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Making Money Online Box Set: Start Making Money On eBay and Etsy and Profit from Creating Your Own Business (Making Money Online Box Set, Selling on eBay Books, eBay Selling)

by Andrew Wood

Making Money On-line Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Selling on eBay: Step-by-step Manual on How to Start and Build a Successful eBay Business

An entrepreneur by definition is someone who takes advantage of business opportunities from which he or she can derive a profit. These self-employed individuals enjoy a newfound freedom, particularly with the easy-to-navigate eBay auction site. It is a great way to make extra money or even a significant income. Selling on eBay will show you what is literally in store for your store on this popular platform and how to set up and manage an account to sell your wares.

The instructions are simple, but the tips and tricks are vital in making an eBay business succeed.

The book covers:

  • What your eBay account entails and dhow to get started
  • Tips for listing accounts
  • The role of interesting content
  • How to use Social Media to pass the word
  • Marketing to frequent buyers by email
  • Dos and Don’ts of eBay selling
  • Seasonal selling at holiday time

BOOK #2: Etsy Selling: Get Ready to Earn on Etsy. Start Your Own Profitable Creative Business

Imagine having the ability to sit back with a hot cup of coffee, do some light reading, and an hour later, to have the ability to call yourself a small business owner. Sure, it sounds like a pipe dream, but this book makes it a reality.

In almost no time, you will not only know how to set up your own on-line shop at no cost, but you will be limited in what you can sell only by your own imagination and creativity! How is it possible? It’s the Etsy revolution! Etsy is a massive online marketplace made up of millions of unique vendors selling everything from homemade knives to baseball cards to vintage clothing. In no time flat, you will be running your own business. Full time or part time, it’s totally up to you! It’s fast, free, and easy to set up; if you know how. This is your definitive guide to getting started and joining the Etsy revolution!

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to register, set up, stock, and set prices for your very own on-line store TODAY!
  • Advanced tips on marketing, customer service, and sales strategies!
  • One easy formula for pricing all of your Etsy items!
  • All of this and much, much more!

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Nail Your Dream Job: Proven Techniques For Preparation and Success in Job Interviews (Job Hunting Guide)

by Tiffany Brook

You have the experience, you have the skills, and you have seen the perfect job. It should be yours for the taking but you have to get through an interview first. All candidates, from entry level to CEO, worry about how they come across in interviews. It is perfectly normal and completely human to worry, but you don’t need to stress.

This book is designed to teach you how to prepare for any interview in order to present yourself as the perfect candidate for the job and harness your nerves to make them work for you.

Inside you will learn:

– How to research the company;

– How to learn more about the people who are interviewing you;

– How to prepare yourself for the interview;

– How to dress for success;

– How to feel at ease in the interview;

– How to cope if it all goes wrong;

– What questions you can expect to be asked and how to answer them;

– What sort of questions you should ask at the interview;

– How to deal with salary negotiations;

– What to do after the interview;

– And much, much more.

If you put the methods outlined in this book into practice you will have the confidence to walk tall into your next interview and you will be ideally placed to nail your dream job.

How to Remember Names and Faces: Master the Art of Memorizing Anyone’s Name by Practicing w Over 500 Memory Training Exercises of People’s Faces | Improve … (Better Memory Now | Remember Names Book 1)

by Luis Angel Echeverria

**Free Gift** Get the How to Remember Names and Faces Video and A List of Hundreds of Names into Picture Associations

The video shows you the step by step process that the top memory athletes use to memorize anyone’s name with ease.

Why you Must Get the HOW TO REMEMBER NAMES AND FACES: Master the Art of Memorizing Anyone’s Name by Practicing with Over 500 Memory Training Exercises of People’s Faces book to help you with your business, social skills, and personal life, RIGHT NOW!

> You are guaranteed to see a dramatic memory improvement in your ability to memorize and remember the names of the people that you meet on a daily basis if you follow the simple to learn 3 Step AE Mind Memory System to Remembering Names and Faces!

> Luis Angel has competed in memory competitions at a national level and as part of Team USA in the World Memory Championship.

He coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a Gold Medal in the 2014 USA Memory Championship in one of the events! The most requested topic from the teachers, lawyers, real estate agents, and other business professionals that he works with is, “How to Remember Names!”

When you GET THIS BOOK TODAY, You will be learning from one of America’s Top Memory Coaches to quickly and easily Memorize Anyone’s Name using the memory training techniques that top memory athletes use!

> There are a lot of books out there that teach you how to improve your memory and even books on memorizing people’s names. The thing that makes “How to Remember Names and Faces” stand out is the fact that we have included 565 faces on practice sheets called Name Games to help you become a Master of Names.

Spaced Repetition is the Mother of All Skill and there is no better way to practice the art of memorizing names than to have live examples of someone’s face to link a name with.

In How to Win and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says, “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

The first step in improving your communication skills and people skills, is to be able to build a rapport with the people that you want to talk to. What better way to build rapport than to be able to remember that person’s name and call them out by it a month a later.

Do you think that they will be more open to communicating with you if they knew that you cared enough about them to take the time and remember their name?

In Chapter 12, you will also learn how to use the Art of Visualization to connect deeper with the people that you interact with by remembering the information that you talked about. This will build more trust and strengthen your relationships with others if they know that you actually care about what they have to say by remembering facts from the conversations that you have with them.

As you will learn in this book, all of the top memory athletes will tell you that The Key to MEMORIZATION is VISUALIZATION!

Your brain learns best when it can SEE the information that it wants to memorize.

When it comes to names, you need to have a picture association for every name if you want to memorize an individual’s name very quickly. I will give you my list of names that I have already converted into pictures as a FREE BONUS GIFT!

Who is this Book For:

Business Professionals: Managers, Realtors, Attorneys, Doctors, Psychologist, Anyone in a leadership role and anyone that wants to see an increase in their sales business by making a memorable impact on your clients.

Entertainment: Casting, TV Host, Actors, Directors, etc

Education: Professors, Administrators, Principals, Students, etc

If you deal with People in Any Capacity, Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

Thank you in Advance for continuing your Personal Growth and Self Help with the “How To Remember Names and Faces” BOOK!!

Resumes, Interviews & Careers: How to Get Interviews, Secure Offers, and Land Your Dream Job

by Andrew Tye

Resumes, Interviews & Careers was written to help you get more interviews, better job offers, and ultimately land your dream job.

I’ve worked with many students and professionals looking to advance their careers and all facing the same roadblocks. In this book I will share with you what I’ve learned from my own experience and what I’ve seen make others successful.

If you are a student struggling to get an interview, or failing to get a job offer, then you will find direction and encouragement in this book.

Maybe you already have a job, but feel stuck because you can’t find a different one, or worried because you don’t think your credentials apply anymore. You can also find some guidance here.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I have compiled best practices from people who have been very successful in getting interviews, jobs, and awesome careers.

Keep reading and I’ll share what I’ve learned.


You need a good resume because that is the first (and possibly only) thing a recruiter or hiring manager will see about you. If it doesn’t make a good enough impression fast enough, you won’t be getting an interview invitation any time soon. Think you have strong enough experience and education to get an automatic interview request? You might want to think again. The folks that are reviewing your application don’t have a lot of time, and if it is not INSTANTLY clear that you are a cut above the rest, they probably won’t keep reading. You may have all the right credentials, but if that isn’t clear right away you won’t get a second look.

You need to stand out strong enough within a few seconds that the resume reviewer will keep reading.


You get offers by convincing the interviewer that you are a much better fit than the 20 other people they talked with for the position. Did you go to a great school? So did a lot of other people! Work for a Fortune 500 company? You aren’t the only one! Get above a 3.0 GPA? Join the crowd. That’s all great stuff, and you should feel good about it. If you were able to communicate that effectively in your cover letter and resume then I’m sure it helped you get an interview. But once you’ve go into the interview, those things are less important. They helped you get there, but once you’re there you will have to demonstrate that you are a perfect FIT for the company, or you won’t get an offer.

The things I will share in this book have helped me get quite a few offers, they have helped a lot of other people get fantastic jobs, and I am confident they will help you advance your career as well.


by Jack Gray



Here Is A Sneak Peakâ?¦(Attn: FREE BONUS INSIDE – 20 Principles of Financial Abundance!)

