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Periodic Fasting: Repair your DNA, Grow Younger, and Learn to Appreciate your Food

by Cristian Vlad Zot

In a modern world where it’s considered normal to consume 3 meals and additional snacks everyday (otherwise you will get sick), fasting can be considered an outrageous and even dangerous practice.

One of the biggest fears of fasting is the fear hunger, the false hunger that most people are afraid of while depleting their glycogen stores (the body sugar storage).

Fasting has often been associated with religious customs. It is time to define a line between the two.

In Periodic Fasting, I embark on a timeless journey from the very beginning of life on Earth, through early human societies, through the middle Ages and into modern days to explore the concepts and practices of prolonged fasting and intermittent fasting (IF).

Periodic Fasting is about:

1. My early life encounters with fasting in the small village of my grandparents (using a high-carb diet).

2. How primitive life-forms on Earth and fasting co-evolved; fasting in the animal kingdom.

3. Early hominid species, food restriction, and meal frequency. The first organized human societies and the switch between irregular feeding to regular dietary patterns. Circadian rhythmicity and meal timing.

4. The personal story of a man from the middle Ages who started consuming less food in his mid-thirties because of poor health and lived to 102 years (narrated by himself).

5. The dozens of prolonged fasting experiments in the beginning of the 20th century; fasting as a cure to many ailments.

6. How people can live without food for 139, 236 and even 382 days (medically supervised experiments). Details of 7-40 days fasts done by lean people for rejuvenation, detoxification and increased life span.

7. The emerging science and the studies of fasting from the mid-20th century (pathological implications – diabetes, obesity, CVD, cancer, and others).

8. How fasting and semi-starvation can be totally opposite: disturbing stories from the Second World War.

9. The molecular mechanisms of fasting: what happens when your body focuses on cell repair and tissue rejuvenation, instead of digesting food.

10. How the secretion of some hormones may be widely misunderstood: especially thyroid hormones and insulin. On muscle-loss phobia, mainstream media, and bro-science.

11. The modern-day science of prolonged fasting and intermittent fasting (AMPk, SIRT, FOXO, etc).

12. My personal prolonged water-only fasting experiment; insights into refeeding and realimentation after long-term fasting.

13. My 1 year and 3 months daily intermittent fasting protocol (still on-going). My ever-adapting exercising protocol (lifting), what I eat everyday, what supplements I use and what other cool strategies help me stay consistent and compliant with the protocol.

14. How I combine intermittent fasting (IF), a well formulated ketogenic diet, and calorie restriction to immensely increase the quality of my life, and paradoxically, never feel hungry; how energy levels and mood can increase if you correctly adopt a fasting protocol.

Once armed with this knowledge, you will drastically alter your perspective about your body’s limits.

T-(Rx) – The Testosterone Protocol: On Achieving True Male Status

by Cristian Vlad Zot

T-R(x) follows the journey of Cristi Vlad on increasing his testosterone levels (over a 6-months period) through different natural interventions, such as:

1. Well formulated Very-Low-Carb-Low-Calorie-Ketogenic nutrition (without carb-loading)

2. Heavy Lifting Protocol + HIIT Protocol

3. Intermittent Fasting

4. Cold Thermogenesis (you will hate it)

5. Supplementation

6. Fixing the circadian clock

7. Lowering exposure to non-native EMF

8. No masturbation (sex is allowed)

9. Thoughts on alcohol consumption

He also tells you how the advent of technology impacted the male status over the past 100 years and how males today are not real men (in his opinion).

What is different in this approach is that Cristi did it under a low-calorie very-low-carb-ketogenic nutritional protocol. He did not use carb-loading.

T-(Rx) does not include boner pill prescriptions and/or recommendations for hormone replace therapies (HRT).

DIY Lotion Making: 25 Homemade and Natural Body Lotion Recipes for Beautiful and Soft Skin

by Annette Marsh

Making Homemade lotions does not have to be difficult.

Right now, many people are purchasing their own lotions at the store, being stuck with whatever is available and not realizing the harm that they could be causing to their skin.

