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Destined to Soar

by K.P. Yohannan

You are destined to soar. Flying lessons included.

Our lives feel so clutteredâ??our schedules, our houses, our mindsâ??Sometimes we don’t even know what we should be thinking anymore.

Come up higher where the air is crisp and clean.

Like a breath of fresh air, K.P Yohannan calls us far above this world where the air is clear and we can see again. These short, hard-hitting chapters keep you thinking and confront you with change. You will discover that there is a purpose for your struggles and a way to walk through them with joy, peace and trust in the Living God. Time and time again, you are brought face-to-face with what is really important.

This is a call to live for another world.

If you allow this book to sink into your heart, you’ll begin to soar with wonder for the Lord, respect for mankind and a greater desire for this world to know Jesus Christ.

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Buddhism: Spiritual Growth In 365 Days From The Holiness (2nd EDITION) (Zen Buddhism for Beginners, Meditation Techniques, Stress Free, Depression Cure, Overcoming Fear, Inner Happiness)

by John Baskin

2nd EDITION:::Develop Your Meditation Practice with the Wisdom of the DALAI LAMA


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When you download Spiritual Growth In 365 Days From The Holiness, you will learn something new each day of the month.


â??A quote from the Dalai Lama

â??A sample of his teachings

â??Tips for meditation practice

â??Information about the Dalai Lama’s life


Buddhism: The Dalai Lama’s Wisdom in 365 Days teaches you various meditation positions that you can try. It guides you through 31 days of growth, as you build and maintain a strong, new meditation habit.


Each day of the month, you will learn a little more about the traditions surrounding the Dalai Lama. You will also find out about his struggles and triumphs, as he works to spread his message, create peace in the world, and preserve his native Tibetan culture.

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Tai Chi and Ayurveda Box Set: 12 Lessons For Reaching Physical, Cognitive and Inner Balance plus The Complete Guide to Pure Health, Self Healing and Pressure … Set, Tai Chi For Beginners, ayurveda diet)

by Sylvia Boyd

Tai Chi and Ayurveda Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Tai Chi For Beginners: 12 Lessons For Reaching Physical, Cognitive and Inner Balance

Have you ever wondered about groups of people you see in parks and open areas performing a slow and almost dance-like form of exercise? Wondered why they are doing it and what it is? Well, it is a form of Chinese martial art called Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is renowned for its health benefits, both for the body and the mind. It is a series of gentle exercises practiced by many as a relaxation method, hugely beneficial in today’s busy and stressful lifestyle. There is also a form of Tai Chi specifically for defense training, a great way of improving your self-defence techniques.

This martial art is calming, almost meditative. The health benefits are tremendous, from improving mobility, the health of joints and muscles, and most of all, relaxing and calming the mind. Tai Chi can assist those who suffer stress, anxiety and tension. But more about this will be discussed within the book.

If you want to learn more about Tai Chi and how it could help you in your daily work or home, then read on – it could absolutely change your life!

Topics discussed include:

  • What is Tai Chi?
  • Where did it come from?
  • How is it performed?
  • Physical Health Benefits
  • Mental and Emotional Health Benefits
  • Self-defense Tai Chi
  • What to wear

BOOK #2: Ayurveda: The Complete Guide to Pure Health, Self Healing and Pressure Relieve

An Indian medicine practice that has been in use since seven thousand years ago, Ayurveda is a medical discipline that will set you on the path to pure health, self-healing and pressure relief. However, it’s also not a straightforward process. There are many layers to this legendary healing method, but fortunately, this little book will condense, outline and discuss all of it for you!

Just a few of the things that you will learn about in this book include:

  • A brief overview of the origins and history of ayurveda so you’ll know where it came from and what it means to us today
  • Understanding ayurveda and how it can be applied in medicine, longevity, health, and self-healing
  • How ayurveda is used in medicine and why it remains a safe and beneficial practice more than five thousand years after its inception
  • How you can balance the Doshas that make up the heart of ayurveda
  • How you can embark on a healthy Ayurvedic diet in your day to day life
  • Why meditation is essential to ayurveda, and important techniques to help you meditate

It’s rare to find an opportunity where all of the concepts of ayurveda can be explained all in the same place, so this book will be a gem in the world of ayurveda and medicinal healing. So turn the page and begin the learning process. Even if you’re on the fence about whether or not ayurveda is the right path for you, this book may convince you that it is the right path to take. So stay tunedâ?¦

BOOK #3: Ayurveda: Restore Your Health Using These Simple and Easy Steps for Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic practice of finding balance within one’s self. With a focus on positive living, Ayurveda can be used to treat nearly any ailment, and has different branches of study devoted to different obstacles a person might face when trying to become well. This book focuses on what Ayurveda is, where it comes from, and how it works. We start with the basic descriptors, but from there, move on to see how healthy living, both physically and mentally, can have a positive impact. With a description of the history of Ayurveda to a list of helpful tips, to a discussion on what it takes to find your own sense of balance both mentally and physically, this Ayurveda guide is a great introduction to the wonderful and fascinating world of holistic medicine.

Here is what you will learn aft

Buddhism: Buddhism For Beginners: The Complete Buddhism Guide (Zen Buddhism, Mindfulness, Stress Free, Happiness, Zen Buddhism For Beginners, Buddhism Guide, Meditation)

by Lauren Charleston

Do you want to learn about Buddhism? Would you like to truly get a glimpse, and understanding of this amazing way of living?

Inside you’ll begin to understand from start to finish, exactly what Buddhism is, and why. You’ll learn the benefits of Buddhism, where it started, and why it is still around.

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In this book you’ll learn:

  • How Buddhism really started, and what it is.
  • What was so different about the life of Buddha
  • Is Buddhism really a religion?
  • Why Buddhism is so popular
  • How you can apply Buddhism teachings in your life…

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