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Walking to Lose Weight for Women – The Bulletproof Plan for Losing 12 LBS in 4 Weeks

by Mirsad Hasic

Losing Weight is Simpler Than You Think…

…Discover How Easy You Can Lose 3 Pounds in a Week, Today!

In this book I am presenting simple methods that I used to help my wife lose 3 pounds in a week. This is not another book that recommends you to be on a diet that would do more harm than good to your body. Instead, these methods are the ones any women can adapt and use successfully to lose 3 pounds in a week.

A 7 Days Designed Meal Plan!

This book contains a pre-designed 7 days meal plan that is low in calories but contains all the necessary nutrients to make your body function normally. These meals are full of energy and will make you feel fuller longer while also help you keep the calories in control, thus allowing you to lose more weight.

Lose 1500 Calories per Day!

By using proper nutrition combined with exercises and workouts anyone can do at any level you will be able to burn approximately 1500 calories which equals to 300g of milk chocolate or one regular pizza! Don’t worry I will not force you to exhaust yourself, instead you will feel so good about your new habits that you wouldn’t even dream about going back to your old habits ever again!

Tips to Help You Keep Your Motivation up!

In this book I am giving you tips that will help you stay motivated as you work toward your goal of losing 3 pounds in a week. These tips are designed to help you get out the most of each day and show you the common pitfalls you need to watch out for!

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Survival Guide for Beginners: How to store food and water, protect your family and what to do and avoid to be as safe as possible (storing food, natural … survival guide for beginners, storing food)

by John Jones

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Survive any Natural Disaster, be a hero in your community and protect your family and children from any situation. Don’t just hope … Be ready!

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Natural disasters can strike seemingly anytime, and often with little warning. Today, the world and specifically the U.S. is facing disaster, after disaster, after disaster. Can we even keep count anymore? It’s time to be prepared and know how to survive a natural disaster, before a truly catastrophic disaster strikes.

You never know when a hurricane, an earthquake, a flood, a tornado or even a tsunami is going to strike, but it pays off to be prepared just in case.

Regardless of the natural disaster there are a number of general procedures and tips to keep yourself and your family safe and of course, there are also specific characteristics and pieces of advice you must know about each of those disasters in order to be ready to behave like a proper hero.

In this beginners guide you are going to find numerous tips to overcome these natural disasters and to keep yourself and your family alive during the first and most dangerous hours and days of the catastrophe.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The First-Aid Kit: a Preparedness Checklist
  • The Emergency Getaway Bag: What to Bring Along When Natural Disaster Strikes
  • Basic Food and Water Safety During a Natural Disaster
  • Life-saving Tips Before, During, and After a Flood
  • Life-saving Tips Before, During, and After an Earthquake
  • Life-saving Tips Before, During, and After a Tsunami
  • Much, much more!

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin

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Your First Triathlon: A Beginners Guide To Triathlon Training, Triathlon Preparation And Completing Your First Triathlon (Triathlon Training, Triathlon … For Beginners, Triathlon Basics, Triathlon)

by Richard Bond

Your First Triathlon – A Beginners Guide To Triathlon Training, Triathlon Preparation And Completing Your First Triathlon

Would you like to know how to complete a Triathlon?

To many people, having the desire to take part part in a Triathlon is a mystery. But to others, it represents a great challenge to overcome and a great way to spice up up your current weight loss or fitness regime. Most people will take up running, cycling or swimming independently to get fit or to lose weight, why not combine all three?

A lot of people are put off by the idea of doing a Triathlon, as they feels it’s for the fitness elite. This book demonstrates that’s really not the case! In my experience of competing in Triathlons and coaching people, I’ve found that there’s always someone else that’s not as fit as you. Whether your 9 to 90 years old, male or female, fat or thin, you can complete a Triathlon if you have the desire.

Whatever the initial motivation, the need to test YOUR limits is usually the driving force for people wanting to complete a Triathlon.

Anyone with the right mindset can complete a Triathlon, but that doesn’t make it easy. When people start thinking about all the equipment, techniques, and training required to complete a Triathlon, the idea becomes scary and overwhelming. That’s normal! This book is designed to take a complete beginner through the process of completing a Triathlon.

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • An Introduction To Triathlon
  • Swimming – How to Swim, Gear, Drills and Workouts
  • Cycling – Gear, Types of Bikes, Bike Fitness and Workouts
  • Cycling Fitness Plan
  • Transition Training Tips
  • Running – Gear and Workouts
  • Sprint Triathlon Training Plan
  • Olympic Distance Training Plan
  • Triathlon Nutrition and Hydration
  • Triathlon Preparation
  • General Triathlon Tips
  • Race Day
  • and Much More!

Download your copy today to receive all of this information!

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Chalet Boy – The Diary of my First Ski Season (Aged 31)

by Andy Smith


How hard can it be? Serving a few croissants, cleaning a few bedrooms, cooking some easy meals, and then spending the rest of your time snowboarding and getting drunk. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Well Andy Smith thought the same thing as he signed himself up for a four month stint as a chalet host in the French Alps during a career break, and a break from the ‘normal life’ he found so boring.