Most of these people have never taken the time to look at the label on the back of the lotion; if they did, they might be horrified to find some of the ingredients that are there. Store bought lotions will often have harmful and toxic ingredients simply for the fact that these are cheap and make more money for the company.

When you take the time to make your own lotions at home, you ensure that you get exactly what you want and that the product does not have any harmful chemicals inside. This guidebook will show you how easy it can be!

In this guidebook you will learn:

– How to get started on making your own homemade lotions including what materials and ingredients to get.

– The benefits of making your own lotions compared to purchasing at the store

– 25 easy recipes to make at home in no time

– Tips for making your skin look as healthy and vibrant as you feel.

Making your own lotions at home can be a fun and rewarding experience and you will never have to worry about harmful toxins touching your skin again. Download this book now in order to get started today!

Bulletproof Diet: Beginner’s Guide with Delicious & Quick Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Improve Your Health (Dieting Plans for Weight Loss)

by Suzanne Huff

Been on countless amounts of diets and still have that weight you want to lose? Do you want a complete morale booster, however you can’t seem to wake up? Well, you make have found the perfect solution. The Bulletproof Diet is all about losing weight and feeling good in the process.

You have an unlimited range of foods you can eat, only having to prepare them a little differently. When reading this book, you’ll learn all about the benefits of the Bulletproof Diet and what it has to offer. You’ll see how many recipes can be made Bulletproof, with just some simple differences in the preparation and ingredients.

Inside You Will Learn:

– What the Bulletproof diet exactly is

– Simple breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts

– How you can become Bulletproof

– What Bulletproof Coffee is

Adrenal Reset Diet for Hormone Balance: Recipes for Cycling Carbs and Proteins to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Your Very Best (Weight Loss Guide)

by Marisa Lee

The easy way to take back control of your life and beat out the harmful health effects of adrenal disease.

Do you suffer from adrenal disease?

Adrenal disease can cover a wide variety of issues in your body and could be the reason that you are suffering from a host of issues that you did not even know were connected.

Dealing with these conditions can make life difficult, makes simple tasks almost impossible, and can even be life threatening if it is not taken care of.

To make sure that you are able to maintain your health and live a long and healthy life, this guidebook provides you with a lot of great information and suggestions that you should try.

Inside this guidebook you will learn:

– What Adrenal Disease is

– What symptoms to watch out for

– Treatment options available

– Tips for following the adrenal diet for the best results.

– Healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert to keep you happy and full.

– Tips for a healthier life

– And so much more!

Once you learn more about adrenal disease, what symptoms are associated with it, and how to properly take care of yourself and your body in order to reverse or treat the condition, you will be amazed at how much fuller your life can be.

Do not live with the tiredness, the body aches, and the lack of appetite any longer.

Download this guidebook today to find the best tips needed to get started today.

Nutribullet: Get All the Important Nutrients With These 30 Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss (Nutribullet, Nutribullet Book, Nutribullet Cookbook)

by Sarah Carter

Nutribullet (FREE Bonus Included)

Get All the Important Nutrients With These 30 Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy ways of losing weight have been a fascination for so many people who want to maintain a normal healthy body.

In this book we are going to talk about:

  • Proper ways that you can be able to prepare the great recipe at home and enjoy with your family.
  • Creative processes that you can use to create your delicious and outstanding recipe.
  • Ingredients that you can use to come up with a recipe that you want to have.
  • The best ways and methods to use in order to come up with the required recipe that satisfies your taste
  • Creative ways that you can use to achieve different results while preparing a recipe
  • The easy healthy way of losing weight through simple easy to prepare recipes
  • Examples of unique contents that you can try and create while you are at home

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The Gratitude Journal & Emotional Intelligence Box Set: Great Tips and Suggestions on How to Keep a Gratitude Journal and Improve Your Emotional Intelligence … Intelligence, emotional self help)

by Emma Smith

The Gratitude Journal & Emotional Intelligence Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: The Gratitude Journal: How to Keep a Gratitude Journal and Experience Great Improvement of Your Life: 10 Useful Tips

We say “thank you” many times a day without actually meaning it. The response has become automatic, expected even, without actually acknowledging the reasons. For American’s the dedicated “Thanksgiving Day” has even now become just another holiday to eat to excess and relax without the majority really displaying any thankfulness for the bounty in their lives.

