Free poetry Kindle books for 03 May 15



THIS IS A POEM CELEBRATING CANADA. This work celebrates freedom, and choice, and recognizes a country Canadians can truly be proud of.

A Candle for You

by JDP


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The Migraine

by JDP

Romance Poem

JDP Poetry


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by JDP


Wine and Spirits

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Out of Order: Adventures in Time and Place

by Roy Everitt

The third collection of poems, following Betjeman and Larkin Were the Same and the acclaimed Irregular Beats of the Heart. This new collection ranges from the intensely personal and enigmatic to the universal (and perhaps perplexing). Humour, hope and heartbreak all have their place in a universe that is more than a little Out of Order.

Present Beauty

by Jason Donald Partington

How a simple rose, can mean so more.

Really Gud Pomes: A Short Book of Satirical Poetry and Crude Humor

by Amir Abed

Really Gud Pomes is a short book of satirical poetry injected with crude humor and multisyllable rhymes.

Something written, yet unwritten

by Chandni Hemdev

A book of poems, a collection of those teenage feelings, emotions and a memoranda of some mystic nostalgia.


by JDP


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Hope Is Within

by Patrick Howard

This my life journey to you. In this poetry you will know my heart. You will know my walk with God. May it inspire you on your journey. You need only to look within to find hope. Be well my reader. May you always walk in the Light.

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