  • Learn How to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind…
  • Discover How to No Longer Paycheck to Paycheckâ?¦
  • The REAL Importance of Saving and Budgetingâ?¦
  • Use these TOP Money Management software programsâ?¦
  • The TOP Mistakes in Budgetingâ?¦
  • Use these Tip on How to Repair your Creditâ?¦
  • Discover these Money Making Tipsâ?¦
  • BONUS INCLUDED 20 Principles of Financial Abundance!
  • And Much, much more!

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Are you Struggle with Debt and Saving Money?

Do you find that at the end of the month, there is more month than money?

Does your family need and want more out of life than you can financially afford?

If you answered YES to any of these questions. This book was written for you.

DON’R FORGET YOUR FREE BONUS INSIDE – 20 Principles of Financial Abundance!

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Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

“Jack Gray is a successful and ambitious entrepreneur with a MBA in Business. After hitting rock bottom financially he had to create a new way back to REAL WEATH and he did within a few months. He now spends his time sharing the tools and strategies he created to live his financial dreams.” Jack Gray, Author, Entrepreneur, Consultant.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Directed Investing & Retirement Planning: Control Your Financial Future, Self-Direct Your Investments, Create a Tax-Free Bulletproof … Wealth Plan, & Live the Life You Want!

by Jeff Barnes

The world of investing and retirement planning is confusing and cluttered, and ultimately rigged against you. Social Security is underfunded by trillions of dollars, investment companies are making billions even when the stock market is down, and the burden of retirement has shifted from companies and the government to the individual. The Ultimate Guide to Self Directed Investing & Retirement Planning is a no-nonsense guide on how we got where we are, why so few are winning at retirement, and what you can do to put the odds in your favor! Stop settling for plain vanilla advice that helped create the greatest financial crisis the world has seen, and start taking control of your finances and your future!

Etsy: Outstanding Lessons for Absolute Beginners on How to Set Up an Etsy Shop (Etsy, Etsy books, etsy business)

by Chad Reid

Etsy (FREE Bonus Included)

Outstanding Lessons for Absolute Beginners on How to Set Up an Etsy Shop

I wanted to say you thanks and also congratulation for getting the e-book, Etsy: Outstanding Lessons for Absolute Beginners on How to Set Up an Etsy Shop.

This e book deals with a number of confirmed measures and also methods about how to set up an ESTY shop properly as well as how to sell effectively. There are actually just 6 chapters in the book that evaluation all ESTY information and also offers behind the reality of ESTY marketplace, its own performance along with how you can use all of tricks to set up a successful ESTY shop. This e-book is the result of much study on ESTY marketplace. Beginners would be able to get a proper guideline by reading this book to the point.

For everybody who is a crafter of hand crafted products considered offering online via Etsy might have crossed your head I am absolutely sure. But also for one reason or an additional both it hasn’t occurred but, or if perhaps you will have registered you can be not viewing the product sales you anticipated. In the previous group, after that it is advisable to register, establish a store front part as well as list a few items.

Lots of people believe that is almost all there is to it as well as obtain extremely discouraged while product sales do not eventuate. They allow the store just simply stagnate, along with the circumstance worsens. The things you need to recognize is the fact that markets similar to Etsy will not perform the offering available for you. They provide you an outstanding program to display your own handicrafts, but you need to devote a few tries to render your own things attractive as well as inexpensive, after which to advertise all of them utilizing the equipment available.

To begin let’s check out a few easy suggestions.

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Amazon FBA: Learn Which Products Can Bring you +$65,000 Profit by Selling on Amazon (Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA books, amazon fba business)

by Ricardo Aguilar

Amazon FBA (FREE Bonus Included)

Learn Which Products Can Bring you +$65,000 Profit by Selling on Amazon

In nowadays economy people are looking for deals and ways to make money online. Well if you fall into this category this is the book for you.

