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The 21-Day Exercise Challenge: learn how to make exercise a daily habit in just 21 days, even if you hate it or don’t have time! (body weight training, … workout plans, fitness) (21-Day Challenges)

by 21 Day Challenges

The 21-Day Exercise Challenge: learn how to make exercise a daily habit in just 21 days, even if you hate it or don’t have time!

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Everybody can agree that having a more active lifestyle is a good thing. Nobody would argue that we couldn’t all do a little more exercise. And yet â?¦ why is it so hard to actually do it? If you’re reading this book, you’ve probably gotten fed up with how difficult it is to always be starting a new exercise regime, only to go back to your old habits in a few weeks.

First things first: this book is not about changing your life in 3 weeks.

It’s not about an easy, quick method that nobody’s heard of before.

It’s not about losing huge amounts of weight and solving all your health problems once and for all.

But in a way, what I hope you’ll get from this book is even better – a fun and most importantly effective way to start making healthy choices a lifelong habit.

More exercise in life means better health, better resistance against illness and injury, better mood and sunnier outlook on life, higher self confidence, clearer and healthier skin, improved muscle tone and strength, enhanced metabolism, deeper and more restful sleep, more flexibility and hey, maybe even a little weight loss thrown in.

But I know you know all that. You know that it is a good idea to be more active – now; it’s just a question of how.

This book will answer that question and help you to:

  • get clear on your personal goals and motivation
  • enjoy exercise again
  • understand and overcome your excuses
  • incorporate exercise in your busy lifestyle
  • make small lasting changes with a big impact
  • stay motivated during and after the 21-Day Challenge
  • Much, much more!

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A Story of Life, Fate and Finding the Lost Art of Koka Ninjutsu in Japan

by Daniel DiMarzio

Ninjutsu is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the martial arts world. There are numerous organizations teaching Ninjutsu worldwide. Some claim to teach traditional Ninjutsu while others teach a modern interpretation of the art. These two scenarios are not uncommon. It is almost impossible to authenticate traditional Ninjutsu claims while the modern styles are a new interpretation of the past.

Much rarer is finding a reclusive Ninja school in the heart of Japan that almost no one in the world has heard of. A Ninjutsu organization that has remained veiled in secrecy for ages and is about to go extinct. A Ninjutsu family that has the backing of Japanese historians, the government and a museum. A find like this is unheard of.

Author Daniel DiMarzio unknowingly stumbled upon just that while living and working in Japan. For the first time in English, with the permission of his teacher, he brought this Ninjutsu organization to the Western world by publishing this book in 2008. Daniel pulled back the veil on Ban Family Ninjutsu, an organization lead by the head of the family Jinichi Kawakami and instructor Yasushi Kiyomoto.

This republished book describes an adventure of living and working in Japan while accidentally coming across a reclusive Ninjutsu organization that chose to remain in the shadows for ages. It details life in Japan and training privately with a reputed master of Ninjutsu.

Jujutsu in Japan to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in America

by Daniel DiMarzio

Japanese Jujutsu and Judo are the predecessors of modern-day Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has swept the martial arts world by storm, proving itself as one of the most effective fighting systems on the planet.

This book takes a look at training in traditional Jujutsu in Japan under Japanese martial arts expert Yasushi Kiyomoto. It compares these experiences with training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under National Champion and 2nd degree black belt, Brad Court in America.

This book isn’t about techniques, but rather what these training experiences are like and how these two martial arts relate and differ from one another.

“Among the students of jujutsu and kindred arts themselves, it frequently happens that bones are broken or dislocated, sinews wrenched, and obstinate adversaries choked into insensibility.”

-E.J. Harrison (1873- 1961) The Fighting Spirit of Japan

How to Feed Your Horse: An Owner’s Guide to Calculating Your Horse’s Diet

by C.J. Lledo

Feeding your horse is possibly the most confusing, frustrating and talked about subject associated with ownership. While making sense of all the different feeds, vitamins, additives, and figuring out how much, how often or how to keep your horse from loosing condition in a challenge of its own making

How To Feed Your Horse clarifies the murky waters surrounding feeding horses, taking into consideration all the various interchangeable circumstances that need to be addressed in order to correctly calculate and manage your horses diet, using what is available to you.

