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The Cyber Pirates: A comprehensive guide to the internet from a hacker’s eye

by Jaskaran Singh Puri

As computer networks become ubiquitous throughout the world, cyber crime, cyber terrorism, and cyber war have become some of the most concerning topics in today’s security landscape.

This book has been developed for a specific audience who have an overwhelming passion in the field of cyber security or cyber crime. This book does not go through all the basic terms & definitions that one must know to study the computing world, but aims to teach you some of the advanced stuff that you can implement in the real world. Start from the basic, get to know the industry & then finally start practising your real-life attacks on networks & applications. Learn new ways to exploit applications, initiate attacks & protect your identity. This is the perfect guide who wants to try hacking for the first time or someone who wants to improve their skills & learn the practical stuff.

The book has been written in a simple language so that you can understand it without any prior knowledge. But it is more helpful if you carry any kind of experience in the field of programming & computing.

Triple H of internet fraud: The Who’s and How’s of online scam

by Moora Salam

Tripe H of Internet fraud- The who’s and how’s of online scam, Hitory of 419 scams, Challenges, what scammers belief,

Linkedin and facebook scams, How scammers work, How to identify scam, Scam and black magic, what you never knew about

scammers,top 17 scams and how deal with it, protect your business from scammers,overnight millionaires,identity thiefs,scamming the scammer, Scam proof, How it works.

Web Design: The Ultimate Web Design Guide For Beginners (Web, Design, Web Design)

by Jennifer Inston

Web Design

You’re about to discover how to…

To a novice web designer, the thought of even starting a web design project may

seem daunting—impossible even. This book is written in plain terms so that

anyone can understand how to get started in the adventurous world of web


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Web Design?
  • First Step: Getting a Domain Name
  • Choosing a Webhost
  • Creating Your Webpage
  • Secrets to Making Your Website Great
  • Top Websites and Why They Work
  • Much, much more!

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Mastering Excel: Excel Apps

by Mark Moore

This lesson only applies to Excel 2013 or Office 365!

This short lesson covers Excel applications (apps). Apps are almost like the apps you find on your smartphone. In the Excel world, an app is a small, programmed interface that interacts with Excel data to extend your spreadsheet’s functionality.

Excel come with two apps built by Microsoft. You will learn how to use these apps to add dynamic charts to your worksheets. There is no programming involved with these apps. They do all the work for you.

As with all my other lessons, this one comes with two follow along workbooks. One you can use to work through the exercises and the other one has the completed exercises.

Once again, if you do not have Excel 2013 or Office 365 for Windows, you will not be able to use this lesson!

7 Effective Methods To Generate More Income For Yourself

by Marc Guberti

Discover: How To Effectively Generate More Income For Yourself

Making money online presents the ability to work at home while making a full-time income. This is an aspiration that many individuals strive for when they create blogs and social media accounts. After the blog and social media accounts get created, the next question is how this all equates to money. Some people use their social networks as advertising platforms while others take surveys. Both of these activities will generate more revenue, but they won’t generate life changing revenue unless you have hundreds of thousands of social media followers or somehow find a bunch of $50 surveys with a few questions and a 100% approval rate.

There are plenty of methods of making money online that don’t lead to desirable incomes. Those methods are ways to make the extra dollar instead of generating a strong income for yourself. I didn’t want to write a book that contained those types of methods.

In 7 Effective Methods To Generate More Income For Yourself, I only discuss the methods that people used to make full-time incomes. Marketers like you and me have used these methods to make six, seven, and even eight figure incomes. Although implementing these methods over a long period of time does require work on your part, these methods allow you to generate income. Some of these methods allow you to generate a passive income.

The Methods I Discuss In The Book

These are the seven methods I discuss in the book:

  • Training Courses
  • Membership Sites
  • eBooks
  • Fiverr
  • Consultation Sessions
  • Selling on eBay
  • Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard of these methods before and experimented with some of these methods before learning about this book. However, do you know how these methods equate to more money and how to optimize them so you generate a good income? I will show you how to optimize these methods so you make as much income as possible by going in-depth on each method and crunching the numbers to see how many sales it would take for you to achieve certain income goals.

Your Income Growth Awaits

Download now to learn how to effectively make money online with the best methods on the web right now.

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AdSense Niche Sites Empire: Increase Your AdSense Profits

by Anu Dey

Anu Dey is an Avid Internet Marketing Enthusiast who is successfully running AdSense Niche Sites since 10 years. She has also taught hundreds of aspiring students about Google’s AdSense program and how to run it without getting banned. In this Kindle book you will learn how to create AdSense Niche Sites on your own on Autopilot to increase your AdSense Profits. Learn all the AdSense Tips, Tricks and Secret Strategies to Financial Stability in Life.

Easy Internet Marketing: Essential Advice For Online Success

by Michael Hall

Are you struggling to make a success of your internet marketing business? Are you fed up of buying products that promise the earth but just leave you more confused? Does the world of internet marketing move at such a speed that you struggle to keep up? Michael Hall found this too, for over four years, but perseverance paid off for him in the end.

In Easy Internet Marketing, he cuts through the baffling terminology and shifting sands of the internet marketing landscape to offer an easy-to-digest guide to building the foundations of a successful online business, whether via affiliate marketing or through selling your own products.

Included in Easy Internet Marketing you’ll find help and advice on subjects including:

* Keyword Research

* Social Media Marketing

* Search Engine Optimization

* Email Marketing

* Video Marketing

* Pay Per Click Advertising

* And Much More

Easy Internet Marketing aims to set you on the right path to online marketing success – and keep you there.

Holiday Marketing Maximized

by Ini Augustine

Successful retailers make 80% of their revenue during the holidays

Would making 80% more profit this year help you?


Holiday Marketing 101

The Art of the Upsell

Pleasurable Purchasing

Online Marketing Basics

Preparing your website for holiday buying

and more!

The Omniscient Developer: Technology Journal Volume – I

NB: The book is optimized for 5″ devices & Tablets only


There is a dearth of good Developer Journals in the market. As I was keen on learning programming, I found that self-help is the best help. But there is nothing wrong if there is some guidance too. You reach your goals a lot faster and learn more than unassisted.

This is volume 1 of The Omniscient Developer

Why know more about computer science and new emerging technologies?

Every 5 years the technology skill needs 70% overhaul. If you are not being trained by your company you may be decreasing your employability and earning capability in the long run. So update your skills inventory today.

Apart from that learning more languages you can be a polyglot programmer and it can helps in compiler design subject.

Book has articles on App Design and Choice, JQuery, Cloud Deployment, PHP, Python Classes, Mobile App Design Guidelines, Smart Phone Guide.

It has working compiled examples and concept tutorials.

Wish you luck in becoming the best in your profession.

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