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Acceptance: Love Yourself, Self Love, Self Esteem, Integration & Peace Of Mind (Anxiety Free, Overcome Shyness, Overcoming Anxiety, Anxiety Relief, Overcoming Fear, Accept Yourself, Acceptance)

by Zac Dixon

Acceptance- Love Yourself, Self Love, Self Esteem, Integration & Peace Of Mind

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One of the biggest problems in this day and age is people not accepting themselves, the way they look and what they have been given. I used to beat myself up everyday and all these areas and it would hurt me, until I realized nothings going to change unless, I just accept myself the way I am and move forward. This inspired me to write this book just because everyone in this world struggles with insecurities and I am here to help you overcome the BS we tell ourselves 🙂

This book is for anyone that is in pain or on the edge of pain, to change your perception of yourself to a positive because that’s the one key that ill change your life forever. I have got alot of great feedback from my personal clients from this book, so go ahead now and enjoy it 🙂 Feel happy today by letting go of what’s needed in your life by accepting who you are.


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Learning: 25 Learning Techniques for Accelerated Learning – Learn Faster by 300%! (Learning, Memory Techniques, Accelerated Learning, Memory, E Learning, … Learning Techniques, Exam Preparation)

by Sebastian Archer

Achieve Lightning-Fast Learning Speeds and Achieve Your Dreams!

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No matter how hard you study, you won’t realize your potential without the right methods.

Is learning a drag? Does studying make you anxious and frustrated? Do you ever wish you could just pick things up faster?

Learning 300% Faster: 25 Learning Techniques of Accelerated Learning Masters will teach you:

– ï?? 8 strategies and mindsets of the world’s fastest learners

– ï?? 10 advanced skill-acquisition techniques

– ï?? 9 world-championship memory techniques

Find out about the journey memory method, building a memory palace, and how to memorize vocabulary in any language.

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Dyslexia: Understanding and Overcoming Dyslexia (Dyslexic,dyslexia solutions,overcoming dyslexia,dyslexic advantage,dyslexia books,dyslexic books,)

by Raymond Baumanns


Understanding and Overcoming Dyslexia

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Book description: Have you ever come across a child, or even an adult who has found it increasingly difficult to read or write? The idea of one not being able to read or write is something that is quite baffling but is a serious issue indeed.

About the book: Dyslexia is a problem that is based mainly in the brain and the trouble of it in today’s world is that not many people are willing to acknowledge this inability as a medical issue and keep on straining on the subjective person about how they are supposedly not putting enough effort or blaming it upon their non-existent lack of concentration.

Although, dyslexia has been accepted worldwide, there are quite a few places that completely deny the idea of a faulty brain function being the result of their child’s or relatives’ inability to cope with studying or learning in general. The concept of dyslexia needs to be enforced because it is not the fault of the victims of dyslexia that they cannot understand what is written or they cannot learn what is being taught to them.

Our brain is a unique organ with the most intricate combinations of nerve. It can very well be called a miracle of nature owing to the intricacy that it offers. However, sometimes, due to some or the other problem during birth, the functions of our brain get distorted causing several kinds of medical issues. Complexities in the brain can even be caused due to heredity and due to the intricacy which the brain upholds; it becomes increasingly difficult to cut through the main root of the problem. More often than none, the brain disorder is left unattended and fewer times, there is little that can be done about it. The different kinds of disorder include autism and even tumors. Of these disorders, dyslexia is a very common one and goes unnoticed for most.

What needs to be known is that dyslexia, while a very common as well as difficult disorder, is very much curable. The whole extent of dyslexia has not yet been discovered but steps have been taken to curb the shortcomings of dyslexic people. There are treatments that have helped dyslexic people, even going to the length of changing peoples’ lives.

More than often, people suffering from dyslexia have been subjected to numerous kinds of tortures beginning from parental dissatisfaction to being made fun of in the public. This book is for them who haven’t been able to grasp the concept of dyslexia. This book tells us the whole idea of dyslexia, its numerous causes and the several ways, albeit limited, dyslexia can be overcome in a person.

So for them who have a fellow family member suffering through dyslexia or a friend who has been unable to read or write because of dyslexia, this book can prove to be a very important source of information. With this book, not only can one know about dyslexia and the aspects related to it but it will also give an insight of the working of the dyslexic mind.

Learn English through movie trailers: Worksheets for ESL Lessons

by Birgit Helmers

This booklet is about how you can use trailers to teach or learn English. It contains 30 worksheets for trailers, which you can download as a PDF or word file. This way you are able to print and edit them. There are some trailers of movies e.g. Interstellar or “The Theory of Everything that you might not know yet, because they just started in the USA now, while others are quite well known because the movies have been around for a while now e.g. E.T. The worksheets are mainly for students of upper elementary to intermediate level (7-10 grade). You can download the worksheets (no e-mail required) or we can send you the pdf and edible word documents.You will find worksheets for the following movies:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid


The Theory of Everything (Stephen Hawking Movie)

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (Alien) (1982 and 2012)

New York sights

Bruce Almighty

A long walk to freedom

Rabbit Fence

French Kiss



Laithanomics – Corporate Valuation

by Laithan Morisco-Tarr

A useful guide which describes the various aspects of Corporate Valuation, from Discounted Cash Flow Analysis to Leveraged Buyout Analysis.

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