With topics such as:

· Food and How it Affects Your Horse’s Temperament,

· Feeding’s Building Blocks,

· The Seven Golden Rules of Feeding,

· Feeding, Myths, Legends and Hearsay,

· Digestibility of Feeds,

· Quantity vs. Quality,

· Useful Vitamins, Additives and Herbs,

· Common Feeding Problems, and

· Calculating Your Horse’s Diet,

Make up only part of the book that provides a holistic approach to feeding horses

Soccer Dribbling Secrets: The fully illustrated, complete guide to developing your soccer moves, ball retention, and dribbling skills

by Justin Geis

The one thing that all great soccer players have in common is great dribbling skills. The ability to retain and control the ball wall is often the difference between a good player and a bad player. However, lots of players are confused as to where to start developing their dribbling skills.

This guide provides that starting point by not only going through the basic and advanced aspects of dribbling, but also giving concrete drills and exercises that players can do to develop these skills.

This fully illustrated guide not only tells you how to be a great dribbler, it shows you by illustrating each example, drill and move so you can see exactly how they should be done.

This guide describes and illustrates topics such as:

When is the appropriate time to use the different parts of your feet?

What is the difference between dribbling for speed in the open field and dribbling through a crowded area of the field?

What is the best way to develop your dribbling ability?

How should you dribble to beat defenders?

What are the best moves you can do to beat defenders?

and many more.

From the creator of the popular soccer website, this guide gives you illustrated, easy to follow advice designed to make you a dribbling master.

Secrets of Street Smart Jujitsu

by D’Arcy Rahming

The student manual of the self protection art of the Miyama Ryu. It includes the first ten illustrated lessons with lesson plans, key details and even explanations in Spanish. Each student of self protection should have this journal.

Sports Psychology: The Ultimate Guide For Mastering The Mental Aspects Of Sports Performance (Sports, Psychology, Sports Psychology)

by Mike Kane

Sports Psychology

You’re about to discover how to…

What separates an amateur player from a pro?

Is it is his/her pre-disposed genetic make-up? Is it luck? Those things might get a

player pretty far but the key ingredient learned by every athlete who turns Pro is

the art of Mental Discpline. “The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and

mentally tight,” said Arthur Ashe, a tennis great. Mastering the mental aspects of

sports performance is as absolutely essential to a player’s game as the physical

aspects. Many coaches would argue it is even more important! Thinking clearly

and acting effectively under pressure is something every pro player must learn to

do. Famous American Sports and Mental Skills coach Harvery A. Dorfman said,

” Players often complain that the game is complicated. I tell them, the game is

simple. People are complicated. Have a plan, relax, see the ball and trust your


This book will provide a guide to help athletes learn to master their emotions on

the court or field and instead choose to think before and after they make a play.

But during they play, they will learn to relax and trust their muscles and keep it


Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Sports Psychology: In the Spotlight!
  • Life is a Game: Learning from The Pros
  • See it, Do it: The Psychology of Visualization
  • Ritual: The Psychology Behind Routine
  • Self-Talk like a Pro: Be Your Own Cheerleader
  • Harness Your Attention: The Power of Concentration
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Sports Nutrition: The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Guide for Achieving Maximum Performance (Sports, Nutrition, Sports Nutrition)

by Mike Kane

Sports Nutrition

You’re about to discover how to…

Your body is a temple and a highly

organized machine—and nutrition is the fuel that makes that machine run! So

let’s take a closer look at the right fuel for you! We’ll look at foods and

supplements you want to take before, during, and after your consistent workouts

and practices and also give you a pregame regimen to help you gain maximum

achievement with your performance! Also, we’ll take a look at what the Pros like

to eat to stay at the top of their game!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Food & Supplements For Fuel
  • Food and Supplements for Muscle Building
  • Food and Supplements for Recovery
  • The Night Before The Game
  • The Morning before the Game
  • Thirty Minutes Before the Game
  • After the Game
  • Some Diet Tips and Fun Facts from the Pros!
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Using Gravity As A Gym: a step by step guide to simple body weight excercises