Do you have a warm place to sleep? Food? How about a family or friends that care for you? Rather than being thankful for just having the latest tech there are probably plenty of things in your life that you should be thankful for everyday and don’t realize. A gratitude journal is a tangible way of always having a reminder about the things you are thankful for in your life. This book intends on giving you both a lesson in gratitude and the tools to create your own journal. So whenever you feel down, turn a page and remember that maybe life isn’t so bad.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Why living a life of gratitude can make you happier
  • The science of gratitude
  • How to include gratitude in your life
  • How to write a gratitude journal
  • Will a journal work for me?
  • 10 tips

BOOK #2: Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions on How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Take Control of Your Life

Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions is a book that examines the history and impact of Emotional Intelligence on our daily lives. Whether it be at home, at work, or as a leadership tool, there are ways to fine tune your Emotional Intelligence to become healthier and to take back control of your emotional life. Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions will explain to you the range of emotions and their relative impact on mental and physical health. The world around us is often chaotic, out of control, and the measure of a human being is whether or not they can show the right emotions at the right time. There is, of course, no discernible rhyme or reason to the standards therein, but rather they are fluid, constantly changing. Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions will walk you through the process of using the correct emotions at the right time and keeping them within the proper boundaries that will improve the quality of your life, rather than confuse and bog down your life. Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions is not a “new age” book wherein the primary exercise is to stare at a blade of grass and become one with it.

This book provides:

  • Real time tools to help you take control of literally every aspect of your life through increasing your Emotional Intelligence.
  • What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  • EQ Professional Application
  • EQ Personal Application

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Get the Guy: How to Find Him, Interest Him, and Keep Him! (Relationship & Dating Advice)

by Samantha Stewart

Have you tried everything when it comes to finding a man and keeping him, but you just can’t seem to find true love?

Did you know there are scientifically proven ways to engaging a man’s interest and keeping him interested throughout a relationship in order to get to the long-term?

You most likely think that all of the good men have been taken and there aren’t any left for you to even bother with, but you’re wrong. If you took the time to look around you, frequent places you haven’t been yet, and actually engage in conversation with a man, you would see that there are good men surrounding you on a daily basis!

If you want to figure out how find them, interest them, and eventually integrate yourself into their lives, then you’ve found the right book!

In this book, I will teach you how to:

– Find different places you can find men.

– Flirt properly with a man without turning him off or sending him the wrong signal.

– Date a man properly.

– Integrate yourself into his life without being pushy or demanding.

So don’t wait another second! Scroll up and download this book today to find the perfect man for you!

How to Knit and Crochet Box Set: 24 Knitting Tutorials with Luxury Lace Patterns & Crocheting Manual with Fun-to-Stich Patterns (How to Knit and Crochet … for Begginers, How to Crochet Guide)

by Jody Summers

How to Knit and Crochet Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: How To Knit: Adorable Book with Luxury Lace Patterns and Ideas. 24 Can’t Miss Knitting Tutorials

The “How to Knit” book features a wide range of knitting instructions, guides, tips, and tricks. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or professional level, these tips will help improve your knitting ability by great strides. “How to Knit” not only gives you tutorials, but hopefully it will spark a flame in you that will give you the ability to come of with ideas of your own.

This is an excellent book that no sewing or knitting class should go without!

“How to Knit” focuses on:

  • Various different knitting tutorials ranging from styles, fabric, patterns, techniques, and casts
  • Tips for knitting on every level. Breaking down the types of fabric, colors, yarn, and tools
  • Ideas for various different knitting projects from socks to pillows
  • Unique knitting patterns for you to follow and create your own work of art
  • A Guide to the different types of casts and stitches, giving you more options, so that you are able to determine which direction you want to take your knitting project
  • Tips, tips, and more tips! This book is packed full of unique ideas and tips that cannot be found anywhere else!