Chalet Boy – The Diary of my First Ski Season (Aged 31) gives a truthful and hilarious insight into the world of the ski resort seasonaire, a person whom most people view with envy. Working a ski season is seen as an easy job with generous perks from the endless supply of randy holidaymakers, to the constant parties and access to some amazing skiing and snowboarding. Most of that is indeed factually correct, but there’s also the flip side – the long hours, the almost embarrassingly low pay and the sordid living conditions.

You will be amazed at the antics of the guests that visited Chalet Montagne during Andy and his friend Dan’s time there. From randy middle-aged couples to rampaging lesbians, it’s all covered here alongside the story of a man using his time in the Alps to gain a greater understanding of the meaning of his life, amid a need to escape from the norm.

A must read for anyone considering working a ski season and those who have been on or are planning a ski holiday in a catered chalet, Chalet Boy – The Diary of my First Ski Season (Aged 31) will give you all of the information you need about the inner workings of a ski chalet. And some you really don’t.

Beginner CrossFit Handbook: Your Guide To World-Class Fitness

by D.A. Barton

BEGINNER CROSSFIT HANDBOOK: Your Guide To World-Class Fitness

While any exercise is better than none, like most people you are probably tired of doing the same old routine day in and day out. The mainstream fitness community has the exercising public believing that lateral raises, curls, leg extensions, and sit-ups along with thirty-minute sessions on a stationary bike or treadmill or taking Zumba classes are going to lead to some kind of great fitness. While all of these have their place, you will never get as fit as you can be with a CrossFit program.

This book is a basic introduction to the CrossFit philosophy that will also cover equipment, exercises, and other issues such as the following:

  • Frustration with your current (or non-existent) workout routine
  • Boredom when you exercise and find it hard to stay motivated
  • Blasting through your stagnated fitness goals
  • Injuries sustained while working out because you either had poor training or no training
  • Not exercised in a while? No problem! CrossFit can start you on a fitness journey like no other!
  • You and your significant other can take the same class! No, really! (but only if you want to)
  • You will look a whole lot better in a swim suit!


9 Basic Training Maneuvers

You can do at home!

CrossFit programs are used by thousands of people every day to enhance their conditioning and stamina. And YOU can too!

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So you can participate in the program that will transform you into the . .


Fishing Tips for Beginners: Your Fishing Guide to Equipment and Techniques

by Robert Fairbanks

How To Tackle Fishing as A Newbie

Fishing is a great sport, not only does it provide you a lucrative hobby but it also has other benefits like being a great stress reliever and even sustainable wildlife management. You will learn more on the benefits of fishing as you read the book.

In this book, aside from learning the benefits of fishing you will also be taught in great detail about the fishing gears and equipment that you would need. What’s great about this book is that it is so easy to follow and comprehend even for newbie anglers like you.

So what else are you going to learn inside this book?

  • Aside from the fact that you will learn all the things that a newbie angler would need, you will also learn a lot about fishing rods and reels up to the tiniest detail that a newbie angler would need to augment his or her knowledge. Plus, you get to know the difference between a fishing rod and a fishing pole.
  • Then you will be taught about terminal tackle and all the little gears that are included in it, what it is for and why it is important in fishing gear.
  • Next, there’s a whole chapter devoted to baits and lures. Learn the difference between baits and lures, how and where to find live baits, how to use prepared baits and most of all a detailed discussion on the different types of lures and how best to use it.
  • And last but not the least, another chapter is devoted to fishing tips and tricks. To remove any newbie problems when it comes to buying a rod, reel and terminal tackle I have already listed my recommended fishing gear for newbies like you. Plus, learn how to pick the right fishing spot that’s filled with fishes and best of all learn how the fish’s keen senses work and use it to your advantage.

So get the book today and learn everything you need to know about fishing

Tai Chi For Beginners: Top 10 Tai Chi Lessons for Beginners: Find Your Inner Peace and Balance (Tai Chi For Beginners Books, tai chi for health, tai chi chuan)

by Sylvia Boyd

Tai Chi For Beginners(FREE Bonus Included)

Top 10 Tai Chi Lessons for Beginners: Find Your Inner Peace and Balance

Have you ever seen people moving around in the park in a slow manner with their arms positioned in the air and standing on one or two legs in complete silence?

Would you like to know more about what they’re doing and the practice known as Tai chi?

Are you constantly stressed and need an exercise that doesn’t require a lot of physical movement but still benefits your emotional and physical needs?

Then you may want to try reading this book on Tai chi, a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know about this ancient practice. Tai chi has been around for centuries and is a well-known form of martial arts in China, but its appearance in the United States did not become well-known until the 1960’s. Psychologists and scientists agree that the practice of Tai chi is both beneficial to your emotional and physical health.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The history of Tai chi and the mysteries that surround it
  • The benefits to your emotional, mental and physical health if you practice Tai chi
  • The five different styles of Tai chi and how they originated
  • An easy warm-up to begin if you would like to start Tai chi
  • A few beginner moves to get you started
  • A breathing exercise that will help you balance your energy and destress your life
  • And much more!

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