by Shawn Rashid

If one wants to get in shape but can’t afford high-priced health clubs and gyms then exercising is a great way to stay fit and get outdoors. Exercising can also help prevent nagging injuries that keep you away from some of your favorite activities. The benefits of a regular workout routine are countless and can lead to an enjoyable life. In this reportdemonstrated a number of exercises that simply require the use and manipulation of body weight in order to strengthen and stretch muscles. Basic exercises such as push-ups and lunges are explained, as are less common exercises like the plank or the crab. Additionally, basic stretches for the quads and hamstrings are covered. Getting a good workout doesn’t require a bunch of fancy, expensive equipment. Try these basic body weight exercises today to get yourself fit and smart.

Bodyweight exercises can not only build muscle and burn fat. They’ve been shown to improve athletic performance and build speed and power, too. Bodyweight exercises are strength trainingexercises that do not require free weights; the practitioner’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement. In general, increasing the amount of repetitions will focus on improving endurance, while strength gains are made through increasing the intensity of the exercise through decreasing leverage and working at the ends of range of motion.

Grouse Hunting Made Simple: 21 Steps to Grouse Hunting Success

by Scott Dawson

LEARN:: How to Successfully Hunt Grouse Even If You Have No Grouse Hunting Experience

Do you want to hunt Grouse but are frustrated with your lack of success?  We have all been there.  We have spent hundreds of dollars on hunting supplies and hours driving, walking through the woods but then not finding any grouses or missing the shot at the grouse.  That is the experience of many beginning grouse hunters. Whether you are new to grouse hunting or you have been grouse hunting without much success, “Grouse Hunting Made Simple” can get you bagging more grouse.

We would all like to shoot more grouse. The trick is to know how to find the grouse, when to hunt, how to scout and how to get permission to hunt private land. “Grouse Hunting Made Simple” can help you do this.

TAKE ACTION:: Focus on These 21 Simple Steps and Get Grouse Hunting Results

It’s easy to learn the basics of effective grouse hunting.  The hard part is finding all of the resources in one place to do this. As you know, the internet is full of books and videos that talk about grouse hunting. The problem? Most don’t talk about the specific actions or provide illustrated hunting instructions needed to achieve grouse hunting success.

In the book, “Grouse Hunting Made Simple”, you’ll get a twenty one-step plan for achieving your grouse hunting goals. Unlike other titles, this book will teach you step-by-step on how to effectively hunt grouses with no step missed.

DOWNLOAD:: Grouse Hunting Made Simple — 21 Steps to Grouse Hunting Success “Grouse Hunting Made Simple” contains step by step instructions for your Grouse hunting success.

You will learn how to:

  • Get Hunting Equipment Cheap
  • Clothing
  • Weapon Types
  • What Else to Bring Hunting
  • Time of Day to Hunt
  • Where to Hunt
  • How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land
  • “Still Hunting”
  • Grouse Attracting Techniques
  • Shooting Strategies
  • And many more grouse hunting topicsâ?¦

Grouse hunting doesn’t have to be difficult. You can achieve grouse hunting success by following the techniques of successful hunters. And “Grouse Hunting Made Simple” can help you do this.

Would You Like To Learn More?

Download and start having grouse hunting success today.

Karate: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Karate in 30 Minutes or Less (Karate – Karate for Beginners – Tai Chi – Martial Arts – How to Fight – Self Defense – Taoism)

by Simon Hiroke

Mastering Karate in 30 Minutes or Less

Learn everything you need to know about mastering karate in a fun and easy way. Upgrade your knowledge of one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Learn what is behind all the moves you see in the movies, and learn how to do them yourself.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn one of the best self-defense martial arts in the world. Karate is a great physical activity that is combined with meditation. It is an awesome way of relieving stress after a hard day at work. Learn how to become more focused, then once you learn karate, you will find that your self esteem will improve and grow every day.

You will learn the interesting history of karate and many facts you didn’t know. By reading this book you will discover what it takes to become a true master of this martial art through unity of body, mind and soul. You will also learn that, when it comes to karate, the size of your opponent doesn’t matter and you will be able to defeat much bigger and stronger opponents than yourself.