BOOK #2: How To Crochet: Super Easy Manual for Crochet and Fun-to-Stitch Patterns

If you’re looking for some easy crochet patterns then â??How To Crochet: Manual for Super Easy Crochet and Fun-to-Stitch Patterns’ is the book for you.

Containing some easy patterns, followed by a few for the slightly more seasoned crochet fanatic, this book will guide you through the process.

This great new book will also teach you:

  • How to make some beautiful summer flowers
  • How to crochet a wonderful and relatively easy Afghan blanket
  • As well as showing you how to pick the right yarn and hooks

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DIY Projects Box Set: Cleaning and Organizing Tips for Perfect Housekeeping and 10 Great Wood Papllet Projects to Personalize Your Space (DIY Projects Box Set, DIY Projects, DIY Household Hacks)

by Janet Wilson

DIY Projects Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: DIY Cleaning and Organizing: Easy Cleaning and Organizing Tips for Perfect and Fast Housekeeping

You are on your way to a better life with the handy, helpful tips in this eBook.

Title presents the perennial problem most people encounter at home and the office and what to do about it yourself or with the help of others

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The psychology of disorganization
  • The evils of procrastination
  • Time management and setting priorities
  • Basic cleaning and organizing tools and products
  • Achieving productivity

BOOK #2: DIY Projects: 10 Best Wood Pallet Projects With Modern Upcycling Ideas to Personalize Your Space

Recycled wood projects are the ultimate in do-it-yourself convenience and sustainable living. This guide goes in depth on how to select the right pallets to use for your projects as well as great uses of up-cycled wood around the home and yard.

With shipping pallets a ubiquitous part of any business that has a loading dock at its facility, these are a cheap source of easy-to-use materials to make great looking, highly functional rustic pieces. They complement any décor choice and look aged and antiqued on day one.

With this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pick the right pallets for quality and safety
  • Disassemble them quickly without losing any of the lumber
  • Create high-quality pieces
  • Set up shop to sell the extras to recoup any costs you expend

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Body Scrubs: 30 Organic Body Scrub Recipes For Gorgeous Skin

by Karen Mitchell

Body Scrubs: 30 Organic Body Scrub Recipes For Gorgeous Skin

Learn How To Make Your Own Homemade Body Scrubs

There’s nothing better after a long, hard week than packing a day bag and heading off to your favorite spa for a relaxing, rejuvenating body scrub. It can be rough to juggle children, household chores, and your nine-to-five job while still maintaining your allure. Life is an uphill battle, for sure, but taking care of your skin is much easier than you think. It’s not a matter of buying the most expensive skin creams or going regularly to the upscale spa across town. It’s a matter of using quality ingredients and making your own organic body scrubs, right in the safety of your own kitchen!

Homemade body scrubs are one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Not only can it remove dead and damaged skin cells from all over your body, it’ll also encourage your skin to repair itself and prevent premature aging. The benefits of using scrubs are numerous, and include exfoliating to remove dirt and unclog skin pores, preventing acne and other skin problems, and even lightening the skin by encouraging new skin cell growth. In addition, you just can’t beat the feeling of freshly scrubbed skin. Inside this e-book, you’ll find the easiest, most cost-effective body scrub recipes to get the best skin you’ve ever had, through customizing and creating your very own body care products.

The best part about making your own organic body scrubs in the safety and comfort of your own kitchen is that you can choose which vitamins and minerals to add to your body scrubs to maximize their healing effects. Vitamin C can help you reduce acne outbreaks, and vitamin E is well known for helping to make your skin radiant, elastic, and moisturized. By choosing to make your body scrubs at home, you can do the best thing for your body and make healthy, natural body care that doesn’t have harmful additives or chemicals.

