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The Ultimate Korea Travel Guide: Get Mesmerized by Korean’s Culture and Cuisine (Asia Travel Guide)

by Hoang Pham

Dreaming of a Korean Adventure?

Have you heard great things about Korea and can’t wait to see it for yourself? You won’t regret visiting!

Korea is a fascinating country that is packed with natural beauty and modern amenities. Try the delicious food in local restaurants or on the street, meet up with other travelers and spend time with the locals to really experience the local culture.

With “The Ultimate Korea Travel Guide” you’ll quickly learn what to add to your trip itinerary.

Disclaimer: Since this is a quick guide, this Travel Guide is intended to give you inspiration when planning your travel itinerary.

Don’t Miss the Best Parts of Korea

Korea is full of things to see and do. Each area is unique and different, so it’s worth traveling and checking out the various parts of this amazing country.

From the bustling city of Seoul to the laid back island of Jeju, there are many different experiences to be had here.

Having a guide along with you in Korea is always a good idea. This will help you find the best places to visit and the most important activities to participate in.

Come Up with the Best Possible Itinerary

“The Ultimate Korea Travel Guide” makes it simple for you to design your perfect Korean journey.

Inside this guide you’ll discover:

  • The Best Places to Stay in Each Area

  • How to Get Around the Country Easily and Cheaply
  • Which Local Dishes are Must-Try

  • What Shaped Korea’s Past and Present
  • Adrenaline Inducing Activities Everyone Should Try

  • Where to Party It Up
  • A Bucket List for You to Mark Off

Would You Like To Learn More About Korea?

Download now and go plan your trip.

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Turkey: Istanbul, Discover The Best Places Where To Go , Eat, Sleep And Enjoy And Get The Most Out Of Istanbul ! – istanbu travel guide, turkey travel – (World Travel Weekend Guides)

by World City Weekend Guides

Discover Istanbul City guide

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If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then a trip to Istanbul would be the perfect getaway for you. From its blended culture to its rich history, this Turkish city has something for everyone. Shoppers, foodies, and sightseers will all have plenty to do in this historic city, and you can accommodate your stay to meet all of your needs and desires.

DOWNLOAD: Istanbul City Guide

In this book, you’ll learn about:

    â?? When to Visit Istanbul and What You should Know before You Go
    â?? The Best Ways of Getting There and Where to Stay
    â?? How to Get Around the City
    â?? The Most Important Must-See Attractions
    â?? Activities to Do in Istanbul
    â?? And much, much more..

So, if you want to figure out how to travel to Istanbul like a pro, then continue reading!

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Mexico : Mexico Tourist Travel Guide, Discover The Most Beautiful Places And Get The Most Out Of Mexico !

by World Travel Guides

Discover Mexico World Travel Guide

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Within the pages of this book you will find useful informtion for your trip to Mexico including:

    â?? Weather in the different regions
    â?? Brief Mexican history
    â?? The best restaurants
    â?? The best festivlals
    â?? The best Mexican attractions
    â?? And much more

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Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun: A 13,000-Mile Journey to Live a Meaningful Life (Collected Works of Dave Ursillo)

by Dave Ursillo Jr.

The Dark Zone of Lower Manhattan after super-storm Sandy. Flying cross-country into Boston during the Boston Marathon Bombings. Heartbreak and hilarity in Hawaii. Adventure in Iceland. And 13,000 miles of stories in between.

Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is a collection of 15 essays written by author Dave Ursillo as he journeyed across 13,000 miles in pursuit of a meaningful life.

From New York City’s East Village to the beaches of Hawaii and the mystical landscapes of Iceland, nine-time author Dave Ursillo invites you across continents and time zones to discover what it means to make life’s journey your greatest reward.

Part One of this book begins in the blistering heat of a New York City summer where themes of space, energy and personal identity are explored in the world’s foremost concrete jungle. Confronted by challenges, enticed by experiences and emboldened by chance encounters, the Big Apple offers heart-stirring lessons and powerful reminders.

In Part Two, a longing for space and fresh energy are discovered across the beaches of Hawaii where, for five weeks, author Dave Ursillo and friend Jacob live in oceanfront cabins and island dive bars. Themes of love, heartbreak, friendship and human-to-human connection emanate.

In Part Three, you arrive in the mystical landscape of Iceland where the allure of adventure and globe-trotting travel is second-guessed by self-doubt before the sight of a ticking clock provides a powerful reminder: we don’t have all the time in the world to live the lives that we desire, so we best start living them now.

Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is more than a snapshot into the “nomadic” lifestyle of a location-independent writer and creative entrepreneur. This book tells tales of real-life adventure, moments of heartache and profound doubts about living the high ideals that one strives to embody.

Through moments of joy, stories of friendship, tales of heartache and even national tragedies, Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun is the perfect read to inspire lovers of travel and adventure, but especially those who feel called to discover purpose and meaning in one’s life, every day.

