Free literary fiction Kindle books for 04 May 15

Orange Cappuccino

by Joel R. Dennstedt

Orange Cappuccino is a story of fated romance. Joshua, married, with a young son and a baby due, meets Sarah, an ambitious young businesswoman, also married, who evokes strange memories of his dead mother, victim of a tenacious, subversive cancer. Inexorably drawn to each other, Josh and Sarah become lovers who, incapable of parting, abandon their families to be together.

Ostracized by all, Josh and Sarah exile themselves to small town Colorado. Threatened by an obsessively damaged vet, they flee once again, to far-off isolation near the vast Alaskan wilderness. In Alaska, their love and fate is challenged by poverty, solitude, and misfortune. Stubbornly enduring, they navigate a changeable life in which they become inextricably bound to each other. Throughout it all, a magical drink sustains their love and humor.

Joshua recounts their story with sardonic humor and tender regret, beginning with a winter accident on the Alaskan Highway. His perspective is oddly detached and introspective, devoted to his fellow traveler and fated love, with a passion for telling his listeners the truth after all these years.

The Lauderdale Ladies Book Club

by Mike Broemmel

First they read books … then they burned books … The Lauderdale Ladies Book Club …

“Peach cobbler . . . yummy.” Mildred Rockford admired the confection Hazel
Aspertyme brought into the living room. Earlier that morning, Hazel took the plastic coverlets off the sofa, loveseat and easy chairs in her living room for the occasion: the monthly meeting of the Lauderdale Ladies Book Club.


by Milton Bagby

An unscrupulous repair contractor tries to take advantage of an old lady during the disastrous 2010 flood in Nashville.

Loser Parade

by Ray Hecht

Fenton Ota is at his wit’s end. He thought he would have been more of a success at this point. What happened? He finds himself in Los Angeles an utter failure as an actor, and in the end there is nothing he can do but call Mom and go back to Ohio. The shame!

What is it they say about how you can never go home? Once back in Cincinnati with his tail between his legs, he reconnects with old pals, struggles to build himself up, and eventually embarks on a new goal: writing and directing his own play. Ostensibly based on his own “experiences.” Based on this author’s experiences. Writing about the fictional character who is him, writing about this author, writing about him, and so on. It gets a bit metafictional and postmodern.

He is, of course, doing this all for a girl. And their relationship is all based on lies. Ain’t love grand?

A tale of the creative process, the white lies that get out of proportion, and the deeper questions of just what is a story. Sometimes we are all losers, but hopefully its never too late to grow up.

Nothing is Everything

by Stephen Leatherdale

Darren Milton thinks he has everything but, when he loses it, he discovers that he didn’t have anything at all. He then embarks on a series of encounters and adventures in order to reclaim what he thought was already his. During the course of these events, he meets characters ranging from a Duchess to Britain’s most daring entrepreneur. He is involved in a political protest, a virtual rock festival, an industrial scandal and revitalising a Scottish island. Meanwhile, the steady background presence of his oldest friend, rebellious daughter and salt-of-the-Earth mother keeps him on the straight and narrow. Or as close to it as possible.

In turns, this humorous, dramatic and touching tale tells the story of a normal child of the Sixties who has taken a well worn path only to be surprised that it doesn’t lead to where he hoped.

This is Darren’s story.

Who knows, it might be yours.

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