Inside, you’ll learn how to choose the type of scrub that your skin needs – sugar scrubs or salt scrubs, or even coffee, lemon, and oatmeal scrubs. Most of the body scrub recipes inside only require mixing the ingredients together, or occasionally melting oils first before combining. You’ll be making your perfect body care in no time with these easy, quick recipes that often contain just the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. These recipes you make can last anywhere between a week and six months, so you can plan to make yourself something special, or make a bunch to gift to friends and family.

Have a relaxing night with the Lavender and Mint Sugar Scrub, or get to sleep just a little easier with the Lavender Rosemary Sugar Scrub. Rejuvenate yourself and start your day with any of the coffee scrubs, including the Coffee and Honey Sugar Scrub, the Mint Java Body Scrub, or even the Indulgent Coffee Scrub. Find these and many more recipes for your perfect body scrub inside.

Check out some fo the body scrub recipes I have prepared for you:

  • Lavender And Mint Sugar Scrub
  • Almond Brown Sugar Body Scrub
  • Honey, Grapefruit And Rosemary Salt Scrub
  • Indulgent Coffee Scrub
  • Mango Paradise Body Scrub

Start making your own Homemade Body Scrubs today!

Homemade Shampoo: 22 Tips on How to Make Homemade Shampoos For Damaged and Hair Without Shine (Homemade Shampoo, Homemade Shampoo Books, Homemade Shampoo Making)

by Justin Coleman

Homemade Shampoo (FREE Bonus Included)

22 Tips on How to Make Homemade Shampoos For Damaged and Hair Without Shine

Are you tired of paying top dollar for shampoo that does an adequate at best job of cleaning your hair? Are you worried about the types of chemicals that you are putting in your hair and on your head and what those chemicals could do if they get absorbed through your scalp? We all are justifiably concerned about the types of products we are buying.

When all-natural doesn’t mean much more than the label it is printed on, our only option is to make it ourselves. What’s great about shampoo is that it is one of the easiest health and beauty products to make on our own. And more importantly, because it is so easy, we are in complete control of what the shampoo does and what is in it.

Store and salon bought shampoos are a confusing blend of varieties. But the one thing in common among all the brands, formulations and prices is that they are mass-produced. As a result, the unique characteristics of your hair are at the mercy of the conglomerate’s best guess about what everybody needs. If you have experienced the sheer agony of trying to brush out recently dyed hair that was washed with a shampoo that says it is great for colored hair, but doesn’t specify thick, colored hair, you know how important it is to take every factor into account.

This brief guidebook will give you the necessary tips to get you started making your own shampoos. In it you will learn:

  • What ingredients make shampoos that will help treat dry, damaged hair
  • The best mixtures to keep oily and greasy hair in check
  • How you can boost the shine of your hair and make it look lustrous all day long, and
  • The best homemade recipes for dry shampoos.

Say goodbye to one-size fits all shampoos and look forward to recipes that are tailored to your own hair, every time you wash!

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Grow Fruit Indoors: Advanced Gardening Tips on How to Grow the Best Exotic Fruits Indoors (Grow Fruit, grow fruit indoors, indoor gardening)

by Alice Stokes

Grow Fruit Indoors (FREE Bonus Included)

Advanced Gardening Tips on How to Grow the Best Exotic Fruits Indoors

Have you always wanted to start your own fruit garden but never thought you had the space available? This book will teach you to forget everything that you ever thought you knew about gardening. Learn how to start your very own fully functional indoor fruit garden and cultivate delicious tropical (yes, tropical!) fruits in any climate.

Your indoor fruit garden will not only have fruit-producing tropical plants, but you will learn how to grow a variety of other delicious produce. Not only that, but you will learn to grow decorative complementary aromatic plants that will make your indoor fruit garden smell like its own little slice of heaven.

No matter what your motivation may be, starting an indoor fruit garden is an awesome and rewarding new hobby that I’m glad you’re showing an interest in.

Among all of this, you will also discover:

  • How to grow tropical fruits in any climate from seed to stem!
  • Methods for successfully starting, maintaining, nourishing, and harvesting your favorite tropical fruits!
  • Proper lighting, watering, feeding, and care of your plants.
  • How to prevent pests and other problems
  • All of this and more!