I am sure that you have heard of a small web site known as Amazon. What Amazon is, is a global marketplace where you can purchase any type of good or services you can think of. You can buy books, tee shirts, electronics and so much more. Now Amazon has also started to open its doors to others to sell their own products and services and use their warehouses and the power of their web site to your own advantage. It is called FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

In this book we will explore Amazon and the FBA program. We will also give you some basic and advanced tips and tricks that internet marketer and gurus have used to make millions online. We will talk about finding products, how to price your products and what to do when your products don’t sell. We will go into learning how to brand your own products and how to really take this amazing opportunity to the next level.

Now this book isn’t for the faint of heart. There will be work involved and if you are not up to the task then you will fail. But if you are ready to get your hand dirty and try your hand at this amazing opportunity then read this amazing step by step guide to making 65,000 plus with Amazon FBA!

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Leadership: Success Tips To Lead, Influence, Motivate, Integrity, Confidence (Planning, Self Esteem, Confidence, Procrastination, Leadership training, … People management, Leadership skills, Time)

by Richard Woods

Become a Great Leader and Motivate Your Team to Succeed!

Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

No matter how hard you work, you won’t get far without good leadership skills.

Have you ever come home after a long day at work, wishing your team could have gotten more accomplished?

Leadership: Success Tips To Lead, Influence, Motivate, Integrity, Confidence can help you be the confident, inspiring, respected leader you’ve always wanted to be.

You’ll learn how to set the right goals, when to involve yourself in a project, and when to delegate. Also, you’ll discover how to reward your team, handle distractions, and make tough decisions.

Find out about the aura of leadership, the real motivation, and the secrets of time-management for group leaders.

Download Leadership right away – find out how to lead your group to amazing successes. You can achieve results you never imagined were possible!

The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Book 5: Telling Your Story

by Kelly Swanson

A handy pocket guide to telling your story as a public speaker. Book five in this series talks about the importance of finding your voice and telling your story to set your presentation apart. Award-winning storyteller gives you easy to apply tips on using story to create a more compelling speech. It’s not the message they remember, it’s the story.

Graveyards of the Banks – I did it for the money: Seven Seasons of Midnights at the Most Successful Bank in the Universe

by Nyla Nox

‘Graveyards of the Banks’ is a haunting trilogy about Nyla’s journey through the gothic maze of the Most Successful Bank in the Universe in London. A group of jobless humanities graduates abandon all hope and enter the Third Basement for a life on the graveyard shift, a toxic bubble of bitches and bullies where the Bank conducts human experiments to select the Fittest to Rule.

Author Nyla Nox worked on that night shift herself for seven years, treated by the Bank as the lowest of the low, hidden away in the Building Without A Name, right in the heart of one of the world’s most powerful institutions in the City of London. Her voice is still unheard, the story of her hidden tribe is still untold.

Volume 1: I did it for the money.

How does it feel when you spend night after night in an iron chair with no toilet breaks and fear of being fired at the end of your shift? Hundreds of bankers roam the notorious Seventh Floor of the Bank with its filthy kitchen and flea infested carpets, forced to fight each other for survival, deliberately kept in a state of anger and frustration by their superiors who are grooming them for ruthless leadership (and the big money). Their shouting resembles constant gunfire. Predators to a man, and Nyla is their prey. But almost all of them will fail.

How do you live, how do you love?

Can confident Peter, who kisses Nyla in Cobblemaker’s Lane, fulfill his dreams of leaving for a Better World? How far will shift leaders Claire and Ethan, who rule the graveyard with absolute power (no breaks, no backtalk – in fact, no talking at all – and only one ear phone in!) go to prove their supremacy? And what about the inscrutable bank-wide institution of S&I whose representative survey the Center on their elevated platform, forcing Nyla nightly to recite her mistakes in public before she is sent home without pay?

After a life time frittered away in the unprofitable humanities, Nyla needs the money. And as hope and dignity are stripped away, night after gruelling night, a mental fog descends on her. Is there even a world left outside the Most Successful Bank in the Universe?

And how can you find sleep in the day time while the Monsters are Arising?


by Roger K. Daneth

This book describes why a dangerous rise in police power is happening in America that could lead to the creation of a police state and the loss of democracy. There is time and ways that the problems can be corrected with changes in government policies. The book is suitable for class room instruction as an alternative view in social science and political science classes.

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