Free science fiction Kindle books for 04 May 15

Terminus Cycle (Andlios Book One)

by Dave Walsh

The first novel in Dave Walsh’s Andlios series.

Humanity never stopped growing or using resources, leaving Earth in crisis. The solution was a mission to send ships of immense proportions out into the expanse of space to colonize neighboring planets.

Jonah Freeman was born into the lowest rung of society aboard the Omega Destiny. He fought and clawed his way out of poverty only to find himself uncovering a conspiracy about the mission and their destination planet that could alter humanity’s history forever. On the other side of the Omega Destiny was Captain Peter O’Neil, born into wealth and the honor of being the Captain that would land humanity on its new home planet.

Freeman and O’Neil were born on different sides of the spectrum aboard the Omega Destiny but their lives were on a collision course all while their new home planet of Omega loomed in the distance, growing closer and more mysterious every day. What greeted them when they arrived was not only shocking, but more dangerous than they ever imagined.

The Atomic Sea: Part Five: Flaming Skies

by Jack Conner

What is the secret of the Atomic Sea? Find out today! Epic adventure in a strange world by bestselling author Jack Conner.

This is the fifth Part of “The Atomic Sea” epic fantasy / science fiction series.

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