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The Forgiveness Doctor

by Annette Cargioli

In The Forgiveness Doctor, renowned holistic physician and speaker Dr. Annette Cargioli reveals how your success in relationships, business and health is operated through and limited by your subconscious mind programming. She competently demonstrates and explains how your past emotional programming can lock you into repeated behavior that ultimately creates the same hurt, doomed relationships, failure, physical pain and disease. Dr. Cargioli walks you through the Four Steps of Emotional Polarity Technique to identify and release the exact hidden memory that is preventing you from creating the success, health and relationships you were destined to have. She will explain why forgiveness is the key component in Emotional Polarity Technique and how combining this one component with energy and intuition, can make miracles happen in your life right now. The Forgiveness Doctor explains how you can open your heart more every day to love more than you ever thought possible. You will learn how to stop creating your life experiences out of the energy of anger, sadness and hurt from the past and recover the love that you are, that you have always been and will always be. You’ve been looking for a cure and The Forgiveness Doctor has it, healing for your body, mind and spirit. This is not where you thought you were going. It’s so much better.

Bath Salts – DIY Bath Salts for Hobby and Gifts!: The Step-By-Step Playbook for Making Bath Salts For Gifts And Hobby

by Family Traditions Publishing

Bath Salts

The Step-By-Step Playbook for Making Bath Salts For Gifts And Hobby

Bath salts is one of these do-it-yourself projects that really is a moneysaver, especially if you’re like me and love to soak in a nice hot bath after a long hard day. And since I can be rather cheap at times, I just didn’t want to continue to shell out $20 to $40 a month for high quality and boutique-style bath salts. Especially when I can make my own bath salts with my favorite fragrances at a fraction of what commercial bath salt blends costs. Seriously, you will spend only pennies on the dollar making your own blend, and if you take a lot of baths like I do, that savings will quickly rack up.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Basic Ingredients

Borax? In Bath Salts?

Chapter 2 – Choosing the Right Ingredients

Chapter 3 – Bath Salts Recipes

Lavendar Bath Salts

Eucalyptus and Vanilla Bath Salts

Rosemary Bath Salts

Simply Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Rainbow Bath Salts

Rose Milk Bath Salts

Two Ingredient Vanilla Bath Salts

Valentine’s Day Bath Salt

Herbal Bath Salts

Moisturizing Bath Salts

Mint Mojito Bath Salts

Detoxifying Epsom Bath Salts

Orange Dreamsicle Bath Salts

Bath Salts for Back Pain

Lemon and Rosemary Bath Salts

Grapefruit Bath Salts

Simple Soothing Bath Salts

Simple Re Relaxing Bath Salts

A Simple Feel Good Bath Salt Mixture

Sensual Bath Salts

Uplifting Bath Salts

Refreshing Bath Salts

Energizing Bath Salts

Extra Uplifting Bath Salts

Bath Salts for Aches and Pains

Tropical Bath Salts

Bath Salts Tea Bag

Fruitylicious Bath Salts

Dead Skin Removing Bath Salts

Autumn Orchard Bath Salts

Couple’s Bath Salts

Easy To Make Bath Salt Blends in Bulk

Himalayan Bath Salt Blends

The Hangover Bath Salt Blend

Bath Salt Blends for Men

Bath Salt Blends for Kids

Chapter 4 – Bath Salts as Gifts

Essential Oils: 23 Lessons on How to use Essential Oils to Reduce Weight (Essential Oils, Essential Oils books, Essential Oils guide)

by Nathan Travis

Essential Oils (FREE Bonus Included)

23 Lessons on How to use Essential Oils to Reduce Weight

Losing weight is something that everyone wants to do at some point in their life. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on diet pills or diuretics in order to lose weight. You can lose weight by utilizing essential oils.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The best essential oils to use to lose weight
  • How to use the essential oils
  • Where to purchase essential oils for weight loss
  • The basics about essential oils

These 23 tips can help you jump start your weight loss and get you on the road to a healthier life. Using essential oils can leave you feeling great. Don’t be surprised if you find that you experience other benefits besides weight loss.