Beyond all else, Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun hopes to encourage you to embark upon on a journey of truth and authentic living of your own, whether traveling abroad or in your own backyard.

What does it mean to live a life that’s true to your purpose? Could adventure, travel and meeting new people make your life’s journey your greatest reward?

Join author Dave Ursillo for this true tale of adventure and the pursuit of happiness in Big Apple, Black Sand and the Midnight Sun!

Packing Light: The Normal Person’s Guide to Carry-On-Only Travel

by Fred Perrotta

Traveling can be an amazing, transformative experience. It an also be a pain.

Have you ever resented your luggage? You can admit it. Everything that seemed totally necessary when you were packing is suddenly the bane of your existence when you’re dragging it around a strange city trying to find your hotel.

Most frequent travelers aspire to pack light. But many just can’t pare down their load to just a carry on bag. If you’re visiting somewhere new, how can you know what you’ll need before you get there? Packing is always a guessing game. Just to be safe, you pack everything you might need. Suddenly, you have a suitcase to check, a backpack to carry on, a personal item, and no free hands.

Your luggage has become a physical and mental burden. You have to carry all your stuff. You have to worry about all your stuff. You have to pay to check your stuff.

Travel can be difficult and challenging enough on its own. Don’t add to it with excess luggage. Travel light. Stay flexible. Enjoy your trip. You will remember what you did and how you felt, not what you packed.

Even if you check a bag on every trip and have never traveled carry-on-only, you can become a light packer.

The Benefits of Carry On Travel

Why would you want to travel carry-on-only? Why travel light?

  • Skip the airport check in line
  • No wasting time waiting for your bag at baggage claim
  • Always make your connecting flight, even on short layovers
  • Save money on airline baggage fees, often $50 or more per roundtrip flight
  • Don’t worry about the airlines losing or damaging your luggage
  • Less stuff to keep track of
  • Bringing fewer clothes means less worrying about what to wear
  • Bring your luggage on local transportation, like buses, taxis, motorcycles, and tuk tuks
  • Never drag a heavy suitcase over cobblestone streets and up flight and flights of stairs

Traveling light will make for a better, more enjoyable trip. If you’re ready for a life with less baggage (pun intended), keep reading.

What You Will Learn

Packing Light is written in escalating order. If you’re new to carry on travel, read the book cover-to-cover. If you’re an experienced light packer, pick and choose the chapters most relevant to you.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Carry On Basics for Beginners
  • Chapter 2: The Definitive Carry on Packing List
  • Chapter 3: Packing for Extreme Weather
  • Chapter 4: Packing Specific Items
  • Chapter 5: Minimalist Packing
  • Chapter 6: Packing Light for Men
  • Chapter 7: Packing Light for Women
  • Chapter 8: Packing Light for Long-Term Travel
  • Chapter 9: Packing Hacks
  • Afterword

Packing Light contains 130+ pages of carry on packing advice in an organized, easy-to-read format.

Why I Wrote This Book

I’m Fred Perrotta, the co-founder and CEO of Tortuga Backpacks.

In 2009, I backpacked Eastern Europe with my childhood friend, Jeremy Michael Cohen. After two weeks, we hated our bags. Neither backpack was well suited to travel. When we returned to the States after that trip, we vowed to make a better backpack for urban travel. Together, we co-founded Tortuga Backpacks.

After starting a backpack company, everyone asked me what to bring on every trip. Instead of rewriting the same answers over and over again, Jeremy and I started a blog, Packsmith, to answer common packing and gear questions. The most popular content from the blog became the core of this book.

Read Packing Light so that you can bring everything you need without checking a bag.

Adventures in Travel: Stories of Perils, Pitfalls and Mishaps Around the World

by Brian Borgford

Read about our unique and sometimes hair-raising experiences as we travelled the world. Stuck in Karachi unexpectedly. Stranded in Cyprus. Hospital visits in China and the Middle East. Rebellious horses at the pyramids. Something for everyone.

Finding the Real Japan, Stories from the Land of the Rising Sun

by Daniel DiMarzio

FINDING THE REAL JAPAN- Stories from the Land of the Rising Sun takes a realistic look at what Japanese culture is really like, without the rose-colored glasses. It is written from first-hand accounts of traveling to, and living in Japan spanning several years. The work also includes prints of old and rare Japanese artwork as well as pictures of modern-day Japan.

The first-hand accounts make this an interesting study on a culture that is often misunderstood by outsiders. Take a journey with the author while trying to understand this fascinating and ancient culture. The highs and lows of this story are both inspiring and at times horrifying. It is a direct, in your face look at what modern-day Japan is really like.

Ten Must-See Sights: Bangkok

by Mark Green

â??Ten Must-See Sights: Bangkok’ does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you the background and history on the city’s top ten â??must-see’ attractions, plus essential information on opening times and location.

We don’t fill endless pages with hard-to-read maps and difficult-to-download photos; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

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