Lord who killed the Moon Elves, built his palace in the caves underneath the mountain, and for centuries no one has dared set foot in Pepper Valley, least of all to go to the home of the Elf Eater: Fire Mountain.

Quaraun’s companions think he is joking until he packs up and makes the long trek towards Pepper Valley, in the Realm of Fae. But to get to Fire Mountain they have to go through a Faerie Forest rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of FarDarrig the Vampire Leprechaun, servant of the Elf Eater.

This is a 48,541 word novel (about 151 printed pages) Bizarro Fantasy novel, set in a quasi-Medieval world of Elves and Faeries. Though each story can be read on their own, The Vampire Leprechaun of Fire Mountain is Volume 5 of a 130 part continuing serial.

Pilgrim’s Bay

by KJ Stevens

“Pilgrim’s Bay” is the story of one man’s attempt to rise from personal tragedy and find a better way. Aden, the novel’s protagonist, is Holden Caulfield meets Jake Barnes. He is bright and quirky, tough and noble, but his self-destructive nature and lack of concern for others prevents him from leading a loving, fulfilling life. Aden is in danger of becoming another in a long line of Pilgrim’s Bay drunks. Just another washed up might-have-been living from hangover to hangover. Aden’s chance at redemption comes in the form of confronting personal tragedy. One death at a time. He finds his mother dead on the bathroom floor. His father disappears while navigating the rough waters of Lake Huron. And he loses his best friend in a freak fishing accident. All the while, Aden is struggling to forgive himself and his ex-girlfriend, Kali for the loss of their unborn child. But there is hope for Aden, and if anything “Pilgrim’s Bay” is a story of redemption as Aden comes to define man’s ability to rise from the depths of personal tragedy and endure.

The One Way (Changes Book 1)

by Ted Persinger

The black eye of unmerciful ruin turned on Danny Shields one day. Hot May afternoon. Carjacking gone wrong. He stares into the eyes of his dying wife. He fails to protect her…he gives way to panic and fear. On that roadside black asphalt everything he holds dear is crushed under the cruel heel of the gods. Home, career, and investments all become meaningless to him in that crack of a gun. The shame of his reaction overcomes him, and he is unable to adequately cope with the loss he feels responsible for. He has to leave. Every news report condemns him. Every murmur judges him. Every aspect of his life reminds him of his loss. He travels to Mexico to relive their brief honeymoon. After falling ill, he begins a “one way” trip…only moving forward and never going back. He becomes morally ambiguous. Danny travels to Cambodia and Thailand, all in an attempt to find himself…to build a new life after his old life resets to zero. He’s on a collision course with karma and fate.

The One Way is a character-driven novel that explores Danny’s travels and changing life view over a one-year period.

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