Learn how to lose weight safely and naturally with essential oils. Use these tips to lose weight for that special occasion. You can join the thousands of people who use essential oils and live a better and healthier life. Imagine losing weight without having to rely on starving yourself. Remember, losing weight isn’t about dieting. It’s about starting a new, healthy lifestyle. Essential oils can help you be healthier and even happier. They can help you curb your appetite, smash your cravings, and even feel happier! Are you ready to get started?

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Detox: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your Body. Revitalize Your Life in Less Than a Week (Detox, detox cleanse, detox diet)

by Tina Morgan

Detox (FREE Bonus Included)

25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your Body. Revitalize Your Life in Less Than a Week

“Detox: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your Body” is a book about getting healthy and overcoming ingested or absorbed toxins including excess sugar on one week. The liver is the primary focus as it is instrumental in promoting a better metabolism, and immune and digestive systems. It takes a week to effect a change, but you will also get a lifetime of benefits.

The book covers how to:

  • Follow 25 essential hacks to purify and detox the body
  • Improve the digestive process
  • Feel less bloated or constipated
  • Change your mood
  • Become healthier
  • Have more energy and strength

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Indoor Fruits and Vegetables Box Set: Top 10 Fruits That You Can Grow Indoor and Vegetables which You Plant Once and Enjoy Vitamins Throughout the Whole … grow fruit indoors, vegetables gardening)

by Tina Nelson

Indoor Fruits and Vegetables Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Grow Fruit Indoors: Top 10 Fruits That You Miss in Winter and Can Grow Indoor and Easy Methods To Do It Effectively

There are more and more people who are discovering that it is very possible to have a garden anywhere – even in your own house. There are a lot of reasons why people are turning to this option; living in a place with small space, poor quality soil, and the cold winter season.

But these problems are just a thing in the past now! Now, anyone can grow plants, even fruits indoors. As long as you have little space in your house, some lighting (natural or artificial), potting soil, good sized containers, seeds, water, time, and knowledge, you can be successful in growing plants inside your house.

Growing fruit trees indoors can be very satisfying. You are able to save money in buying groceries and revel in delicious and healthier fruit you grew on your own. In addition to these, indoor gardens can decrease anxiety, ease depression, develop comfort, and stimulate healing.

But of course, there are some important things that you have to know before you start growing your own garden indoors. And with this book, you will learn all the things you need to know.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • How to Grow Plants Indoors
  • Top 10 Fruits That You Can Grow Inside Your Home
  • Proper Ways of Growing Certain Fruit Tress
  • Three Common Problems You Can Encounter In Indoor Gardening and What to Do About Them
  • Reasons to Go For Indoor Gardening and Its Benefits

BOOK #2: Grow Fruit Indoors: Tips on How to Grow Indoors the Fruits You Miss in Winter

Many hate the winter. Some people don’t like it because they miss out on their favorite plants, and sometimes they don’t know how to grow anything else. The winter can kill off your plants, and that’s a problem that so many have. But what if you had a way to grow them indoors? What if you knew an amazing way to grow some of your favorite fruits and vegetables indoors without having to worry about the cold killing them off? Well, this book will show you how to. This book will demonstrate the perks of growing fruit indoors, along with the major benefits of it. You can have fruits and veges that you love all year round, and this book will help you unleash your inner gardening potential with this amazing book on growing plants indoors!

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Why Grow Plants Indoors?
  • The Materials You Need to Grow Plants Indoors
  • How to Grow Plants Indoors
  • The Best Plants that you can Grow Indoors
  • How to Transplant Plants Indoors
  • Tips and Tricks to Keeping Plants Indoors and Living longer

BOOK #3: Plant Vegetables: Plant Once, Enjoy Vitamins Throughout the Whole Year

Are you thinking about growing your own food, but you don’t have time to tend to a traditional vegetable garden? Then it’s time to learn about perennial gardening. With perennial gardening, you can plant once and enjoy a harvest year after year! Imagine being able to grow your own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. What would you do with the money you saved on fresh produce?