By the time you finish reading this book you will be able to protect yourself in the event you encounter a dangerous situation. You will discover the basic moves of karate can also be used for self defense, and that they are very effective. These moves are also very simple and easy to remember.

Why You Must Have This Book!

> In this book you will learn how to master karate in a very short amount of time.

> This book will teach you the steps you need to take when you begin to practice karate and the important basic moves which are essential for mastering this martial art.

> In this book you will learn how to achieve the unity of body, mind and soul.

> This book will guide you through the history of karate.

> This book will teach you about the importance of equal development of physical strength and the strength of mind.

> In this book you will learn basic rules and moves of karate, also, some basic moves of self defense.

What You’ll Discover from the Book “Karate-The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Karate for Beginners in 30 Minutes or Less”

** Why you need to start practicing karate.

** How to do the basic moves and stances properly.

** Step by step instructions about the basic moves and stances.

**The importance of not only upgrading your mind, but your physical strength.

**What to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

**How to become a true master of karate.

Let’s Learn Together!

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Download Your Copy Right Now Before It’s Too Late!

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Going to Aconcagua

by Robert B. Yonaitis

Going to Aconcagua is the latest travelogue from the author. The team sets out on their trip via the Vacas Valley to the Southern and Western Hemispheres highest mountain over a terrain that looks more like the “surface of Mars” than Earth. This book is a journal that follows the expedition twists and turns as well as their struggles with extremely difficult and hostile conditions. Going to Aconcagua is not only a story about going to one of the Seven Summits, but it is also a story full of surprises and humorous and thought provoking tales of hope, friendship and survival. Filled with practical tips, suggestions and advice, this is a must-read story for lovers of extreme adventure travel.

Tai Chi for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Supercharge Your Mind, Increase Your Energy & Feel Amazing By Unlocking the Power of Tai Chi (Tai Chi – Tai … How to Fight – Martial Arts for Beginners)

by Simon Hiroki

Unleash the Secrets on How to Achieve Balance of the Mind, Body and, Spirit with Tai Chi!

Learn Everything You Need to Know about This Ancient Self-Defense and Meditation Art Form and How to Make it a Way of Life

>This book is for all ages, young and the elderly, who are looking for a book devoid of complex terms and instructions. Whether you are a professional wanting to learn self-defense and at the same time achieve balance in your mind and body, a mom looking for a new form of meditative exercise or an elderly wanting to find a safe and effective complementary therapy to alleviate body pain, this is the book for you!

>You will learn about the history of Tai Chi, its origin and how it developed from the East and gained popularity throughout the years. Also, find out how why it is considered as a way of life, learn about its health benefits.

>By the time you finish reading this book you are going to be able to know basic tips about getting started with Tai Chi, what to wear and the weapons you can use. Also, you will be knowledgeable about the basic moves for beginners and be able to enumerate the health benefits of practicing this martial art.

Why You Must Have This Book!

> In this book you will learn how to reduce stress and learn a simple and yet effective way to optimize your health and total wellness.

> This book will teach you the steps on how to prepare yourself before taking on this martial art and give you tips on how to choose the style that suits you.

> In this book you will learn how to identify the different basic moves for Tai Chi beginners.

> This book will guide you through the process of understanding a powerful martial art and calisthenics exercise that has been in existence for centuries, with simple yet informative texts perfect for individuals who are just starting to learn Tai chi.

> This book will teach you how to supercharge your mind, increase your energy, and enhance your life spiritually, mentally and physically.

> In this book you will learn about why Tai chi is regarded as an effective complementary therapy for existing medical conditions.

What You’ll Discover from the Book “Tai Chi for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Supercharge Your Mind, Increase Your Energy & Feel Amazing By Unlocking the Power of Tai Chi”

** Why you should consider taking up Tai chi and making it a part of your life.

** How to differentiate the 5 styles of this ancient martial art.

** Step by step instructions on how to get started with this meditative art form.

**The importance of practicing Tai chi for you mind, body, energy and spirit

**What to expect from this practice when it comes to stress reduction, balance, and harmony of the mind and body.

**How to select the different weapons available for Tai Chi enthusiasts and how to use such weapons.

Let’s Learn Together!

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Download Your Copy Right Now Before It’s Too Late!

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