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Preppers : Food and Survival Guide: Survival Pantry (Prepping, End Of World, Natural Disasters, Nuclear War, Homesteading)

by Brenda Foster

Stop Worrying and Learn How to Prepare Your Home – and Protect Your Family!

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How do you prepare your home for a disaster? What will you eat and drink in an emergency? What other supplies should you gather? If these sound like your worries, then Survival Pantry is the book for you!

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This book is chock full of tips, advice, and ideas. You’ll learn which foods to gather, how to store them – and how to store your water supplies, as well. You’ll also learn what to do if your supplies run out.

Survival Pantry also teaches you how to protect your home against intruders, especially in the chaos that can come after a major catastrophe. Remember, your supplies can’t do you any good unless you protect them and your family!

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The Heathen Woman: A Practical Approach

by Annette e. Neumann

The Heathen Woman is a straight forward work that discusses common themes in Heathen lore and history that are still very relevant in the common lives of modern women. From discussions on ancient goddess cults, heroines, spirituality and practice, The Heathen Woman not only offers personal insight on Heathenism today but also offers up more on the women and goddesses that established the limits of greatness in the Heathen Faith. Every copy purchased will aid conservation efforts of organizations like the Arbor Day Foundation among others.

Enlightenment Boxset: Minimalism, Journaling, Yoga, and Meditation Basics for a Life of Health and Inner Peace (Simplicity, Happiness, Fulfillment and Enlightenment Book 5)

by Sid Akula

Achieve inner peace, mental clarity and reduce stress!

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The Challenge:

You would love to get some peace and reduce stress in today’s busy lifestyle.

  • The minimalist lifestyle will help you reconcile the ‘things’ in your life
  • Journaling is one of the best methods to articulating what’s in your head
  • For a super healthy mind and body, Yoga is hard to beat
  • The basics of meditation will help to quiet that monkey mind and provide inner peace

The Solution:

In this book, you will find the solutions you’re looking for. You will soon see the power behind these four techniques for achieving inner peace, stress relief, a healthy mind and body… contentedness. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to move from beginner to practitioner with this all-inclusive box set of valuable life skills: Minimalism, Journaling, Yoga and Meditation. (Not to mention the money saved over buying each volume separately) If you’re searching for stress relief, increased health and inner peace, look no further!

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ALPHA MALE: The 40 Laws of the Alpha Male: How to Dominate Life, Attract Women, and Achieve Massive Success

by Derren Nash

Become the STRONGEST Version of Yourself Today!

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Do You Possess Any of These Traits?

  • Extremely Anxious at Parties
  • Shy Around Women
  • People Never Listen to You
  • Lack the Ability to Fully Express Yourself
  • Take Jokes Too Seriously
  • Constantly in the Dreaded Friend Zone
  • Neurotic Approval Seeking
  • Follower

Any of These Sound Familiar? If they do, then there is work to be done. For a long time

I found myself possessing the majority of those traits. I thought, “This is just who I am.

I can’t change that.” Wrong. Most of these traits were handed to me, and probably you

too, without request. With the way our society is organized (media, school, parents, etc.)

these character traits proliferate. However, it wasn’t until I startedUn-Learning, that I truly

became the well-rounded confident man I am today. Free and Fulfilled in ways you can’t

currently imagine.

But You Will Be Able to Soon…

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • What is an Alpha Male? A Modern Perspective
  • The Psychology of the Alpha
  • How Society Encourages Man-Children
  • What Does True Comfort Look Like?
  • Grounded: Finding Your Strength
  • Women: Bringing Out the Masculine Energy
  • Killing Your Father: Becoming the Man
  • Leading Your Tribe: Where it All Started
  • How to Instantly Increase Your Confidence
  • And Much, Much More!

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The principles you will learn in this book are VERY powerful! When properly and

consistently implemented, I’ve seen some of the most Beta guys turn their entire life

around in no time. This is very potent stuff, but it requires an action taker to make it

work. As the saying goes, I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it.

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HOW TO BE AN ALPHA MALE FOR THE SINGLE DADDY: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Confident And Highly Valuable Man Who Attracts Women Easily [Single Daddy Dating Series]

by Nick Thomas

Do You Want To Attract Women Easily?

Do You Find It Hard To Strike A Connection With Women?

Are You Lacking Confidence With Women?