This ebook will explain the most commonly found problems with perennial gardening as well as introduce you to some of the most commonly grown produce. You can even use your perennial garden to help others. After time, you can split certain roots and give them to your friends and family. This will help your friends and family grow their own produce.

You’ll also learn about a great substitute for spinach, asparagus, and potatoes. You can grow delicious food without all of the work commonly associated with a yearly garden. This is a great way to eat organic without the added expense.

This book makes a great gift for people who are interested in prepping

Pressure Cooker Cookbook: 17 Veggie Pressure Cooker Recipes for Tastier and Healthier Meals (Pressure cooker, pressure cooker cookbook, pressure cooking)

by Bridgett Larson

Pressure Cooker Cookbook (FREE Bonus Included)

17 Veggie Pressure Cooker Recipes for Tastier and Healthier Meals

I want to thank and congratulate you for downloading the book, “The Pressure Cooker Cookbook”. Without my readers, I simply would not have a reason to write.

In this book, I will explain vegetarian pressure cooker recipes in detail and provide you with some of its most popular ones. These recipes is reflected by some certain criteria such as: how healthy these dishes are, how often people mention them, and what type of feedback these recipes are receiving.

Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you learn from it and, most importantly, enjoy it!

In this book you will read about:

  • Pressure Cooking Techniques
  • and Pressure Cooking Recipes

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Indoor Fruit and Gardening Box Set: 35 Helpful Tips & Techniques to Design a Successful Garden plus Amazing Guide To Grow Your Desired Exotic Fruits in … for beginners, grow fruit indoors)

by Benjamin Mills

Indoor Fruit and Gardening Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Indoor Gardening: 35 Helpful Tips & Techniques to Design a Successful Indoor Garden

Many people want to try their hand at gardening but either they do not have the space in their yard or they have no idea where to start. In this book you are going to learn how you can grow fruits and vegetables in your home by starting an indoor garden. You will also learn what you need to do to make sure these plant add to the design of your home instead of taking away from it which is a huge mistake many indoor gardeners do.

You will also learn:

  • What plants are the easiest to grow indoors
  • How to ensure your plants are getting enough water
  • What to do about humidity issues
  • What you need to do to ensure your plants as well as your home do not become infested by bugs

BOOK #2: Grow Fruit Indoors: Amazing Gardening Guide To Grow Your Desired Exotic Fruits in Your House

So, you don’t have a garden, but you would like to grow your own food?

No Problem!

You can even enjoy exotic fruits, such as pineapple and water melon.

This book will guide you through learning how to grow your own food, indoors. We will look at both local and exotic fruit, vegetables and herbs.

First preparing you with some Starter Tips and discussing the all important aspect of lighting for your plants. Other factors to consider are temperatures and humidity, which we also discuss in this guide.

We will start the home growing, by looking at some delicious fruits for you to consider for your indoor gardening:

  • Grape vines look great in any conservatory
  • Imagine a huge water melon hanging down in a mesh bag, in your home
  • Better still, the unusual flower of a pineapple
  • Perhaps you would rather start out with more local fruits, such as Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Figs, Strawberries

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Reflexology: The Complete Guide to Reflexology Relieve Pain, Reduce Tension and TreatIl Illness (Hand & Foot Massage) (reflexology, massage therapy, self healing)

by Andrew Lin



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You’re about to discover how to perform hands and feet reflexology on yourself improve your health. Though it may sound hard, and DIY reflexology is a proven and popular self healing modality that has been adopted and appreciated by many people around the world. Recent studies have proved that it is the dysfunction of blood circulation that causes all kinds of physical pain and illnesses. If you are in pain or just wanting to learn a better massage technique to serve your loved ones, this will be a book that you do not want to miss!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Reflexology?
  • How can Reflexology Improve your Health?
  • DIY Reflexology to Relieve Back Pain
  • DIY Reflexology for Stress and Tension
  • Benefits of Reflexology
  • Reflexology for Joint and Muscular Pain skin
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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