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Elusive Heiress: Bayview Murder Mystery: Laura Seymour Cozy Mysteries and Romantic Adventures (Women Sleuths Cozy Mysteries Series Book 1)

by Lauren Berg

Welcome to delightful cozy reading with a charming woman sleuth, and twisted murder mystery.

Reporter Laura Seymour dreams of big things like cracking tough cases and writing front page stories for her newspaper. The problem is, she’s stuck covering minor celebrities for the arts and entertainment section. It’s a living, but a dull one at best.

When she happens to get the scoop on a story before any other reporter in the area, she’s sure her editor will give her a chance at a bigger and better news item. Instead he sends her to the flagship resort of the famous von Farron family to cover the CEO’s, Edith von Farron, stay there.

Disappointed, Laura calls her best friend and socialite, Amy Madison, and the two decide to make a mini vacation out of it. When they arrive at the Seaside Inn, they learn that Edith von Farron disappeared from her yacht the night before. The police suspect a homicide has been committed, and consider everyone as suspects.

Laura goes into investigative mode, and decides that she needs to crack the case before the police come back to interview Amy and her again. She begins interviewing the people closest to Edith, the people with the most to gain from her disappearance, but she finds that the more she talks to these people, the more suspects emerge.

Then Laura makes a discovery that threatens her life. Rather than run away from the challenge presented to her, however, she summons every ounce of courage she has left and pushes ahead. Laura knows that the only way she’ll clear her name, and break the story of her career is to find the element that ties it all together.

Through it all, her best friend Amy is right by her side, helping any way that she can. Unlike Laura, Amy has both the funds and the brazenness to draw out people who would normally rather remain hidden. But during the investigation, Laura must confront the fact that even her closest friend has secrets, and those secrets can threaten everything they’ve worked toward.

Throughout it all, Laura keeps her head and watches for the path that will lead to the answers she needs. The case turns out to be both simpler and more complex than Laura and her friends ever imagined. But the question remains: will Laura figure out what happened to the elusive heiress before anyone gets hurt?

Cicada Spring: A Novel

by Christian Galacar

On a warm May evening in the spring of 1979, the people of Heartsridge, Massachusetts, are living the American dream. Families are gathered for barbecues. Kids are playing in front yards. Gardens are being kept. Meanwhile, Kara Price stumbles home through the woods, raped and beaten, her life shattered by a wicked act of violence, perpetrated by one of the town’s most beloved and public figures.

Surrounding Kara is a cast of compelling and nefarious charactersâ??a violent-tempered mayor who can do no wrong in the eyes of the town, a sheriff bound by the rules and plagued by a guilty conscience, a father bent on revenge, a serial killer in the midst of an identity crisis. And at the center of it all there’s Kara, who just wants to move on with her life and forget everything that happened to her. But how can she do that when everyone thinks she is a liar who is only out for attention? With plot and emotion braided together by a careful hand, this haunted group of people all acting on behalf of their own interests begs the question: How far would you go to protect your own?

Detective D. Case

by Neal Goldy

“What in God’s name?” D. tore off a newspaper clipping. In black bold letters the headline read: DO OLD PEOPLE LOOK LIKE CHILDREN WITH WRINKLES? The title story concerned not an event but how old people, during the last years of their lives, begin to act more and more like children.

Detective D. is an old man who has been working as a private investigator for so long that he has forgotten what it is like to be a child again. He keeps his identity secret by only using an initial and likes to keep crucial details out of his conscious mind. But a rushed, yet mysterious, phone call changes everything when he is given a case about the missing son of a wealthy family – the McDermotts.

Once you go in, you never go back.

As detective D. explores the case, he realizes what ill fate has been brought his way; his apartment goes missing and a young girl dressed as a nurse takes him into a sexualized version of hell. Somebody’s pulling the strings ( literally) but he does not know who.

Go deep, and see what he sees. Go deeper, and see what he does not want you to see. Go deepest, and see what you cannot un-see.

Sitting in what used-to-be the father of the family’s office desk (it also resembled 20th century England), D. opened up Impromptu to the first blank page. To his surprise, the first page had something already written on it: “everything happens at once.”

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THE GRAVE: An intense, gripping crime thriller

by Diane M Dickson

“Superb. I loved this thriller. I couldn’t put it down.” Lyn Roberts

“If you read one novel this year make it The Grave.” Terry Duncan

“Very gripping, and intense. I highly recommend this suspense thriller.” Christine Abbotts

Action packed and full of suspense, the latest thriller from Diane Dickson

Tired of her aggressive boyfriend, Sylvie becomes fascinated by a strange man who lives alone in the woods. It is rumored he has piles of hidden money and a whole load of secrets.

Sylvie gets close to him but soon discovers that he is in real danger too. With his enemies closing in and as she learns of his dark past she asks herself, “Have I come too far to turn back?”

This is an intense thriller by Diane Dickson, bestselling author of Leaving George, also available on Kindle.

SAVANNAH GONE: A Ray Fontaine Mystery

by Doug Keeler

Almost everyone in the state of Georgia views deepening the Port of Savannah as the single-most important economic development project in the entire state. Everyone except Marine Biologist Claire Robertson that is. When Claire goes missing, Private Investigator Ray Fontaine agrees to search for her. At first Ray thinks finding her is going to be an open and shut case.

But behind Savannah’s Gothic facade everyone has a secret. And as Ray begins to peel back the layers, he uncovers a growing list of suspects. To solve the case, Ray must put himself, and those he cares about, in mortal danger.

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