There are many single fathers out there who constantly fail with women. They find it hard to strike a connection with women after they got a divorce. They lack confidence in themselves and women can see right through that. They work very hard to try to meet women only to fail to progress with any woman at all.

Why Men Fail With Women

One of the major reasons why men fail with women is because of the lack of understanding of the â??attraction mechanism’ in women. Men fail to understand how a woman get attracted to another men. They have fallen to many of the myths of attraction such as buying her stuffs or â??being there for her’. Due to these myths, he constantly strike out, without realising what he has done wrong.

In How To Be An Alpha Male, Nick Thomas makes it easier for you. He shares his insights on how to become an alpha male, specifically for single fathers looking to date again. You would learn how to be an ALPHA MALE that attract women easily. You would find that women come to you rather than you needing to find for them.

What Would You Learn From HOW TO BE AN ALPHA MALE?

  • Understand How To Go After High Quality Women
  • How Attraction Happens In Women
  • Small Things That Make A Woman Lose Attraction
  • What Makes You More Desirable
  • Training On How To Be An Alpha Male
  • The Importance Of Dominance In An Alpha Male
  • Building An IDEAL LIFE That Attracts Women
  • Mindset Changes To Make Woman Go Crazy Over You


  • Understanding The Seduction Process – Get a clearer idea on what makes a woman interested in a man.
  • Why You Should Thrive To Be An Alpha Male – Understand why you MUST be an Alpha Male to attract high quality attractive women.
  • Characteristics Of An Alpha Male – What makes an Alpha Male?
  • The Power Of The Dominant Mindset – How this one mindset change completely changes your probability of success with women.
  • Build Your Ideal Life – Developing a life that you truly want, and that helps you gain attraction with the women you desire.
  • Using Arrogance – Having a better understanding about when you should use arrogance as an attraction tool.

Imagine your dating life taking a complete U-turn. Gone would be the days that you would need to beg women to go out with you. As a single father, other women would be attracted to you. You would be the one doing the picking and you can trigger a woman easily.

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Mestizo: Adoption and Identity

by Clinton R. LeFort

A common topic among researchers today is the relationship adoptees have with their adopters. What are the causes of the problems that adoptees have in identifying with their adopters? Some researchers agree that some cause can be identified, while a whole other group of researchers say that the same causes identified cannot be the cause of the problems adoptees have identifying wither their adopters. The main disagreement comes from identifying whether adoptees have the same difficulties identifying with their parents as adoptees. The one question that is at the heart of the research is finding out how adoptees form their difficulties in identification with adopters? Are the causes the same across all adoptees. For example, do adoptees who are newborn have the same identification problems as one, two, or three year old adoptees? Is there is a significant difference between identify formation of adoptees and nonadoptees? There may be some crossover between identity formation in the adopted and nonadopted, but can we expect a consistent difference between them?

In a recent find it was shown that a specific group of adopted children showed 52% of attachment disorder. Contrary to public opinion, it was show that as these children grew older they were more prone to have these aberrations in adjustment. (Benson et al., 1998). The longer parents take to adopt children, the more likely that the children they adopt will have a harder time adjusting to them and adopting them as parents. Often older children can trust more than younger children. Well known child psychologist, like Erickson, notes that there are many stages of development which can effect a childs growth. One of those stages has to do with whether a child can trust or whether than are more inclined to distrust at a particular age. Erickson believed that this stage should be a major point of development. There are certain behavior problems that can arise at this stage if the child has certain traumatic experiences like abuse or neglect, that cause disassociation between the child and his parents or his adopters.

Nora Ritual Performance of Southern Thailand – A Cross-Cultural Study (Ritual Performance of Southeast Asia Book 1)

by Cholthira Satyawadhna

The Ritual Performance of SEA Series shows the exposition of both rituals and dances of Southeast Asia in anthropological perspectives.

In this volume (Volume I), the researcher investigates Nora, a unique ritual performance of Southern Thailand and elaborates the belief system and social structure of the societies studied across the Southeast Asian border. It is discovered that this living culture has still woven the pride and virtue of the Southern Thai and the Siamese in Malaysia.

In Volume II, a cross-cultural study in anthropological perspective is also conducted in order to show that there has been some significant linkage in the belief of the magic of “the Seventh” within the Southeast Asian and European myths.

Unlocking the Dreamspace: Learning to solve your problems as you sleep

by Blake Rogers

A guide to freeing your mind when you sleep, and encouraging it to generate ideas that will make your dreams become a reality.

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